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Posada at Birch!

We adults often talk to children about the nature of the right phrases, and sometimes themselves in front of them do so, by which children's souls tremble.

I once with a group of neighborhood children was in the woods.We were sitting in a forest clearing and to the sweet pain in his chest the charms of happy nature.High in the sky appeared a large herd of wild geese.He walked in a straight line, pushing their way acute breast.Suddenly, the silence of the forest violated the shots, but the school as if nothing had happened continued on his way.Only one bird broke the system, quickly waved their wings, started down lower and lower, and fell below the lake, in the reeds.With bated breath, we carried out before the end of her sad eyes.A few minutes later a man appeared from the reeds - he held his neck bloodied bird ...

Somewhere I read in Sukhomlinsky that the one who loves, protects nature and all living things, will never be a traitor, there will not be badway would not hurt a person,

not humiliate his dignity.So nurturing a love of nature, we bring love and devotion to the Motherland, while at the same time, kindness, decency.

many years, I know Lydia Nikolayevna Horoshurinu not cease to admire its constant attentive and careful contact with nature.His art is to understand, respect, love and protect nature teacher LN Horoshurina gave many young people and their sons Alexander and Victor - cadets Kaliningrad Military Aviation Technical School, which became the worthy sons of our Motherland.I remember as a boy they put in their birch home.

Kondratenko, Moscow

into the woods for a walk

There is much talk about how important it is to develop children's interest and love for nature.I believe that much can be done with the parents of his hand.Unfortunately, they are not always up to par.

That boy all evening in the yard holding a kitten hand, stroking it and tells everyone who stops: "Take a kitten!Look how fluffy, real Siberian.It is not my fault that I have a deuce. "

child can not throw a kitten on the street.He understands that he needs care, good treatment.How touching and often even self-sacrificing children in relation to the animals!Poor, if the parents do not share these feelings.

Or take a walk in the woods, the zoo.What will make it out of the child depends on the parents.

... Early summer morning.The whole forest ring.Teach your son or daughter to distinguish the voices of at least a few birds which know.And if you have binoculars - very good.Move over the bird, show your child paint her, watch her habits.Maybe the parents themselves to look into the magazine "Young Naturalist" or "Forest newspaper» V. Bianchi.Incidentally, the drawings and various traces of birds there.Forest opening teach a child to protect nature.

I. Ivanter, head of the biological circle,


map in the nursery

Taking a walk with his son through the village, we acquainted him with the nature, collective farms.Sasha got a very early view of the village, its inhabitants, agricultural work.Over time with him we visited the nearby towns, then in Cheboksary, Kazan, Ulyanovsk and Kuibyshev regions, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions.

But we hung in the nursery card.On it is a place visited, and remember to have seen.Little son could talk about Lenin Museum, about a brave commander Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev, of many cities.I've seen - all this develops speech, memory.

I became acquainted with the son and a map of mineral resources.Game, who is faster and more will find on the map of oil, coal and lignite, liked Sasha.In preparation for her son for hours studying notations on the map.

political map of the world, too, was fascinated by the boy.Sasha immediately found in it the Soviet Union, the capital of our Motherland - Moscow.During World Youth and Students Festival, we noted the country flags, which sent its representatives to Moscow.

Together with his son often saw maps of the Great Patriotic War.I told him about the attack of our army.

When Sasha went to school, all the teachers have noted its sophistication, intelligence.And it all started with a map in the nursery.

Russanov I., p. Ibresi Chuvash ASSR

a legacy from his father

I taught at the vocational school, Lena Levasheva was my student.Seventeen girl chosen profession Comptroller FROM K. The first is his writing, she drew attention to themselves.Its judgments differed depth contained nothing stencil, erased.Even if she wrote all on the same topic, in the words somehow felt especially independence of thought, I guessed living soul.I am interested in: who the parents of Lena?We met, and I wanted to tell about the father of Lena, Leonid G. Levasheva.Why about her father?My answer to Nikolai Karamzin: "Without good fathers do not have good education ...»

Levashev Leonid G. - engineer, manages the design office, of itself says, "technicians".The terms of his own interests so broad that other humanities can not keep up.He generously shares with her son and daughter, all that is living itself.

younger children, and Leonid G. thinking about how to raise them, as he puts it, "a sense of the Fatherland" ... Leonid G. says: do not get stronger

great sense of fatherland, if people do not traveled and does not come homeland feet, soul shall touch its holy sites.

In 1980, to commemorate the Battle of Kulikov sexcentenary, Leonid G. and his son Dima took to collect materials about this historic event.Soon so many things piled up, they decided to issue the album.We agreed to go to the place of vacation Battle of Kulikov, visit Staro Simonov monastery, where is buried Pereseet.On the field Kulikov interest has moved on - to the Battle of Poltava, Borodino to.Finally - the battle with the Nazis at the Kursk Bulge.Leonid G. saw come to life for the son of the distant events of history, and rejoiced in his venture with the album four great battles for the Motherland.

I saw this interesting album.Very lovingly decorated it older and younger Levasheva.It maps, charts, drawings, photographs.

Levasheva The family loves to travel.By car they traveled Crimea and the Caucasus, is well studied their Belgorod region.

Lena now married, increasing her daughter Annie, also a young mother studying at the institute, in the spare time, of course, tugovato.But the clock communication with parents for her still, as for Dima, the most coveted.

G. K and yang in a while, the teacher, Belgorod

have a statue of Lenin

My son and I went to the Revolution Square.And from a distance noticed near the monument to Lenin elderly man with a gray head uncovered.Man is not just standing - he played the accordion.Solemnly and strictly sailed over the urban area of ​​the melody of one of the favorite songs of Lenin.

Who is this man?However, perhaps not so important.The main thing - people will always worship the best human qualities, which has become the personification of Vladimir Lenin: the mind, a big heart, humanity.

... Come on in silence.At the corner of the street selling flowers.

- Let's buy flowers grandfather Lenin - asked me son.

He laid a bouquet, neatly squared each flower.

Since the son is constantly brings flowers to the monument to Lenin ...

Over the years we have become more restrained in expressing their feelings best.I do not know the dignity of this or weakness.Only I am grateful to the unknown gray-haired man in minutes of high experience, I understood my son.

M. tissue in and engineer, Mr. Vorochilovgrad

Nobody is forgotten

Once a newspaper notes, I learned disturbed me a story about a girl Alena from the siege of Leningrad.Her mother worked in a factory, in a break resorted to visit her daughter, brought her precious ration of bread, but Allen refused to eat."I want apple" - every time she spoke softly.

Every day a child weakened.Once in the shop, where she worked as a mother, someone brought to Alena apple.As he got hold of at the time of severe, difficult to imagine.The mother flew home as if on wings, but it was too late ...

buried Alain Piskaroyvskoye cemetery.After the war, many years people have seen gray-haired woman - the mother of the dead girl - in a mass grave.The woman has put on the white snow red apple.And for a long time there was silence.That's the story ...

When our second daughter was born, we named her Alena.Our baby has grown up, went to the first class, and I told her about the girl Alena from the siege of Leningrad."Dad, - said softly, my daughter - I want to take that Alain apple."

Piskarevskoe We went to the cemetery.With excitement stepped on the concrete paths majestic memorial of eternal glory and sorrow.On the snow-covered stone with "1943" inscribed Alain put my red apple.

Now Allen is studying in the fifth grade.Recently, we had again visited Piskarevsky.Learning

Alena fate of besieged Leningrad, the daughter of a feel for what the war has brought disaster to people of our country, and to join the high meaning of the words: "No one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten."

V. Kolesnik, Leningrad

on bicycles - FAMILY

all started with the fact that my father bought a road bike and began to travel on it for our first Gorky region.And then my mother bought a bike, they began to go together.Their first trip was one day - Lake Svetloyar.On that day, the parents drove 126 kilometers.My brother and I stayed at home, and Dennis tried to do all the things that mom and dad have recorded on a huge sheet of paper.I was then nine years old Denis - eight.

When Denis bought a bike, we went with the whole family has to travel (though I'm on the trunk of the Pope).We carried out a series of one-day and two-day trips in the Gorky region.But one day my father said: "I want to go to Central Asia ..." And he began to prepare ...

to my brother also wanted to participate in the long journey.Finally, the parents took us to a multi-day hike.Our path lay through Smolensk in Pushkin Mountains, Pskov, Novgorod, Valdai, Kalinin.By that time we already had with Denis "Tourist" bikes.

You might ask why we need such campaigns.Well, first of all, of course, to be strong, hardy, healthy.We quickly learned to kindle a fire, pitch a tent properly.But the main thing - we learned a lot about our country, we see how people live, work.

And how wonderful to travel by bike with your family, all together!Before you go on a trip, we have been preparing for it: train, study the route maps, books.And then we go on the road.

Katya Momot, pyatiklassnitsa, Gorky

grandfather EXAMPLE

In our family, the grandfather of the Jura with Eugene - unshakable authority: And not just because the grandfather - a jack of all trades, a great connoisseur of fairy tales, inventor of various games.All this pales into insignificance when grandfather Nick pulls out the cherished box medals, out of the closet - the front border cap and once again begins the story of his Border Service.

Our grandfather was a difficult military road.Now a retired colonel, but it works: teaching, preparing young staff.

May 9 Day of Frontier Guard and the guys are looking forward to.Eugene and Jura with his grandfather these days sure are on the Red Square, laying flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.Then - a festive walk through Moscow, stories or reading books on military time and, of course, a home contest that kids are preparing themselves.

I see that all of these discussions, meetings, parties, stories are not for children without a trace.Our children to think about what it means - to preserve peace in the world, how to make all people live well.

All grandparents want to say: "Do not hesitate to talk to their grandchildren about their combat and labor affairs.Let the kids look up to you! »

summer we went with my niece in Gelendzhik.During the war in the sea town were fierce battles.Now this beautiful city.On War reminds only monument to the dead.For a long time I was thinking, whether to conduct Eugene to Eternal fire, because it is a small, yet doshkolnitsa.But still I decided.We went to the monument, placed flowers.Jack saw the people they honor those who died defending their homeland.The girl was silent, straightened.There was a serious back, a lot of questions asked, and I answered it, spoke about how our country has fought against the fascists.

Then we once again came to the Eternal Flame, already at the request of Eugene.I think these experiences are born in the soul of a child is beautiful, light feeling - love for the motherland.

L. Terekhova, kindergarten, Moscow

mark on the soul

I grew up in a simple rustic family.From an early age my mother took me to the field.I remember, did not go to school yet, and already held in the hands of the sickle, the tip rye.After becoming a mother and her daughter to work accustomed.Natasha Likes to dig with me in the garden, growing flowers.While I was at work, she prepares dinner.

Studies Natasha first class without triples.The family archives kept her creditable sheets, thanks, thank you letters addressed to me.

My father worked on the railroad.As a child, he took me to different places.And about where he went, where he had been, he saw always he said.I listened to him and also dreamed of becoming a zheleznodorozhnitsey to travel everywhere.I related to transport his life.

love his troubled profession, the eighteenth year of toil in one place.I am a youth mentor, am a volunteer squad.But despite his busy schedule, always I find time for my daughter - and a movie with her look, and walk in the woods.Half the country, perhaps, we had already traveled.By myself I know: that a person receives in childhood stays with them for life.

M. Myrtysyuk, senior commodity receiving station Brest-Eastern


Unfortunately, many have little knowledge of the history of their region, city, district, are not interested in historical monuments.I think this should be of interest to vaccinate a child a child, as soon as possible.

Our walk in Moscow began when my son Yurik was three or four years.First it was a small hike we Babushkinskiy District.I told my son that our street is named after the famous aviator Mikhail Babushkin.Then we visited the area of ​​the park, where a bust of the pilot set.A few days Yurik painted aircraft, pasted it, and on Sunday he called out to the park and the monument Babushkin, next to someone else's flowers, put a modest gift - a paper airplane with a five-pointed stars on the wings.

We soon started reading son tales of Pushkin.And our new journey - the monument to Pushkin.He remembered, probably my son a story that many people in this famous monument to the poet read his poems, and began to recite: "Spruce growing before the palace ...»

Every year on the day of Lenin's birth my sonWe visited the monument to Vladimir Ilyich in our area and the Lenin Mausoleum.On Red Square, we gradually became acquainted.First, just walked, observed changing of the guard, listened to the chiming clock.Then he visited the Eternal Flame at the Kremlin.All Jura seen, it is usually painted.

I think, before introducing the child to the monuments of our history and culture, you need to prepare it for this, interested.Before we go to the Museum of the Armed Forces, we with Yura read children's books about the Soviet soldiers, interesting publications in newspapers and magazines, and then again gradually, themes, got acquainted with the museum.Now we prepare ourselves to understand the exposition dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.We have read many books about the war.Grandparents who know war firsthand, too much to tell the grandchildren.

If still in pre-school age to try to lay in children the interest in native history, culture and unobtrusively maintain it, then I think it is very enrich their lives.

L. Tarasova, Moscow