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combine their efforts

Every year I come in the summer in the Leningrad region, in the small village Terebonizhe.Once it was a large, one hundred and twenty houses, the village, but only sixteen survived the war.The Nazis held sway in Terebonizhe only forty-three days, and how much grief and suffering brought to every family!Just before their retreat the Germans burned the village ...

But not only remember why the war in our family.

Aunt Maroussia and Aunt Zhenya were nurses, one of them did not come back from the front.In Novgorod in the mass grave is the brother of my grandfather Khlyamkov Fyodor.From the first to the last day of the war fought at the front, came to Berlin grandfather Grisha and Uncle Kolya.They remember what price to win a victory.The sister of my grandmother suffered a blockade of Leningrad.From hunger in her little daughter died.Do not wait Victory Sasha and grandmother ...

Twenty million dead are calling: "Protect the World!" But there is still on the ground of the country,

where the war - not the past and the present.

When I rested in Artek, saw a little boy whose fate crippled by war.He came from Lebanon.His people, the Zionists want to take away the country, brutally victimized in the occupied territories with no innocent people.Violence and with relatives of Ahmed - was the name of this guy.From big happy family left it alone.I do not know all the facts of his life, but I know that Ahmed decided to take revenge for the death of the executioners of their loved ones.With weapons in hand (and it is hardly more than twelve) courageously fought at the front.No, I do not think that it's just a tall, beautiful words.At Ahmed at the foot of a deep scar from a bullet Zionists.Until then it was painful to look at him - little curly boy apparently does not stand out among the other guys, except that noticeably limping on one leg.There are, however, still a distinctive feature in the form of Ahmed, and all the Palestinian children - sad, this is not characteristic of twelve adult look.

And another example of the Artek life.The final festival acted Afghan youth, before which held the microphone.He could not keep it himself ... lost both hands.

This young man was a competent and shared his knowledge with the villagers.Once in a peaceful village raided spooks.Young teacher with several residents staunchly defended the school from the defeat, but the forces were too unequal.School bandits burned and massacred its defenders.Spread just because they wanted to learn, they wanted peace their land and hated the war.

So if we can sit back, not to fight for a world where we live in the memory of the Second World War, when the children have to take over the machines, and strong, healthy young men maimed?Of course not!Let us unite our efforts in the struggle against the war!Let's all vote for peace!

Vladimir Xlyamko in 8 th grade Kozhvinskoy high school,


UNDER THE ROOF their homes

What does the word "peace"?The world - the universe.The world - the lack of organized warfare between states.World - harmony in the family.For what kind of world I vote?

Each person has a family tree.I was not looking in his "tree" nobility of rich ancestors, but just decided to think about the life of the representatives of our family in the male line, and living to this day.Why only men?Because from ancient times man was the main breadwinner and protector of the family.Who are we, Guzev?

We, men, are now in the family of five people.Guzev Vladimir N. - my grandfather.He was 75 years old.He was a veteran of World War II.Earlier, he served at the border.He traveled in his truck all of Central Asia.He fought from September 1941 year.I passed from Kursk to Berlin.During the Kursk Bulge he was awarded the Order of the Red Star.World's grandfather won at great cost - the loss of military friends.He returned to his homeland in 1945.Crop failure.However, no matter how difficult it was to the country, veterans helped the state.Santa isolated forest to build a house.I rejoiced that good house has turned out.He is saying: "And our grandchildren will get."

very severe grandfather, does not like to talk much, even war.But he has a box in it - orders, medals, old photos of friends.When it takes, he says: "There should not be war, my grandson, it's scary."

My father, Guzev Anatoly, - the owner of the most peaceful profession.He Builder-mosaic, it is 48 years old.Of the forty-eight in '22 father spent in Mangyshlak.I came here when there is only marked out the contours of the future city.Trim, and handed over in operation of all schools, including ours, the Palace of Culture named after Abay, the cinema "Jubilee", a department store, pedestals to monuments to Lenin, Taras Shevchenko, a lot of houses.I write and how to walk on the streets - a wide, beautiful.No, you can not even imagine in place of Victory Boulevard bomb craters on the site Abai Palace - piles of concrete rubble.During the peaceful labor of the father he was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" medal "For valorous work".He drummer Five-Year Plan.Very fond of the city.This city - it.

Guzev Vladimir Anatolyevich - my brother.He is 25 years old.Lives and works in Kamchatka.Looking for oil for the country.Five months a year living in a tent in the winter passes to ski on 35 kilometers, with the instruments on the back.He writes letters about the beauty of the ocean, severe Kamchatka taiga.He, too, need peace.

There are two Guzev - I and my nephew Guzev Anatoly Vladimirovich, or just Shreds.We still do not have a profession.Last summer, helped cover the roof in the grandfather's house.Father rejoiced, "have gathered all the men Guzev.Good work.There will be no war, the house will stand for a hundred years, and great-grandchildren will go. "

We love to gather under the roof of this house.Let

worth grandfather house, even standing on the Caspian Sea city of his father, let Volodya will find oil or something, let me get a profession.Let there be peace in the world!

Dmitry T h e y in the 8 th grade school number 2 Shevchenko


There is no Soviet family, which would not have touched the war.And my grandparents also took an active part in the defense of the gains of October.Ivan and Sophia Tarasovich losifovna Prikhodko were masters safe house of the legendary Soviet spy Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Kuznetsov, as well as scouts guerrilla group "winners", commanded by D. Medvedev, Hero of the Soviet Union.

grandmother still remembers the difficult days in the occupied Exactly, talks about his military friends, dead and alive.Looking back, for example, Kuznetsova, she told me that at that time in their apartment windows are always kept open - it was an emergency exit.Once it so happened that my grandmother with her three small children had to quickly leave the appearance and sneak into a partisan detachment.This event will forever remain in the memory of our family black page.On the way, my grandmother had buried their twins, father's brothers.

When I come to the grandparents in Rivne, together we're going to the monument to NI Kuznetsov, and then go to Zdolbuniv, Rivne suburb.There is a monument to my great-uncle - Nicholas Tarasovich Prikhodko.He died heroically, doing the job of command.There is also a museum where collected documents, photos, memories of friends about the life of the Hero of the Soviet Union NT Prikhodko, of all our guerilla dynasty.

honest soldier has gone and my second grandfather - Nicolai.Labor in hospitals during the war, not one life has saved the other grandmother - Julia Andreevna, after which my sister called.For his work, the grandmother was awarded medals.And her brother had the heavy military road.He went from Stalingrad to Berlin.For feats of arms was awarded many orders and medals, was a participant in the meeting with the allies on the Elbe.

far is the tomb of another brother of my grandmother, who died a month before the end of the war.He died a heroic death in the liberation of Konigsberg.

I tell about my family history to once again remind everyone: we, mere, ordinary Soviet people, the ideals of peace.A memory of the past, its great strength, helping to cultivate a conscious responsibility for everything that happens on the planet.Our generation has an obligation to defend peace on Earth, to prevent the threat of nuclear war.In my opinion, this is a program of action for each member of the Komsomol.

Alexei Prikhodko, 10 th grade of secondary school №11 in Dnepropetrovsk

u post number 1

... How much grief brought war!His wife was left without a husband, three children without a father.Bitterly not know, do not remember his father, grandfather.There was only a picture on the wall.And the memory.

May I never knew my grandfather, but now when I take a death notice in hand, feeling pain.I do not want to once again people were killed, children were orphans, and mothers received such notification.

Each city has a post number 1 - at the Eternal Flame.There are vigil Komsomol and pioneers.I am proud that I have three times had to stand on a post that I was awarded the title of best sentry.I can not look without emotion on this fire.Always before my eyes - Photo Cyril's grandfather, who died in the battle for the Soviet homeland in November 1942.I remember RASSC-PS-war grandfather Nestor.

I am proud of my country, our beautiful and courageous people.I am proud of his heroic past and the glorious present.I know I'll get up without hesitation to protect the Motherland, that in the hour of need will not fail, do not defy the memory of those who defended the Motherland.

Alexey Vasilchenko, 10 th class of school № 20 Kurgan