Special order

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

One father said Sergei:

- I have to see you, son, special mission ...

- Special - Sergei roused very important?Or maybe even a secret?

It's fun, it's very interesting!Of course, he is ready to carry it out.And execute!That's just what do you want?

father was not mistaken: the son immediately felt like an adult.Who says - a boy?He is now in its eleventh year.And teenagers, even in war fighting.So what did charge him Dad?To run the factory, to communicate something very urgent Director? .. Or go to Moscow?Thoughts followed one another.

After a short pause, the father continued:

- Mom broke a table lamp.Try to fix it.I'm busy right now.And you, I think you have done this.

Sergei disappointed chuckled:

- We do not pass lamp in the labor class.And in physics electricity has not yet been studied ...

- But you saw how I corrected.Now try himself.You're an adult, - said his father, looking at the face syna.- If you do not understand, prompt.Then two of us see if the lamp operates.Imagine how surp

rised my mother such a surprise!Another doubt that you could fix the lamp itself.It is not so easy.Not everyone is under force ...

Sergei carefully unscrewed the screws on the bottom of the stand, took apart the plug, pulled the wires, carefully examined them.And soon happily he told his father that he had found a place where broken wires.

- Think about how best to connect them - suggested otets.- Soon I finish synopsis of his speech, I come to you.

Quiet, business, adult tone of the conversation, without orders, prodding, the boy liked.He opened the box that held his father's tools, found electrical tape, strip the ends of bare wire.Having fastened them together, carefully wrapped the joint with adhesive tape and patiently waited for his father freed.The second time he did not dare to call.Mother taught his little son as a child with respect to the adult classes.

- only focus, catch the idea, like a cat a mouse, - he says - and you at this time distract, spugnesh it.Well, the mouse ran away, the thought vanished.You know how hard it is to catch it again.

Praise father sounded well-deserved reward:

- coped fine.Well done, son!

evening Sergei quietly walked over to the table where my mother bent over the school notebooks, as if incidentally asked:

- not dark to you?

And then he flashed the light.

- Really, baby, you did to fix it?Becomes just like his father, a master of all trades ...

Since Sergei willingly undertook to repair a wide variety of home appliances.I thought that he responsible for them.This independence in the family always encouraged.

This is just one of the ways by which adult skillfully, gently raise the interest of their children to work, causing them great desire to do the job entrusted to them.At the same time, by the way, and develops a sense of responsibility.

Unfortunately, not every family used this simple method.Many parents try to save the child from virtually all loads, especially if they have one.Mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, even grandma, grandpa more - in the end too many cooks spoil grows sad sack, a quitter.And the blame for us adults.He reached the kid to brush shoe - immediately distributed: "Come on, dirty!" He began to dress up - in a hurry to help, because in a hurry.Undressing - we are also here as here: it's time for dinner.The house now and then heard: not taken, are not made, the Pope will be able to better.

Pope, no doubt, better to be able to, but because children are performing order acquire certain skills.They live, work, whoever they began - doctors, engineers, builders, scientists ... And no less, and even more necessary to be able to work to those who choose the military specialty.And we deprive a child of independence, prevented a foothold in such qualities as diligence, perseverance.

Continuous bans, warning - say break it, filthy, nasorish, razorvesh, damage ushibeshsya, handle cut yourself, the foot can easily hurt - post foam extinguish the guys all desire something to do lose interest in consumer electronics, which is initially so attracted to her boy.And it contributed to the way we do.

Children perfectly capture approve or not their parents participated in the class cleaning, to help the sponsored collective farm, in the clean, to collect waste paper, finally.They are all well aware of, even if we, adults, and do not express aloud his assessment: this work, they say, Well, that - not for you.

Whence comes our delineation work on the clean and dirty, the prestigious and undervalued?Caring for a pig?Sorry!But many like pork!Because it turns out the perfect dish.

In the Baltic states in the summer of parents determined to sell ice cream teens on the streets, and children sell it, surprisingly, willingly, gladly.However, some mom and dad totally against: we, they say, do not need the money.

Do you think about the money it?The main thing - a child is born respect to any work: distributors and research assistant, a nurse at the hospital, the pilot and a janitor, mechanic and driver.Any work can be for a person creative, attractive, in any case the one who wants to find himself.

Teach the child to get to work satisfaction, rejoice if something has helped people - very, very important.This is one of the faces of the moral education of the person, responsible to the formation of human society, regardless of his future profession.Without the ability to work hard to establish itself in any position.

... Shortly after the end of the school Nastya V. married.And a year later returned to their parents.Girlfriends indignantly explained the reason for the divorce:

- I should work, and to cook dinner and clean up the room ... No, the pipes!Not in order to grow.

All love Nasty evaporated when she realized that her family life is not waiting for some fun.Since childhood is not accustomed to any female household duties.

Do such facts are rare?And where their origins lie?Again - in the family.Where a person is formed, his attitude to work.

The older the plant operator F. Gubaidulina was filed, except that the son of the daily assistance to parents in the economic troubles in the summer went with his father to work in the sponsored farm.With a high school diploma boy got the right driver and projectionist law.Later, both the specialty is very useful to him in the army.

Hero of Socialist Labor Andrei Tsukanov was brought up in a family of builders of Magnitogorsk.And he became a steelworker, distributors.His sons also chose his father's profession.Children not only love to listen to stories about the brave and courageous people - want to imitate them.The work of such people attracts guys.Especially if some of them are the father.Because it is no coincidence pilots sons dream of the sky, the sons of sailors - on long voyages.Often, following in the footsteps of parents children of miners, steelworkers.This is especially noticeable where the family is seriously concerned for the admission of children to work.

... Nikolai May - Colonel, senior lecturer in military vehicles Command Tank School.His wife, Tamara Nikolaevna - the master of making children's clothes, working at home.Why so suddenly?Because in a family of seven children.For younger eye so the eye is needed.However, they are accustomed to independence: from childhood to firmly grasp who wash dishes, buy food, etc.

senior, Sergei, was born when Nikolai was still a cadet...And at school, and at the Institute differed diligence, commitment.Now he is a certified veterinarian.

second son saw a light in the mountain garrison at the border.In Moscow, at the time of training officer at the academy, there was two more children.And Bogdan, Tamara, Svetlana, younger, born in Kharkov.All the guys now have students who watch over the smallest touching, detsadovku Light.

little man from the first day of the conscious attitude to life must gradually learn about everything that has been done to him by countless generations of people;recognizing this, he will understand what has been done to it - was done for him.Tell the children sincerely and simply a great tale of the past, tell about the sufferings and victories, mistakes and defeats, and our hopes - all that tormented and delighted our ancestors, that hurts us and excites courage in our hearts.

Is Tamara Understood, daring to have such a big family, that sometimes will be very difficult in life?Yes, I understood.But I am trying to raise children with their reliable assistants.Taught senior cook dinner, clean up the rooms.They in turn passed on their skills to minors.Explained, if required, lessons.And it is not laid out to them ready-made solutions, and sought to inspire in some occupation, the subject.On the advice of the parents acted with cunning - like Tom Sawyer, who drove with visible pleasure brush over the fence, causing the envy of all the boys.By the way, this is a great way to interest children, even the most boring thing.Frankly Tom admires the seven-year, how cleverly twelve Tanya knit cap, bakes cookies.

in a large family in the children quickly develop independently.One day, the children suddenly announced to parents that enrolled in a music school: Tatiana wanted to play the piano well, with Bogdan Alexandru - the accordion.

- When did you have time to deal with - clasped hands mat.- And at school, and here!

However, the more difficult to paint the front of the kids, so they answered firmly: "That does not frighten us."

Oh, and they got it first!And his fingers badly obeyed, and musical notation to suffer enough, and not enough time.But how much joy now that the home is arranged a concert on Sunday or holidays.Older brothers take up the guitar, Tania sits down at the piano, and Bohdan Sasha output tune accordions.All together pick up all the "Blue Scarf" - a family favorite song ...

at school, where children of Nicholas Alexandrovich and Tamara, literally with one voice speak of their hard work.Remove class to another - please, as much as necessary.Clear the area of ​​fallen leaves - with pleasure.Plant a tree - will compete for the championship.Help the kids to dress - always ready.Why take any, illuminate and inspire themselves comrades.Of course, not imbibed with mother's milk is an children addicted to work.Example is largely taken from the parents, who in their eyes is not shunned any work.So firmly established tradition in the house - the first to take up any case, if there is at least five minutes to spare.

evening.Whole family to gather.It is necessary to prepare dinner.Peel the potatoes - and that requires a lot of time.My name is in the kitchen children.Even the youngest.Gives them special knives, equally divide the potatoes.Well, who is faster?Concede no one wants.No matter what the kids is not keeping pace with the elders.The main thing - they are attached to a common work, accustomed to perform any duties not somehow, and in good faith, so as not to shame, to hear praise.

finally sat down at the table.Now you can calmly discuss what happened during the day, who have brought the level that made interesting, what are the plans for tomorrow.

Tamara often recalls how often Sergei began to linger somewhere after the lectures.One mother found out - son soiled jacket.Another time noticed - pants ripped.I had contacted the bad company?Anxiety fell on the heart.A father is silent, sure - it can not be.Not as Sergei.And Nikolai was not mistaken.At the end of the month, Sergei was home beaming, proud: guys gave gifts, boasted a new suit, his mother gave to the economy except scholarships thirty rubles.It was found a month after the lecture in the unloading station wagons with vegetables.I understood that parents no extra money, and very much like to buy a suit ...

night.Calm down, kids were asleep.And Tamara bent over her sewing.Then be sure to check the newspaper - once during the day.Will manage all the rooms where children sleep.Since the introduction of the family first-born, and to this day, when the house is growing seventh child, Tamara, at work if, in short, if the hours of rest, constantly catching myself thinking about children: fed whether healthy as dressed, going to the street?And yet - what they will be?Of course, much depends on their parents.We tried with her husband almost from the cradle to instil in them respect for the work - and his and other people cared to any job the guys are fun.Already now visible - it is not in vain.

simple fact that the vast majority of adults understand that each child in the family must have a certain range of responsibilities for any age can pick up the order at home.

Then why is not always realized why many parents do not use until the end of the potential opportunities for family labor education?And agree, sometimes we absolutely do not think that our excessive child custody is delayed too long, creating in him qualities such as selfishness, dependency, infantilism, laziness.

Therefore, try to understand what is sometimes overlooked in the organization of the child's activities at home.Life itself dictated by the most important principles of labor education of children in the family:

introduction to the work through self-service;the gradual expansion of the duties of their complexity;

tactful continuous monitoring of the quality of labor orders;

labor training operations in a committed practice;the formation of a child's confidence in the importance of the work assigned to them;

account individual characteristics and tendencies in the distribution of child labor orders;

encouraging diligence, manifestations of independence and initiative;

alternation of work and rest, as well as various kinds of work in the day time student (especially young children).

Someone may have a question: why are we so much talk about the work, the need to attach it to the children?And is there a logical connection with the theme of heroism, heroism, which served as the main canvas for this book?

We hope you agree that the most immediate connection here.It is unlikely that someone have to convince the obvious truth: those who can not work, he is not able to fully take over the great responsibility for the protection of the Motherland, improve, sparing no effort, military and political skill.And then, let's think: Is traits evolve independently?For example, every day from ten o'clock we raise a good family man, a fourteen - worker, a sixteen - patriot, and so on..?Personality is formed in the aggregate of all its qualities.That's why a good family man and patriot, and the one who wants to become a cultural, spiritual master all the wealth, you need to have perseverance, diligence, ability to work purposefully and creatively, enthusiastically.This ability - the greatest wealth of a person.