Do not collect the child HAMMER !

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting


Many urban and rural children in domestic work is almost not involved.Blame the parents who do not allow children to work.You can not, say, to deprive children of childhood.We see children as a beautiful, delicate creatures that need to be protected.There are no words: you need to take care of, but can not protect from work.

If you walk through the village, children in home gardens is almost never see.The gardens today - adult provision.But before it was different.I grew up in the village, was able to chop wood, fix the barn, hay to the cow.All this I learned from my father.We, the children competed with each other to see who is faster and better to dig up the garden.And how jealous our peer Lyonka Titarenko, when he had all learned to mow!

I have a grandson Igor.It will soon be two years.But he likes to help his grandfather, when I was something Peel, planing, to cobble together.Naturally, the grandson of help for me is only a hindrance.But I do not banish him.Igorek have learne

d to hammer small nails.When mom brings him to visit us, the first thing the boy drew attention to the door jamb.If there appears a nail hammered, he asks hammer.And knocking on the cap until the nail enters into the board.After finishing the work, happy, talking to his toys.

We must encourage the desire of children to work.Not taking away from the child's hammer!

VK at the river and on to,

Lazo village of Primorsky Krai

How to attach the child to work?Now this much is said and written.I would like to express their point of view.

I have two sons.Senior serving in the army, the youngest of six years.A significant difference in age has its advantages.The accumulated experience in the education of the eldest son helps in dealing with minors.

eldest son was growing up, we thought, a hard-working boy.Conscientiously cope with the permanent missions: to buy bread, make a bucket of garbage, clean your room.The son grew up, and the chores he had not changed.We presented it to the lower requirements, spared him.Especially not loaded - the boy was in a music school.

After graduating from high school son to go work in a factory to the machine, in the specialty, which he received in the school of the CPC.How difficult to give him the first months of work!It turned out that our son was physically or mentally not ready for a serious workload.Gradually mastered, and even began to perform overfulfill norm.But the difficulties of the first days of a negative impact, prevented him taste of the profession, to love her.So, our pity turned to harm his son.

Now I see: you have from an early age to teach a child to work, the family needed.Otherwise, in the future children will be avoided, afraid of difficult cases.His quest will send out to find things easier, cleaner.We often underestimate the capabilities of children.They have enough strength for the real, serious cases.It was real, real.I think in this direction family and school have to keep up.

E. Egorov, Saratov region


Different people have different preferences: in one country, like rice, another prefer tortillas.But our bread Give.Black, white, rye, wheat ... What a delicious!Sweet, soft, beautiful!Bread is always beautiful - ive ears, and bun.

Bread - our wealth!It becomes familiar phrase, no longer perceive it, does not honor the bread.

... I remember we went to war with his mother to the market.She was selling things to the money to buy bread.And once I bought a whole loaf!What we were happy when it carried a loaf of home!Along the way the mother kept saying, "Do not stumble, do not drop, look at his feet!" As if I was carrying bread and fragile vase!

Yes, time is different, the bread and we have plenty for every taste.But does that he has lost a true value for money?And in our time, many growers are working to collect the great harvest that did not know we need bread.And if from an early age not to teach children to protect and respect the work of others, it is unlikely to have the defenders of the public domain will increase ...

B. Gelfand, Krivoy Rog


game, if well organized, canbecome not just fun - it develops imagination, speech, memory of the child, and most importantly - brings up the children.Therefore it is so important to children's games were humane, intelligent.

... In the courtyard of the three-year boy pulled the rope hands of an old doll.Next on the bench in animated conversation with the neighbors of his mother.She is calm, Son plays.How?For it does not matter.

- Why are you tied the doll - asked the woman passing by.

- I robber - the kid said.

- You know, there was a thief Robin Hood - is very strong, brave man.It does not hurt the weak, helping them.

- And I'll help.I will help the doll to escape from captivity - gladly responded to the baby.

miracle happened: the evil robber turned into a brave knight.Just a pity that my mother, engaged in conversation, did not notice it.

A. Kotov and, Birobidzhan

boy with a slingshot

You've seen them, perhaps many - of these young "hunters".The victims were entertained shooting slingshots adolescents often become defenseless Ptah neighborhood cats, someone's windows, street lamps, light bulbs in the entrances of houses.

ask ourselves honestly: if anyone tried any of us to stop, grab the hand of such a bully?Perhaps, very rare.We even bullies are compassionate advocates: "I really can not indulge.If they themselves were not small.All of us at that age with slingshots ran. "

Let's think how immoral, harmful, dangerous such a position.How to convince the boy that it is necessary to protect public property, if it breaks with pleasure lights in the park?

Word about the dangers of enthusiasm slingshots not an empty phrase.Once shaken with grief father graders Andrew Balakshina told the following story.

Andrew hit in the eye with a slingshot classmate.He shot almost point-blank, with half to two meters, and maybe not aiming eye.But clutched his slingshot without hesitation, out of habit, both robust argument boyish petty quarrel.And the other disciple, who was standing nearby, not held in hand with a slingshot.

Andrew Balakshin was severely damaged eyes, long treated.Eventually he returned sight.But not always "self-indulgence" ends happily.In many cases, the "innocent" slingshot leads to tragedies.

«I, unfortunately, such facts are often encountered, - he wrote in the edition defectologist Saki City Board of Education S. Shpakovskaya.- It is not a blind child is at fault slingshot on my account."

turns out wrong those who are easy on the slingshot.

VB Matveev, journalist, Crimea region

as in a mirror

- No, brown!

- no, yellow!

The tram arguing mother and son color dress girl sitting nearby.When the boy did not have enough arguments, he cried out:

- Shut up!You do not understand anything!

Mom blushed, Dad shifted in his seat and began to shame his son:

- Is it possible?

- You can, but I can not - the question said the son.

Boy with childlike simplicity provided to all passengers of their parents, who can be seen in communication with each other is not a role model.

all starts with the example of their parents.How could any mother punished her daughter: "Be neat" - it will not work if she herself sloppy.Children of all notices.

At first, when children are young, parents do not see the harm that cause its wrong behavior to their children.And then, faced with a children's rudeness, insincerity, laxity, suffer a loss in: "Where did this" From fathers and mothers, with which the child took as an example.

G. Kobrisenko, vocational teacher T, Donetsk


Folk wisdom says: "Pitiful one who lives for himself", "To live - to serve the people", "No good deeds is not a good name," "not the kind who teaches in trouble, but the one who helps out of trouble. "And the main school of good feelings - Family.It is the parents, children learn to empathize, sympathize with another person.

... Father and son sitting with a fishing rod on the river bank.I approached the man:

- There is a nearby bridge?

- No, just a ford.Spring water, ice - take my boots.

Rybak was in his socks.And he sent his son to translate the passer and bring the boots back.

... At the station, the old woman did not have enough rubles.She trampled near the cash register and tears sat on the bench.

- Do not cry!What you need - and calmed her neighbor, heard the answer, pulled from her purse ruble.

child's memory will retain and accept these lessons.

style of relations in the family, too, contributes to the education of kindness in children.And the act of kindness does not mean undemanding.The child wants to see his father and mother are not sentimental dobryachkov and fair, sensitive people.Good deeds, humanity, justice, enrich the moral experience of the child.

F. Smirnov, Mikhail Smirnov,


blind love

We were neighbors.Valya - son Sasha, I also have children.Known case, we talk often about them: how to learn how to behave, to aspire to.

We, the neighbors, Sasha brought a lot of trouble: scratches and dents that he and his friends left in the stairwell, we plastered and whitewashed, burned changed mailboxes.And Valya kept saying only one thing: "Good my son grows, good!Nothing that dabbles in-all the boys are. "

Sometimes you say Vale: "Why Sasha allowed to smoke?" The answer: "Because the boy is growing, not a girl."

all rejoiced when Sasha finished an eight.Thought, go to school, learn a profession, will begin to work, take up the mind.Vain hope.In school, as in school, Sasha missed classes, partying with pals.Turn on a tape recorder at full volume, will put power in the loggia, and rattles the whole quarter: "A million, million scarlet roses" Mother again cronies scolds and Sasha still defends: "Good my son!»

Mother always lovesyour child.But it should not be so blind maternal love.It does not help that love Sasha grow a good person.

V. Polonsky Donetsk

comes around

... Through the open door with the inscription "9" b "I saw a girl washing the floor.On schoolgirl displeased

watch.Fearing dirty jeans and a white blouse, she gently lowered into the water and a rag embarrassed disgust drove her across the floor.

- You're at home so you wash the floor?- I turned to the girl.

- At home, I do not do it ...

- Who washes the floor?

- Grandma and Mom ...

- What do you do?

- study - I heard in response.

«Learn!On the economy, we'll manage themselves, "- instruct many parents of sons and daughters.And these guys are growing in isolation from labor.Even in the village!At seventeen years of age can not milk a cow, feed the pigs, mow grass.Indifferent to the concerns of his native village, young people are leaving the city on the "easy" earnings.

And parents complain that they had no helpers in his old age.But, as they say, what goes around, comes around.

V. Khil'kevich, labor veteran, Smolensk

whom we grow?

I - a military man, twenty-five years served in the Soviet Army.During this time, seen a lot of young people who become soldiers.And that's what disappointing: fewer come into the army guys, adapted to physical labor.Education they get good knowledge for the comprehension of military sciences have enough, but the ax handle can not.Some are even proud of it, saying why the ax waving in the age of electronics?

The army, of course, a difficult technique.But in the army and today without an ax or shovel can not do.For example, to put the same tent when the unit for a long time out in the field on the ability ...

roots such casus go, probably in childhood.Often parents protect children from work: it is impossible, they say, to deprive children of childhood.I did not time it is seen.Late autumn has come to one of his friend.The hosts were a garden pumpkin.Together with them, he worked them a five-year daughter.

- Tanya, stop - and then demanded that the girl otets.- Pumpkin heavy.We will cope without you.

- This one is not hard.I can bear it - objected Tanya.

- Well, what can you do with it - as if the mother was justified.

What this case is talking about?About many things.The child wants to work - it is not allowed.The time will come, the same parents will be glad to help by his daughter, and she already wants to help not.Will have time to learn that parents can do without it.

V. Kurp, Ensign, Primor