The most frequent accidents at different ages

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

From birth to six months (the baby can roll over and reach out a hand)

• injuries in the crib or • burns;

• car accident;

when trying to get out of it;• falling from a changing table or a child car seat;

Six to twelve months (the baby is crawling and starting to walk)

injuries when handling toys: because of sharp edges, loose laces,

small parts that can be swallowed;

• falling from a highchair;

• blows on the sharp corners of tables;

• burns of cigarettes;

• injuries grasping dangerous items: burns on the hot mug of coffee, cuts to fragile items;

• injuries in a walker and a wheelchair;

• car accidents;

From one to two years (the child goes and explores all)

• injuries when a child climbs on higher things;

• poisoning swallowed poisons;

• accidents that occurred during the study area: cabinets, cupboards, medicine cabinet;

• inattention caused accidents in water: in the pool, natural water bodies in the bath;

• cuts;

• car accidents.

□ Have you securely close the windows and sturd

y shutters behind them there?

□ Is there a metal protective grille behind the sliding glass windows of the second floor?(Protective grille shutter and keep the child, if the child knocks out the window. If you have a glassed-in balcony, do not allow your child to lean to the grid.)

□ Have you tightened all mesh openings in the balcony railing, the child can not climb over them?

Now let's go and crawled up the stairs:

□ How well do your lit staircase, whether it is not slippery, and safe Does it have railings?

□ Is Protected Territory stages rubber film or carpet?

□ Do not roll on the stairs extraneous things that can be tripped over?

□ securely nailed or tuck the carpet?

□ Do you use the safety gates?

Now let's get to the garage and go down in the basement and laundry:

□ Are electrical appliances Are and sharp tools out of reach of the child?

□ Is Removed paints, solvents, insecticides and other chemicals out of children's hands?

□ Do you Keep the closed door of the washing machine and centrifuge?

□ Is the button or the remote control will automatically opening garage doors outside the reach of the child?