And remember the world is saved ...

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Immediately after school Acne usually twenty minutes playing the violin.He loved this tool worked willingly, and that in the hours of rest violin was he always in the foreground, happy Nadezhda Nikolayevna, mother Vitalik.

Today, however, barely crossed the threshold, and glancing at the already cooked caring hands of mother tool, the son said:

- Mom, there is no time to play.I have to run to the newsstand.Please give me a money.

- In Kiosk?Why - surprised Nikolaevna.- Hope I will go in the afternoon to the store and check it out.What do you need?

- «Komsomolskaya Pravda" must buy.Today, the collection unit, we learned from the senior counselor, there was published an appeal of the Soviet youth to the American president.We decided - let everyone sign the appeal and send it to America.The counselors said that this will be our contribution to the struggle for peace.

Acne spoke warmly, loudly, as if there was not at home right now, but at least at a meeting of his party.Thus excessively excited Nadezh

da had never seen him, maybe because the son strongly interrupted:

- Okay, calm down, baby.It will not go away your president.Nothing will happen if you do not send him your message.It is better to eat and sit down at the beginning of the music.

- Mom, but I really need a newspaper.Highly!And stamps for thirty cents.

- It turns out that even on the brand will have money to spend.Do they spare us?Take off your clothes and sit down at the table.Do you hear what I'm saying - Nadezhda raised her voice, because the son was not going to change their intentions.

- Mom, but I have to ...

- You owed nothing to anybody.And if they should, then sit down at the table, after - for the violin.Do you think your studies at the School of Music cheap costs us?

Vitalik tears in her eyes stood out.

- If I do not buy a newspaper, because then will be too late.What do I tell the children?

- Do not say anything.Report they require from you.Sit down at the table!

Acne wilted.Lowering her head, she went into the hall ...

Dear Mom and Dad, how would you react to this request son?With good understanding?With mocking condescension?With indifference?

This question is asked by us is no accident.Talking to children in many schools, we found that the attitude of some parents very often resembles the one that took her mother Vitalik.Stressing the word "some parents", we nevertheless note that behind them there is, in general, an impressive figure.And that in itself, I think, a sad fact.

In socio-political terms, every schoolchild today relatively well informed.Newspapers, radio and television every day brings to our house a lot of facts about the events in the world.Some more detail, someone worse, but everyone knows: the Middle East tense not stop bloody clashes in Lebanon.On the streets heard gunshots, blood is shed, people are killed, including children.Unrest and distant Nicaragua, which were sent from abroad mercenary gangs sow death and destruction.

This kind of information the student, however, sees in his own way.But she still gets into his consciousness.And now imagine that for the time being, many real pictures, born informational messages, lived for it separate, isolated life, which is in no way intertwined with his own, it does not prevent him continue to ride a bike, to memorize a passage from the poem, to prepareto compose, to go on a trip ... The images of that distant reality and personal life of our child there as if in isolation, in different planes, without touching even a small one another.At the gathering unit senior pioneer leader was able to find the words to combine these planes.And the boy suddenly opened poignant truth about the complexities of today's world: machine-gun fire, burning houses, the death of children and peaceful bicycle ride, there, is, at one and the same time.At the same earth.In his time!In his life!In his world!

main culprit of all this tragedy, explained counselors - American imperialism.And then the little boy with his classmates, strongly supports the proposal to send your voice of protest to the US president.On this day, maybe for the first time in his life he found himself in a completely different way, like from the other side, which he had never set foot.I hurry home with his head.Feeling elated, belonging to something big, important to preserve and to-morrow, but ...

So sometimes we make parents blunders.While inexcusable, fraught with undesirable consequences, if we talk about the formation of the children the basics of citizenship, patriotism and internationalism.

Pioneering laws (because we ourselves once lived on them!) Teach our sons and daughters boldly defend the truth, to seek justice, to be faithful, trustworthy friends to all workers of the world, all the oppressed, destitute.Yes, and the whole structure of our life educates children in the belief that the Soviet people will never, under any circumstances, do not throw in the lurch friends, Soviet man most directly concerns everything that happens in the world, it always is in the forefront of the struggle for peace, freedom,both during the war far longer.Not by chance our man, the song says, "remember the world is saved» ...

That is what is one of the main causes of the huge flow of pioneering letters in defense of justice in the world, who receive daily edition of our newspapers and magazines.When you read them, believe me, the soul rejoices: guys do not just sympathize with something, do not just resent.With childlike, vehemence they offer their assistance in solving the most serious conflicts, even global scale.

At first glance, of course, naive.But the guys are quite sincerely believe that it is required to listen to, as adults want to contribute to the improvement of life on the planet.And mainly because our children, children of the world's first multinational socialist countries, growing up in an atmosphere of spiritual kinship, mutual aid with all the peoples, that they are not indifferent to the fate of others.Is not it great ?!Do I have someone to prove that these have brought them our social system, our system of life, moral values?A similar phenomenon none of us ever (even with the most careful search) did not meet in any capitalist state.

Social activity of our children has a profound basis.The pinnacle of achievement of educational work of the Soviet multi-ethnic society can be called without any conditionality that children inherit the ideas which we live, which were approved by the blood and sweat of our fathers, grandfathers.

In many schools there are clubs or clubs of international friendship.Some schools are named after heroes of friendly countries and peoples.The boys meet with their foreign counterparts in the pioneer, labor camps, to correspond with them.All this is directed primarily to the fact that in today's boys and girls are in general very soon will take in various spheres of society, our place is now already formed world wide, noble interests.In the process of gradual learning of the current troubled reality they grow stronger, expanding the understanding of a very important fact: the working people of all countries, irrespective of color or nationality, should have a common struggle for freedom, for justice.

How can we, the parents, to assess this aspect of the lives of our children?Agree, they can count on our concerned relevant to their citizenship, our finally help.

... School, where he studied your son going to visit representatives of the Nicaraguan youth.Detachment Council instructed the children, including your son, with his own hands to make souvenirs and say a few words of welcome foreign friends.You know what to give your own crafts shy son, he said they were not too successful.You know, that he had never been a particular eloquence, as required here because the connected, sensibly say capacious, it is consonant with this point of the phrase.That's why your son is excited today.

what you did in this situation?Consider, please, if you capture the idea that a son at that moment desperately needed your encouragement, support?whether the boy would find in you support?And if the situation happens, it is written in the "Pioneer truth" N. Lena from Yakutsk?

What alarmed the girl?At school, the children enthusiastically greeted the proposal to show solidarity with their foreign peers.Lena feels the same, under the influence of our everyday reality, it has already formed such an inner readiness.However, at home, from my mother, very often heard:

- Why should we all help?What we, the cares little?Each of yourself now to think.To us it is too expensive ...

girl want with all my heart to respond to that, as called for in a school.But why Mom said something quite different, the opposite?The confusion Lena asks the editor of the Pioneer newspaper explained her mother wrong.

What would you say to Lena?We think it is reasonable to first of all convince the girl and her mother, and the other parents, which cause great damage to this kind of suggestion in the first place by their own authority in the eyes of a son or daughter.Today, even in junior high school students horizons developed enough - to contribute to the discipline covered by the program, the children active in public life, that is, in life oktyabryatskoy stars, and later - the Pioneer and Komsomol organizations.Exciting sense of personal communion with all that gives rise to hot issues of the day, they are in a hurry to share with loved ones, which would seem to directly affect the same.Perhaps children seek parents a clearer interpretation of some issues, but suddenly encounter indifference.Not because mom and dad do not understand these issues - if confirmed by life itself, is pleased to pioneer would be told that he has learned, and his father's or mother's attention would serve him the greatest reward - no adults simply and understandthey do not want it to them, sorry for the extreme opinions, absolutely indifferent.Needless to add, as the shaky foundation on which rests the family respect is still little citizen to such parents.

Do not underestimate the harm and other phenomena.Unfortunately, sometimes reckless phrase rashly delivered under short-term mood, it is difficult to leave erasable mark in the heart of a teenager.He has gradually strengthened the habit around the search for the truth, growing distrust of everything, or - even worse - cynicism.

seems useful to forcefully emphasize the indisputable like the thought is clear, strong and beautiful only because the inner world of children when their home understand, support all the best aspirations of the young patriot, an internationalist.Today, our children are just learning to perceive life, the complexity of relationships vast, turbulent world.It is our duty - to help them strengthen civil motives, aggravated the child's soul under the influence of the school of social work, the whole way of our life.