safe toys

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

□ Before you buy or give a child a toy, make sure it does not have small parts that small children may choke on - such as doll shoes, buttons, beads, whistles in squeaking toys, used for packing small pellets.(In toy stores have a test tube to test the toy size. If any part can pass through the tube, it can get into the respiratory tract of the child. Cubes, balls and other small toys should have a diameter of at least 4 cm.)

□Check toys from sharp edges or splinters, and as often as possible, check, not whether they were broken off any parts.Absolutely safe toys through the operation for some time can become unsafe.

□ Do toys should not be hanging laces twenty centimeters long.

□ Check whether there is within the reach of dangerous toys such as balloons, beads, details «Lego», or items spherical diameter of less than 4 cm.

□ Be sure to tell the older children to get close to the baby, they did not takehands toys that produce loud noises, such as pistols with pistons, since it may reduce the hearin

g of a young child.

□ Toys must comply with stage development of the child and his temperament.If your child likes to throw toys, give him only soft toys made of fabric or foam.Such toys as darts and arrows, can lead to eye injuries.

□ Be careful with toys for a baby cot, which are fixed between the two side walls and hanging over the head of the child, that he was to look and what to stretch his arms.These toys are recommended only for the period from birth to five months, and should be removed when the child grows up and will be able to get up on all fours.

□ Beware of plastic toys if they are thin, fragile and can easily break, and then remain sharp or jagged edges - these are, for example, aircraft wings.Before you buy a toy, to bend it a little bit in your hands to see just how fragile plastic.

□ Be alert when burst balloons, especially during the holidays.Quickly assemble the pieces and carried them away from small children who like all pop into your mouth and can choke what is left of the bursting of the ball.Do not let babies play with uninflated balloons since they too can cause airway obstruction.Always keep an eye on children playing with inflated balloons.

D unpacking toys, as quickly as possible to get rid of the plastic film.Babies love to play with the wrapper, as well as with plastic bags from under the clothes, and may suffocate.

□ to store toys.It is better not to buy toys for cabinets with doors that could fall on the child and cause an injury or which could pinch his finger.Hinged doors must remain open on their own, without support.Instead boxes

toys is better to have shelves for toys, which are much safer and teach a child to order.