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- Sasha, you promised something else to talk about Afghanistan.Today you have a free evening time.

- Sasha, well, please, and, Sash ...

Usually with such insistent requests addressed to the former paratrooper, who dropped at least a free hour after work, his brother Igor and his friend Misha.

Misha and Igor were willing to listen to what is said, without end.But Sasha every night, even Sundays, painted literally by the minute: intensively preparing for college.Therefore, setting out one or two stories from his military service, usually firmly said:

- All guys, enough for today, otherwise then there is nothing left ...

And the boys were looking forward to it "later" when promptedSasha opportunity to re-sit with them, to sing under the faint chime of a guitar song, born somewhere, far beyond the Hindu Kush, recall several combat episodes.

Yesterday they "attacked" Sasha in the kitchen as soon as the young man returned home from work, sat down at the table.But there appeared in the doorway Grigory

Ivanovich, the father of Sasha and Igor:

- Look, guys, today Sasha really busy, and tomorrow I suggest you go to a meeting of the soldiers who served in Afghanistan.I think there will be lots of interesting things for you.I'll go too.On military friends I want to see his son.Do you think there are no objections?

Misha Igor joy even "Hurrah!" Shouted.What are the objections already here!

Both felt almost a minute to the promised "tomorrow".When, finally, together with Grigoriy Ivanovich came to the square, they gasped: so many people had gathered.It is one thing - theoretically know that somewhere in the neighborhood with you, in the same city, live soldiers-internationalists, and quite another - at the same time to see them all together: a slender, smart, with military orders and medals on his chest.

And around smiles, flowers, loud brass orchestra ...

Somewhat later, the newspaper published an article about a meeting of soldiers-internationalists in the city of Kirov.Misha and Igor still cherish clipping, where there is a line of excited: "They were something to remember, something to share with each other.And we heard the name of Afghan towns and villages, rivers and mountain passes ... And they stood, arm in arm, and his eyes sometimes become treacherously wet.And next to them, twenty-year reserve soldiers were veterans of the Great Patriotic War.At photographed for memory.Shared memories.The difference in years did not separate them from each other.At first it seemed that the veterans once too intently gaze at the young, as if comparing them with him, but then, especially towards the end of the meeting, everyone could see how strong and indestructible, this alloy - gray-haired and almost boys.No wonder the award of both the same: the medal "For Courage", the Order of the Red Star.Military comradeship »

Formation passion heroic socialist Fatherland defenders - one of the ideological education of the younger generation of the most important problems.The way a person relates to the years of his childhood, adolescence, youth to the heroic deeds of thousands and millions of soldiers, fighters who saved the world from the threat of slavery depends on the whole of his spiritual world, especially the attitude of the people, to work, to the public interest ...

stories about the heroes of the children are taught to see the world through the eyes of the patriots.Heroes not only broadens the horizon, but also helps to feel that the life of all Soviet citizens - those who died, and those who live now - have something in common - a great, sacred, the most expensive and with nothingincomparable - HOMELAND ...


since all the guys watched with my own eyes in the first minutes, they have no doubt that in the correspondence we are talking about them, too, about Igor and Misha.How else?!They were quite close to the holder of two Orders of the Red Star Sergei bows from Sergei Alchikova on whose chest adorned the Order of the Red Banner.They were photographed literally side by side with Alexander Matushkina, awarded for military affairs of the Order of the Red Star and the Medal "For Courage".Before them that day spoke of the Soviet Union Hero, student of the Military Academy named after Frunze AP Soluyanov, too, "Afghan", who arrived from Moscow at the invitation of kirovchan.Is that forgotten ?!

Yes, the impression of these events the guys really indelible.Even adults are permanently stored in the soul that shook, it stirs the deepest corners of her.Especially if you directly come in contact with people who have shown heroism, dedication - we think appropriate here loud, solemn words, filled with high humanitarian sense - in the name of the bright future of the common man.

The benefits of joint participation with children of fathers and mothers in such events, after which the family one might talk about good and evil, loyalty and betrayal, dedication, heroism, cowardice, written many books and special items.Yet, unfortunately, not all parents realize how important it is for the social development of our children.Live interviews with veterans of the war, with soldiers-internationalists, vivid examples of selfless service to the Motherland - the heroes are saying about them is very simple: to perform military duty - not only act on the feelings, the emotional sphere of children, but, more importantly, in the sphere of morality.Mind and heart of children comprehend that even the most difficult - sometimes unbelievably - tests did not break the power of the spirit, the will of their parents, older brothers.True love for the motherland overcomes all obstacles.

difficult to judge, whether due to lack of preparation of our teaching, or for some other reasons, but we parents often think and talk about their children somewhat simplified.They are, they say, are too young to fully feel the essence of lofty matters, contained in the words "Soviet patriotism", "socialist internationalism".But we are great wrong.It turns out that our children perceive these concepts is absolutely correct in their true sense.That is why - we emphasize once again - great value of the experience, when parents and children meet with veterans-front-line soldiers, with the soldiers who had gone to the reserve relatively recently, performing until the end of their patriotic and internationalist duty.

Some of the readers might be interested in: what is still valuable this experience?

Returning again to the crowded area of ​​the city of Kirov.Like a small bodyguard, surrounded by a dense ring of ubiquitous boys each, who fought against the enemies of Afghanistan land revolution.There were at their heels, threw dozens of questions.I would particularly like to hear the guys that helped soldiers in difficult military service, it is a reliable help in the most difficult situation.Sergei Smirnov, a young worker, said simply and sincerely:

- sense of duty to the homeland.Motherland!For many children, this word is then filled with concrete content, has acquired almost visible form, just imprinted in the hearts of the young.

And Vladimir Sheskov, former mortar, frankly admitted:

- Personally for me, the most reliable tool became physical endurance.Without serious physical training, which I had, in general, did not attach much importance, the army has to be very tight.Try to run with full armor, when the total weight of the load - under forty kilograms.

He was asked:

- How many times have you moved up to the bar to the service?

- Every twelve - fourteen.

- And before transferred to the reserve?

- About forty ...

not the one month period since not left Misha with Igor's dream - to catch up on the bar forty times.And though the guys are still very far from the cherished numbers, exercise patience, hard, gradually improving personal bests.

What is born conclusion?The meeting with the soldiers-internationalists, not only left a good mark in the memory of the boys.It is, among other things, set them up on the physical improvement, pushed to work on yourself, that oh so useful to the future defenders of the Motherland.As if by a spark that has fallen on fertile ground, ignited and thoughts and desires of the guys who went on to have another life, feel, figuratively speaking, in a combat crew with their idols.And how is a shame that we, the parents, sometimes missing opportunities to cut children's personality.Life itself gives us a sometimes strong educational aid, but we do not see, we do not appreciate.Thereby deprive themselves and their children.