Secure in the crib

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Accidents in bed topping the list of infant injuries.Here are tips for choosing a safe crib.

□ If the child likes to chew on everything, close the crib railing, non-toxic plastic covers for chewing.

□ Check the descending wall.To the child could not omit the wall itself, each must be secured with two locking devices.The child should not be able to lower the wall from inside.

□ Check the distance between the lattice strips.Reiki must be separated from each other by no more than 6 cm, that would not get stuck baby's head between them.

□ Spend hands across the wood surface to make sure that there are no cracks or splinters.

□ Avoid cribs with sculpted pillars, with significant deepening.Infants often pinched his fingers in the recesses between the post and the crib.Do not take the bed with decorative carvings and knobs.The child may cling to these projections clothing and strangle himself.You can cut down ledges and poles planed and sanded smooth surface.

□ Inspect metal fittings crib to make sure the

y have no sharp edges or protrusions, as well as holes or grooves, which may pinch or jam your baby finger.

□ Frequently check the mattress support, tapping on the metal bracket and pressing down on the mattress at the head and feet.If the arm popped out of its groove, it is necessary to reinsert or replace it.Check that all four metal bracket attached supporting the mattress and the base plate on which it rests, in their slots Plant protector.

□ It is better to give up the donation of mattresses or mattress b / y, which may not precisely match the size of your crib.To check whether a mattress is suitable, stick one in the corner of his fingers.Between the mattress and the wall of the crib should be no gap of more than 4 cm. If you can stick between the mattress and crib wall more than two fingers, the mattress is too small.

□ Remember, the harder the mattress, so it is safer.

□ Check that the soft rolls (warning strikes his head against a solid wall) close fit around the perimeter of the crib and secured at least six strings or buttons.To make sure your child can not chew and strings tangled in them, cut off the excess.Remove the rollers out of the crib and toys, as soon as the child starts to catch up on the railing and wake up, because these items can serve as a stand, through which the child perelezet through the bars and fall out of the crib.

□ Check the toys in the crib, the carousel (musical hanging toy), pacifiers and clothes that the baby is in the crib to make sure that they do not have cords or drawstrings longer than twenty centimeters.

□ If a child is allergic or has often stuffy nose, do not put in the crib and other soft toys, which can cause allergies to collect dust.

□ Put a crib in the room in a safe place.It should not stand at the window next to any dangling cords, such as curtains or blinds, or close to any furniture, which the child can use to get out of the crib.When the child grows up, it is necessary to think about what would happen if he did get out of the crib.Crib should be placed so that your child does not fall on a sharp object, it does not get caught or pinched between the crib and placed next to a wall or furniture.□ If your baby's crib is not in your bedroom or at a distance of earshot from every room in the house, buy a monitor - a valuable device to ensure safety.

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