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cherished DOCUMENTS

Father ... I remember his kind face, tall figure.

In 1946 on the territory of the western regions of Ukraine were active criminals, death awaited anyone who road was socialist motherland.From the hands of Ukrainian nationalists, vicious enemies of Soviet power, and my father died a Communist Efrem Ivanovich Ryadnenko.

To this day Cherishing cherished documents.Here are yellowed from time sheet, dated May 16, 1933.Motrensky Rural Council Kharkiv region Help testified: "Ryadnenko EI - poor, rotten to the revolution.His father was also poor.From 1917 to 1928 he worked at the cooperative, and the chairman of the Board of Agriculture. "Then my father was a foreman, for the excellent work was the challenge Red Banner.

Despite the fact that the father of the Great October Revolution met uneducated man, he fervently imbued with the ideas of Soviet power, and their children brought ardent patriots of the motherland.Sons Alex and Vladimir died fighting with the enemy, in the first months o

f the Great Patriotic War.In one of his last letters Alex wrote: "Dear parents!I swear to be faithful to his beloved homeland, the Bolshevik Party.Home country will defend to the last drop of blood, as long as the heart is beating in my chest. "He was echoed by Vladimir: "I expect the team to break the pack, finish it and get back home! »

These heirlooms carefully preserved in our house.They help my children grow patriots.

Ryadnenko D., lecturer in psychology.Drohobych Pedagogical Institute


In June, the youth of our country came out on Saturday to transfer earned money to the Peace Fund.My "youth" also joined to it.I wrote the word "youth" in quotes because my eldest daughter, ten, younger - six.

How can children of this age to make money?Collection of medicinal herbs, waste paper.So they did: collecting trash.Thank you to those who supported my girls.Learning what they waste paper (on their dresses, I pinned cut paper dove), many gave the paper.

In general, my girls have collected 80 kilograms of waste paper.Yes, even in the "Fair of Solidarity" sold their work - burning.So over the summer months we have accumulated their own money.We went to the bank, and the older she fill up the voluntary contribution to the Fund for Peace.

Vorobyov, Kirishi, Leningrad region

grandfather NAME

- Dad, let's change the name of tomorrow.I was in the yard taunt: "Cat Vasya, Vasya, Vasya!" Do not be me in another call - reproachfully blurts son, smearing tears on the cheeks of resentment?.

How many times going with his wife to tell her son about his grandfather, after whom he was named.All postponed, but in vain ...

I get up, I go to the closet and pull out a bag of family documents.I speak:

- Basil - the name of good, son.Mamin dad, your grandfather, was named Basil.My grandfather fought, was a gunner ...

Son stops to sniff.In the eyes have no tears.

- Once in combat, our gunners shot down several enemy tanks, but there were many, and they were shooting at all ... Grandfather was left alone.One charged in gun projectiles, one aiming at Nazi tanks and himself commanded: "Fire!" In the battle severely wounded grandfather ... For courage and bravery he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner!

- My grandfather - the hero!My grandfather's name!- With a joyful shout to the guys running son.

I look out the window.The boys surrounded Vasya.It is something eagerly tells them.Now the son is proud of his name.It is a pity in a way they have not explained why it was named Basil.

V. Pashkovich, Magadan Oblast

to remember

One evening in the village street I saw about eight guys - played twelve rounders.Wonderful Russian game that develops agility, accuracy, muscles fortress!Then the guys sat on the bench.I hear in the "gardener" is played.Roll in color names.Many of them know the village boys and girls.

I asked the guys: Now bread is removed, and that they know how early, before harvesting is done?One, it turned out, about stacks knows another - like a hammer manually.And about the barns and heard about the mill.And as I told them sickles.

With warmth I recall the summer evening spent among rural children.They really rustic.But sometimes you can not tell the boy or girl who grew up in the village, from their urban peers - so little knowledge of rural life, feel it bad.Often, parents are still proud of it.Very I would like to read more parents intelligent, good book, Vasily Belov, "Lad".In her words to the family education are directly related: "Without memory, there is no person outside the traditions of culture and history.Memory forms the spiritual human fortress. "

Popov, the village of Saratov region Vyazovka