Keep a camera

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Once, when I was writing the book, from the kitchen called Martha: "Quick, take a picture until I was mad."Stefan pulled off the bottom.her shelves open a box of cereal.And he covered from head to toe, cereal, floundering in the rock, which he did, and eat it - a boy was hungry!

depicts a delight! to persuade to strangers or least favorite foods, eat a little bit at first themselves, and be able to use both verbal language and body language to show your child how it is delicious.Or put the food in front of the child and ask for a piece of you (the child can

happy to lend you a piece of himself), then pull the old proven "Mm-m ... UWC-at-clear!»

The grass is always greener on someone else's plate. Suppose you love cauliflower, and it became a torture for you this week: you are trying to cover up her sauce, dip it, give it a different name, and cauliflower and is a non-eaten.Sit with your child and place the cauliflower on his plate, once again singing the old song: "Mm-m ... UWC-at-UPDF."To your sur

prise, the child can take the cabbage to your dish.If not, assign tests cauliflower at a later date.You can try to associate it with the broccoli, which most kids love, because the shape is similar to a tree - you can have green trees and white trees.

No meal is not like the other. kids from one year to two contradictory in their quest for independence, especially at the table.One day, a child may be willing to feed themselves on their own, while the other may require you to be fed.When you are not sure which way to choose, use two spoons, one for your child and one for yourself.Sit with your baby while she is eating.Sometimes she just wants you to accompany her while she eats, but she has given herself.

On other days, she may want you to entertain her and used his spoon to feed her.Sometimes we play the game, "You take a piece of his spoon, and my mother give you a piece of his spoon."Baby could add: "And I give a piece of my mother."