Changing eating habits in children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Holding revelry in check.Sometimes a child there are times when he is satisfied with the revelry and leans on a favorite treat, not wanting to take anything else.One mother described how this problem it solves, "When we give her some sort of product or any drink, consumption of which we would like to cut, we used to say to her that this is the last:" It's over, no more left! "Then she again and begging. "But if the food to which the child leans, nutrient (like sandwiches with peanut butter), there is no reason to deny him it.

Food plant.These food installation brought us to distraction, until we figured out how to be with them.Sometimes, between the ages of two and three years of a child having a solid idea of ​​how food should be served.If he vtemyashit it into his head that peanut butter should be on top of the jelly, and you put on top of the peanut butter jelly, be ready to protest rampant.Not

should conclude from this that your child is stubborn, he manipulates you, or trying to take everythi

ng under control.It's just one of the periods of development.a growing child's brain goes through periods when a child has their own ideas about the nature of things.Peanut butter should be on top of the jelly;another option is unacceptable.Smile and spread it as instructed.Tolerate such whims - it's flowers.Wait until you are in the future will become a walk together in the shops for clothes.

failure of vegetables in the vote.

Every day I hear: "Doctor, it

How to dine with the child

saying" Children should be seen and not heard "might have been invented by a restaurant owner.Here's how to make a meal out with the child of one or two years of enjoyable or at least tolerable.

If possible, feed the baby before you leave the house.Or make a quick baby meal as soon as you arrive at the restaurant.A hungry child is less manageable.

If you have planned to spend the evening in the restaurant, and suddenly the nurse warned that will not come, you can arrange a party for three.Order dinner at the time when the child is likely to be exhausted.As long as you have a car get to the restaurant, the baby can sleep.Take a sleeping child directly in the car child seat and quietly put a child seat at his table.

not want to eat vegetables. "However, the child at the same time continues to grow remarkably.Vegetables generally require more creative marketing than other dishes.Here are the top tricks:

• Cook vegetables so that they could hold in your hand and dip in your favorite sauce.

• Mask vegetables with your favorite sauce.The sauce of peanut butter is actually quite well with cauliflower.

• Play a game of decoration: vegetable garnish favorite foods your child, for example, decorate the tomatoes with cottage cheese.

If your child sleep time and your dinner is not the same, here are a few strategies.Grab your favorite treats your child that you can eat, holding.If you put a child in a high chair, grab a soft, do not make noise toys and plastic utensils.We came to the conclusion that carry baby in sling-bag - this is the easiest way to get a young visitor of the restaurant to be quiet and keep.Look for restaurants that welcome children.Avoid restaurants where there is no children's high chairs.

last tip: choose a table close to the edge, so that the child does not become the center of attention, which will cause his desire to entertain the audience.

• Hide the vegetables in your child's favorite dishes, such as rice, cottage cheese or avocado sauce.

• Prepare steamed vegetables.Then they will retain more flavor.

• manufactures designer vegetables - try tinkering colored face with eyes slices olives, tomato ears, boiled carrot nose and so on.

• Put on your most joyful face when you eat vegetables.Food preferences are contagious.Let your child see how you and the rest of the family enjoy vegetables.

• Mask vegetables in soups and sauces.Resorting to a juicer, grater, strainer or blender, you can help unloved vegetables slip more discreetly.Pumpkin pancakes are in our house a huge success, as well as carrot muffins.

• If you really believe that family life is impossible without the vegetables, let your child help you dilute the garden.Give your child the opportunity to dig or collect ripe vegetables, wash them and help you to prepare them.Vegetables from the front garden of a small farmer have at least some chance of winning.

Avoid pressure.Pressure feeding only difficult, but does not alleviate it.Do not feed the child by force, as it

can permanently instill the child's negative attitude to food and eating.