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August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

No movies, no radio, no TV is not pushed out of the book of children's favorite activities.The wider human horizons, the greater its need for reading.Those who knew of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, was told that Lenin never parted with the book, he gives it a huge role in the growth of culture, education of the people.The most powerful tool for spiritual development called the book Maxim Gorky.

reading culture ... The concept is multi-faceted.The most important of his term is the ability to choose the right one, a good book.Agree terms of reading a child depends mainly on the parents.First bought baby books, first heard them stories, the first memorized verses ... Bringing up a child the love of reading, we can and must.

With just a toddler.We show him the colorful drawings, explain what they tell, pay attention to what the author wanted to express the idea.Through the tale heart child learns serious thing is learning to respond to the events of the world, it receives the first notions of justice.It is a fair

y tale for kids, emphasized Sukhomlinsky, - a source of education of love for the motherland.Because we are trying to read them on the Little Red Riding Hood and the Gray Wolf, of the brave Ivanushka and Tsar Saltan, of The young favorite.Later - a book where the characters-guards act brave Gavroche ... All this affects the child's feelings, it opens a window into the world, introduces the history of the motherland, to the heroes - the defenders of the Motherland.

Do I have to pay so much attention to literature and art in our age of technology, space, outstanding scientific discoveries?Others believe - no, do not.However, denying read man, we impoverish it, to disturb the harmony of mind and heart that nothing like literature, does not awaken feelings.

Is the baby grow a real man if you do not read "The Blind Musician", "White Poodle", poems and tales of Pushkin, if not further meet the little hero of the Parisian barricades - Gavroche, then - with Pavel Korchagin, if not love Kassil heroes, Lev Tolstoy?Literature about the Civil War, the Great Patriotic War - not just a book about the history of the country, written art, bright, impressive.This familiarity with the feat.Chanting courage and heroism in the name of Homeland literally captivates young readers, it is a burning desire to be as inflexible patriot.

And if a boy does not extend to the book?If you take great pleasure in playing "war" with his friends, says fiction, "Mura" everything that is told in a fascinating story?Then the parents will have to work hard to arouse a teen's interest in reading.So, let's say the gaps in his education before.Lack of time to practice with the child in any way can not justify the father, the mother, who years later shrug: "Well, who's to blame?This increased ... "For what son" a rose ", of course, they were responsible - no one else.

even brief moments of communication with the children gives them a lot.

If any service load Sergey Pavlovich Carpet carve out an hour or two for the son.Attach it to a game of chess, reading.Peter fell in love with the book at once.School lessons carried out diligently, and other literature just flipping through pictures yea considered.

Once Sergei Pavlovich said:

- Have you heard, Peter, of whom one of the pioneers, medaled for exploits in the war?

boy tensed, trying to seem to remember, then shrugged his shoulders in surprise:

- So it is only awarded to adults.

- And here and there.About regiments sons you know anything?

- No - honestly admitted Peter.

Sergey Pavlovich told the son of the pioneer-hero Kostya Kravchuk, Commander of the Order of the Red Banner, who saved two of the battle flag of the Red Army.About a young scout Vitya Komarov, awarded for feats of the Order of the Red Star, a son of the regiment Sergei Aleshkova ... Father Pete brought a small but interesting books, and then discuss them together.Gradually the student so addicted to reading that Sergei Pavlovich barely had time to change his books.

son runs to her father, as if the plant to light.It is natural.It promotes the development of the father of the boy in the qualities necessary to the future man, it forms a male character.The heart having understood its sacred duty teacher, Sergei Pavlovich often turned to the works of renowned educator Makarenko, listening to the radio, "Parents of children", sought materials about child psychology.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of books in the family.Herzen called her spiritual testament of one generation to the next, board a dying old man young man begins to live.Because it is essential that a good book fell into the hands of your children.Not with literary heroes if many guys are starting to make life?Do not book instills young people the ability to think, understand the debt, it helps to reveal the richness of human feelings?

How often do you talk with a son or daughter of the events described by the author of the characters' actions?Lily Galimzhanovna talked to the guys about books all the time.Her father called the children did not want the usual names: they determined the mullah, and Allah Red Commander Ga-limov believed.I did not believe with the time when, having left the house, went off to fight for the land, for freedom, for people's power.Writing Russian names are not resolved because the Tatars then kept apart.I chose the book, mysterious, born the era of the revolution: the eldest son - January - in memory of the victims of January 9, the average - Dynamo, Jr. was named after a famous general Blucher.A daughter called softly - Lily of the Valley.

Tatar proverb says, what I learned in the nest, it is in flight.Many adopted children Galymzhan Galimov father.

Galimzhan died during the Great Patriotic War at the walls of Moscow.He was buried at an altitude of 242. Soon after the death of the brave fallen submarine hydrophone January Galimov, who found the grave in the icy waters of the Barents Sea.Red commander and a sailor, father and son, gave their lives in the battles for the Motherland.

Lily married a Russian boy Sergei Gorev, who became an officer.

The greatest wealth in the house Gorev course book.Their library is truly a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom.Collected works of Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Nekrasov, Gorky, Chekhov, Blok, Kuprin, Tolstoy.Brave son of Tatar people - Musa Jalil.Foreign classics - Hasek, Balzac, Welles.Anthology "Russian poets".A place of honor takes Brief Literary Encyclopedia.

Without books Galimzhanovna Lily, a kindergarten teacher, does not.And her husband - a teacher, studied at the institute in absentia.Independently she studied foreign languages.By the way, the brother of Lily Galimzhanovna - Blücher defended a thesis at the Military Academy in the German language.Another brother, Dynamo, also graduated from the academy.

And most importantly - Gorev taught to read their children.They are well aware of how important it is for everyone to know the literature.Any truth is set forth in a work of art, it is easier to digest.And Eugene and Sergey loved the book.

Often the mother makes a very peculiar remark:

- Serge!You do not know what to do with your hands?Let's read together "Youth honest mirror".Our ancestors have determined the rules of conduct in society.

read.The lively laugh.Think.

teenager - not a clean slate, to shine rubbed corrosive duty: take the chalk and write.Much has to be washed, re-creating what you want.How to instill in children the interest to the wealth of human culture?Lily Galimzhanovna told them in detail about the plays that looked about the paintings, museums, located far from the garrison, he explained that people stand for hours in all kinds of weather in the queue at the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage.

Mother says Krylov's fable about civic poetry Derzhavin, to deal with the son of compound sentences, daughter explains what synonyms and aphorisms.She has a solid goal, a sublime, noble, - grow harmoniously developed people.Catching up with the children of grammar rules carefully looks for examples.Each phrase for it - like a seed that is thrown into the ground, thinking of the future harvest.The children know perfectly well what modern writers appreciate mum what events are of interest to it, like a movie.

Awaken bright feelings, learn to meditate, to ensure that children have seen their parents in their older friends - that is to aspire Gorev."The soul of the child, - warned B. Sukhomlinsky - should not be a cold repository of truths."Before you give a son or daughter of another book about the war, heroes, soldier, Lily Galimzhanovna reminded them of relatives who died in the struggle against the Nazis.

In conversations with his sons and nephews during walks outstanding revolutionary Mikhail Kedrov often turned to Darwin.The Doctrine of the journey on the ship "Beagle" guys have not read, and the father recounted to them the content.The boys were being carried out mentally to the distant prairies, to the islands of Oceania, in the hot desert.And every time the conversation as if accidentally touched feat.Feat scientist, man, soldier ...

- What a feat - the children asked.

- His make those who are always adamant in fighting for their beliefs - posted Gorbachev.And trying to uncover the diversified nature of feats: Darwin as a scientist, the Russian revolutionaries who opposed the tsarist autocracy.I advised what books to read, to focus on various episodes.The young man can not begin life believed Kidron, without reading Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Shakespeare, Goethe ... Nobody has the right to pass by E. Voynich novel "The Gadfly".Gorbachev, according to his daughter Silva, was convinced that "from a man who does not care about the experience Pechorin suffering of Othello, which is indifferent to the fate of Lisa Kalitina and Natasha, nothing good can happen."

ratio at the time of his childhood and adolescence to the heroic feat of the older generations in some extent determines the citizenship of the individual.Perhaps the most complete fiction, deeply recreates the grandeur of heroism, traces its origins.And if with your child reads a book someone from adults - father, grandfather, brother, - its educational impact is multiplied.

Take another historical fact.Agent Leninist "Iskra", comrade Lenin Viktor Nogin, who was elected after the revolution, the chairman of the Moscow Soviet, weekend liked to relax with the kids, read them aloud.Despite the objections of friends - the hunt, they say, to read the guys otobesh - firmly believe: no wise man does not invent a more reliable way to get closer to the children than the collective reading.Sometimes translated son and daughter of English books directly from the sheet.Tales about Kipling Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, about Mowgli Adventures of Tom Sawyer ... Viktor instilled in their children not only love for literature, but also the ability to analyze its contents."Legend about Eulenspiegel" Especially liked him.Nenazoylivo Nogin helped the children to understand the deeper meaning of this novel high poetry.A book about a fighter for the people was for them, as for the father, the desktop.

No chorus sitting watching TV, collective trips to the cinema can not substitute for spiritual unity in the family at the time of the loud reading at the table.

And if you teach a child to write a work of the most interesting places, put them in a special notebook excited his thoughts - thus we will make a serious step in the formation of personality.Bet to share experiences with their children about the book help to understand that the author wanted to say - a feasible task for each of us.It is our deepest wish - to bring his son, daughter, real people, patriots of the motherland.

Is to implement this dream sorry time?