" Triggers " movie

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Panic roll of drums tormented soul, filled her with an inexplicable feeling of hopelessness, confusion.Although Natalia, who saw "Chapaev" is not the first time, I knew that the enemy was eventually dropped back, losing in its path people their seeming invincibility, flitting film footage could not look without emotion.

Natalia looked at who was sitting next to Igorka.How is he?And make sure: his soul is going about the same.And my husband is a facial expression - he is about to rush to the screen.

However, Natalia had no doubt that, in fact, all those who have gathered here today, united common emotional outburst.It is this force doing cinema art, endearing of all ages, leaving the hearts of men a special indelible mark.Remember how many times we left the cinema a good, noble, than entered it, more resolute, solid than they were an hour ago!And we did not notice how the power of art in every cell of our soul little by little awoke, cemented a deep love for the world around us, everything that is calle

d capacious, the sacred word "motherland»? ...

returned home after watching a movie onrain washed the streets dressed up, pre-holiday town.I speak not want.Feelings and thoughts that broke out in the theater, is still raging, removed from reality.However, Natalia realized - it is impossible to be silent.It should be in one form or another to return to Igorka "Chapayev" to fix everything that was born in him during the session.

Intuition mother-teacher, more than a year engaged in education and other children, prompted - such a conversation with his own son is now urgently needed.But how to find the right words?

unexpectedly rescued by her husband, thoughtfully paced next to the little boy.

- So, Igoreshka, conquered a new life of ordinary people, - he said softly, as if to continue the initiated besedu.- argued gun, sword, blood.Remember, you gave almost the same schashku toy, just a little?You then the whole day went on the attack.Where is your revolutionary weapon?It seems lost?

Practically all evening held for the discussion of the picture.Father and son excitedly raised the many scenes of "Chapaev".And it is not on the screen - right here in the room, again splashed afternoon sun warmed the river, which bathed the Red Army.Famously swept Chapaev billowing cloak behind.Again and again went on the offensive, and then fleeing in panic under pressure from the ranks of Red fighters kappelevskogo host.

In each episode - a piece of a large, disturbing, the glorious history of the country - lived today Igor, the future first-grader.Mother seemed - in incomplete six years, the son was able to think, in his own way, of course, about the significance of the last day for the present and the future.In the children's head flashed a chain of new ideas.For the first time found for Igor real tangibility, the weight of such expressions as "Whites", "counter-revolutionaries", "civil war".Several different after that memorable evening, he took the word "revolution", "red horse" and many others, which earlier sounded to him a beautiful, albeit slightly disturb the imagination of phrases.

Natalia was not mistaken in his seemingly naive, unsubstantiated arguments.Confirmation of this fact alone served.However, to start better here with some details ...

In the box for the most favorite toys contained several "secrets" Igor.For example, his father's old cigarette case, which served as a safe haven for the paper balls-shells: the boy they shot through a steel tube enemy tanks.Here we lay

nowhere grafted homemade tie clip in the form of a liner boat, strung on a string of three large buttons for uniforms: one - with the star, and the other - with a sea anchor, the third - with the emblem.At the bottom Igorek hid wrapped in paper little slingshot of thin rubber, which in general is almost never used, but valued it, as they say, the forest of his eyes.

Natalia, who knew about the secret vault Igorka, tactfully said nothing.However, this time, putting things in order in the toy kingdom son, found in the drawer of the strip slightly curved on one side of the metal.I wanted to throw it away.However, the thought suddenly: Well, if this thing came here, obviously, it is necessary to Igor.Only what?

Soon all cleared.How could a mother not immediately guessed ?!A piece of metal proved sword.More precisely, the future sword.It remains only to finish a wire handle.

A few days later, Igor, securing behind instead of burkas old black shawl, went with the "sword" to attack.Peering into the room where the chairs were piled in a corner, because of which Igor "scribbling" from a machine gun, Natalia said seriously:

- Oh, my protector!With whom are you so shoot straight?

son for a moment broke away from the gun, built from the broken parts of the child seat, waved his sword above his head, and without a shadow of a smile on his face said:

- I beat the Whites.For Chapaev ...

We have no right nor diminish, nor exaggerate the impression of each scanned son or daughter of a movie, play.The specific mark on the soul they are children, of course, leave.And the more noticeable, more important than emotional content of their child.No accident that almost from school axiom digestible formula that theater and the art of the film - a powerful means of education of the person.Impact art convinces life almost at every step, there is no substitute.Especially effective influence on the child's movie, on the development of his patriotism, civilization began when watching a movie supplemented relaxed, interested discussion among his closest, family.

«I am very fond of, when the evening with my dad, mom, and Olga, my younger sister, we were talking about just what he had seen the film.Usually grandmother joins us.It was so good!The next day, it seemed to me often that last picture of "Scrolls" for all of us once again.And many saw more clearly, it becomes clear.Probably, because we tend to affect a lot of details, which are in the course of watching the movie just did not think.Regarding such "particulars" sometimes even heated debate flared up in it, too, I could take and generally took an active part.I was an independent party, had his own opinion and the right to protect his ... »

« I can not say that it was a family tradition - together to discuss movies, but if it has happened, it left a deep mark on the soul.I still remember those days, even though they have long been relegated to the past ... »

« The initiator of the discussion of a film is often a dad.It turned out it had somehow completely unnoticed.As if by chance asks me or my older brother Sasha, one other question, and then gone, gone ...

Such conversations, discussions were forced, as it were a new way to evaluate a lot of what he saw. "

These lines are taken from the survey first year students of the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute.In fact even yesterday's students offered different topics questions, including about the films, viewed as a child about the importance of the exchange of views with the family after the film shows.

answers received, of course, different.But of the 250 questionnaires contained 216 entries about such as set forth above.Neither more nor less - 86 percent!Do not listen to him impossible.Such a high uniformity of the basis for very serious generalizations.

With age, a person begins to see life more objectively, more broadly.In fact, precisely because and to identify a point of view on the role of cinema in our lives is not school, and first-year students.Analysis of the results of the study demonstrated: children are not simply enduring in the film, which in itself is already a lot.Participation in the discussion for the child becomes a kind of labor of the mind, the struggle of emotions, passions.And do not arise here favorable conditions for a particular push to revise - if, of course, need - already available in the future citizen of this or any other opinion, judgments, to the emergence and consolidation of new moral criteria?In these conversations, the children close contact with the spiritual values ​​of the adults, their thoughts, feelings, all those of which add up brick by brick strong foundations of the future civilization that contributes to the human patriotic manhood.

Society, handing the young generation of our culture, we assumed, thereby forming it accordingly.Right.But why, with all that obvious truth is forgotten: the society - it's you and me?We, the parents - the same piece

society, besides the most that neither is important for the socialization of the child, ie for introducing him to the world of ideas, attitudes, beliefs characteristic of society as a whole we are always close to his own son..or daughter, always and in all their support.So, we first of all and stand at the origins of the soul in a young high patriotic feelings.The systematic, thoughtful our experience, the stronger the confidence that their civil and moral decisions our boys will choose the right path.

... Viewed another motion picture.Interesting in concept, dynamic, exciting adventure canvas and adults and children.And we fall in love with from the first frame as soon as the sea will read filled with romantic name - "Solo Voyage".Many episodes are concerned, give rise to the viewer the energy action feat.

way home from the cinema runs through the alleys of the silent half-asleep in the winter park.Dad, Mom, Igor and his friend from a neighboring apartment, restless Valery initially come close group.Silent.But soon the boys outperform the parents.And instantly reincarnated.Both are already active participants in the operation, in which the selfless actions of our landing, landed on the island, prevented the provocative launch missiles at civilian ships.Remember those shots?

- Tra-ta-ta-ta-ta ...

Valery rushes out of the bushes, bypassing the transformer station on the left, Igor - right.Not paying attention to rare at this time visitors to the park, rush forward.Both bear a common impulse, born not ostyvshimi even after viewing pictures of the emotions and boundless boyish imagination.

Looking at the children, Natalia wants several anchoring the boys.And then he caught himself thinking that, perhaps, it is better to do without comments.What for?And hardly even strict prohibition can repay infantile enthusiasm.Like her husband, she is well aware that for Igor Valery and in these moments the film is still ongoing.Stepping screen frame, he has incorporated into its orbit, which was in sight.I do not just subdued the children - they are now living a life with its heroes.

Well, it's kind of regularity.In principle, any reel of film ends for children not at once.

particularly interesting.For a time, boys and girls could almost feel next to a screen characters are looking at their actions, many adopt.

In pedagogical literature there are allegations that our children are in such moments like try on the film shown in adulthood."And I can so?Did I get it?I do'll be able just not waver in the hour of trial? »

Unfortunately, often we adults miss the opportunity to see to their own son or daughter, to talk to them, help deeply understand the subject, which has excited their movies.Is it very difficult?And if we lose in these situations because of their negligence, or if you want a lot of laziness that would serve as a good tool in the educational work?