Choosing a car seat ( seat ) and its operation

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

• Make your child's first trip to the safety car, buying and installing a car seat correctly before they take the baby home from the hospital.

• Decide where to place the child for you.In theory, the middle of the back seat is the safest place for a child in a child car seat.In practice, however, if the parent is traveling with the child alone, he often takes his eyes off the road to turn back and see what a child on the back seat all right.If you're easily distracted, it is best to place the child in the front seat.Except when you have no other choice, do not leave a small child in the seat, rotated counter-movement, one on the back of the car.The child is not safe out of your sight, and specially mounted mirrors, allowing to see rotated rearward-facing child can distract you too.It is best to place the child in the front seat, but never place a child in a rear-facing child seat in the front seat of a car equipped with emergency air bag. front passenger seat of a typical configuration, a flat, a safet

y belt having three attachment points, safer and more convenient for family trips than the bucket seat sports cars.

• Place the child car seat only seat rotated forward.

• Read the instruction manual to properly attach and fasten your seat belt.Check whether your car seat be used with the seat belts, which are available on your machine.Tighten the belt, and then check its credibility by trying to tilt the child seat forward.If you can easily turn it over, tighten tighter or attach different.Use clip (attached to the latest models of car seats), if the seat belts in your car locks easily then loosened;otherwise the child seat will be attached securely enough.Do not pass through the holes in the child seat shoulder part of the seat belt.Automatic seat belts fastened securely enough child seats.Inspect seat belts and locks for wear.Also, check whether the child seat is well inserted into the seat of your car.Seats in some cars have such an unusual shape or slope that not all child seats can be stably mounted on them.

• Install a child seat at the correct angle.If you put it almost vertically, the baby's head can be filled up in advance;if too zaprokinete, child seat back can not keep the child in the event of a collision.Some child seats have a pointer to the correct position.

• Keep dangling the baby's head, especially in the first months.You can use twisted towels, diapers or buy special pads (pads) for car seats.Because folded children's bags (sling bags) get perfect, in the shape of a horseshoe, a backup for a small child's head in the car seat.

• In order not to burn the infant skin, cover, plastic or metal parts, if the machine is a long standing under the scorching sun.Upholstery child seat (cover) protects your baby's skin from hot or cold surfaces, and also provides the child softness.

• In cold weather, if your car seat is not a cover, throw with the seat thin blanket and cut holes in it to let seat belts and buckle.

• Do not hold the baby in the car in a cloth bag (backpack).Always place a child in the seat.If the child is filled with hysterical cry, better pull off the road,