And the song will find ...

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

amazing: Alyosha, from which no one has ever heard of even a small verse of the song, he knew, suddenly suddenly began to sing.Quietly, though, as if to himself, but carefully pronouncing words known to all of us a song, "Alesha".It happened three days ago, when my mother entrusted him to include the player.As already spotted the boy with plate "Alyosha", it is difficult to say now, but it seemed to her "short-circuited".Barely open player, the first certainly put favorite songs and a little lisp, began quietly to follow the soft, penetrating into the heart of the melody.

And now because of the not completely closed the door to the hallway and into the kitchen again came the borders of many countries have stepped words:

Seeing looked into the room Irina G., son sends her questions:

- Mom, who was that Alyosha?Our scout?Or guerrillas?Why he got there?What made the feat?

Before answering, Irina G. weighing every phrase, to deeply affect the feelings of the child, and she wonders how Alyosha rose in t

he past year!More precisely - matured.In its seven years, the interest of many of the order by which earlier passed completely indifferent.In this age?It looks like a first-grader son with all my heart to respond to the voice of a distant war, which is dedicated to the song.Its contents are not just talking about for a long time the boy thundered over our country faces.The song is awakened in Aleshki potentially inherent nature instinct meaningful activity.Otherwise, how to explain to others that at this moment at hand and his son were bought three years ago, a gun and a broken machine, and the old father's Ouija Board, spotted in the closet among the already forgotten toys.

lyrics, sharpened mother catches sight Irina G., her Alyosha perceives as something special, telling the most serious in his life.Listening to them, spreading wider shoulders, takes up a toy gun.Now the boy is indeed ready to rush into battle, to carry out their duty with dedication as well as at one time fought against the enemies of the motherland entered the legend of its namesake.

Irina G. hardly constrains the scope of its excitement and trying to calm down, mechanically shifts the books in the closet.Where did the little son, still a child, such a serious understanding of the patriotic song, its high sound perfectly transmitted soloist?Against the background of these reflections in the mother's heart is born inspiration: But Alyosha with his whole being, every cell has penetrated into the spirit of the song, certainly grasped differently today than yesterday that a Russian soldier that this duty to the Motherland.

musicianship is well known many of our children.But it is hardly possible to immediately determine that particularly attracts them - whether songs rhythmic side, her words, or all together.Perhaps the judge - business professionals.For us, more important than another - awakening the musical taste of the child shall receive the appropriate facet of our patriotic song.Because it would be desirable that it was heard more often in our house.

In methodological literature there is a lot of useful tips on how best to attach a child from an early age to the classics, to bring his hearing, taste good serious music.These recommendations provide significant help for parents, convince them of the need to acquaint children with the timeless works of Glinka, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven ... Such opportunities are available in almost every family.However, at the same time the child must be accompanied by the songs - those who build and live help inspire the Soviet man in the military and labor feats.

song everywhere with us - and in joy and in trouble!Agree, this is not just nice words.Let us look back mentally, in the years of the Great Patriotic scorched by fire.It does not become a song from the first days of the war, faithful companion of all those who took the rifle in his hands?That for

sensual, lyrical, the terrible, filled with hatred for the enemies of the Fatherland, she steeled courage of soldiers, lived side by side in the frozen trenches and dugouts, walked along with them in campaigns and battles, infused cheerfulness, unquenchable faith in victory.The song is truly inseparable friend of the Soviet man, in fact - his arms.

It always has been.It was ... Do this remarkable tradition of our children will continue when they grow up?Of course, very much like to, but ... If you think of it, there are grounds for doubt share.Do not worry, dear parents, the music, which is often heard today from the room son or daughter?Under some melodies and rhythms they spend their free time?Is it always close to their songs, though capable of forming a small degree of heroic and patriotic start?

Music is able to provide the well-known effect on the ethical side of the soul;and once the music has such properties, it is obvious that it should be included among the subjects of youth education.