How to soothe a child in the way the stomach

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Motion sickness or kinetosis, due to the fact that the brain receives from the senses contradictory messages.For example, when your child is immersed in a child seat in the back seat of the car, his eyes see only a fixed seat, but the sensors in the inner ear tell the brain that the body is moving.Some children have more sensitive center of balance in the inner ear than the other.Try to resort to such means of soothing for the stomach:

• Plan your route so that only go in straight thoroughfares;crowded city Circle side.Frequent stops and bumps as well as winding roads infant upset stomachs.

• Travel during daytime sleep.During sleep, weak stomachs calm.The best time for the departure - just before going to sleep, so you can expect to get to your destination with staying in a good mood, sleep well baby.

• Podzapravte child, but not to the brim.Offer your child a snack before leaving (low-fat and non-dairy products - cereals, pasta, fruit) and lock in the way pleasing to the stomach treats: cookies, cr

ackers, a cool drink in a carton with a straw.

• Podzapravte car beforehand.Young children are sensitive to exhaust fumes at petrol stations.

• Provide the child seat where he could look out the window - young children swayed in the car, if they can not look out the window - but a good review should not be at the expense of security.Usually, if a child is sitting in the front seat and look ahead through the windshield,

it swayed less than if he sits in the back seat, looking through the side window.

• picks games that keep the look of the child to a distant point.Billboards, buildings and mountains to the stomach in a way more pleasant than lying directly in front of the eyes of albums for coloring.

• Fresh air - the best friend of the stomach, when it turns.Open the window on both sides of the machine to provide cross ventilation.Its air pollutants (cigarette smoke, perfume smell) leave the house.

• Medications from the cine-toza not recommended for children under one year, but for older children are safe.Please consult your doctor whether your child has contraindications.DRAMAMINE - safe and effective nonprescription remedy for the prevention of nausea, vomiting and dizziness, occurring at kinetoses.The dosage for children from one to two years - 1/2 tsp for half an hour or an hour before the trip;for children from two to three years - 1 teaspoon (5 mL).This drug should not be given more often than once every six hours.Tablets from motion sickness (scopolamine) for children under three years should not be given.

stop and calm the child, instead of removing the child from the seat.

• Let older children served kid example of "fastening".Teach them to the fact that this rule does not tolerate objections and that the machine will not touch with a place until all the buckles are not fastened.

• If you plan to use a car seat when flying on an airplane, check whether your seat is approved for use in air transport.

• If you were given or you buy a used car seat, check the label to make sure it meets the safety standards by government agencies.

• Pick up the car seat according to your child's age, weight and height (see. Below).