August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

... A month ago, bought a tape recorder Pavlik.With two speakers, but relatively inexpensive.And Dad was pleased handed his son's birthday.Gift not be expensive, liked the boy.But that Pavlik began to "twist" on the tape with friends, though for several hours at a time, his father was not interested.My mother, unfortunately, are not to "music lovers" 7 "b", where children learn.Those taking advantage of uncontrolled freedom to Pavlik pulled into a room all their musical wealth.Why not just include them music library: the voice of Swedish singers, performances acclaimed West German ensembles, concerts bursting on the high notes of the American singer, pop music, with its intoxicating rhythm.Do not be here only our songs and our songs.

Let excuse us mom and dad Pavlik: we just opened the window into the world of the family, because we are very, very indifferent, for how music is brought Pavlik with his friends.We, along with other parents sincerely care about the fact that many young people are literally

engrossed now in an easy, entertaining, often vapid music is not always interesting artistically.

Of course, we do not advocate a categorical prohibition of foreign melodies in our home.We are talking primarily about the nature of their influence on the person, especially the student.If they ennoble the person, called to light, humanistic ideals, to the struggle for peace in the world, we'll take care of that son or daughter pay attention to these works.However, the West falls to our music and different kind - relaxing, plunges into despair, awakening in the soul of something dark, evil.

Even in ancient times the idea was about the power of music to influence the formation of manners.And today, in life there are a lot of evidence that, particularly in a capitalist society.It was there, fulfilling the social order of the ruling circles, businessmen from music multiply and replicate musical "masterpieces", thanks to which there are certain young tastes.However, what we mean by pop music (popular music genre of light), often masked by second-rate, third-rate, if not, pieces of music, specially created for the masses, especially for young audiences.The goal would one - with the help of light music, sometimes very bad poshiba divert young people from many acute, urgent concerns affecting progressive community.This unemployment and insecurity, and social injustice, and blatant disregard for moral values.

Emphasis on music today in the bourgeois propaganda and political purposes for which it is used, frankly underlined in the "likeness of psychological warfare", adopted by the West for guidance.Get at least a section of the phrase "Music - a means of psychological warfare", "Voice of America" ​​promotes our "truth campaign" with the help of a powerful illustration of musical culture which can flourish in a democratic society ... we have in this part of our program of ideological weapon... the greatest efficiency.This "weapon" ... helps pass democracy ... »

As you can see, the promotion of appropriate music is provided at the highest level.The theoretical conclusion is supported by the practice: the hostile ideological centers seek specific forms of music broadcast better embellish the bourgeois way of life, present it in an attractive form.Thus, they console themselves with the hope in some measure to restructure, to deform the structure of our socialist social consciousness, to introduce into it elements of the consumer, which, as every one of us understands, dull a person's ability to clearly define for themselves the true socio-political interests and values.

Base melody falling into our homes, are designed, on the plan of the West, not only to impose, introduce into the minds of our children the ideas and sentiments are alien to the socialist system, the Soviet man.It pursues something else, that at first glance is regarded simplistically: emotional attachment

young man to entertainment genres does not conceal, they say, a no-brainer.If this were the case, then, perhaps, it would not have needed such a detailed conversation.At regular hobby light, seemingly without social stress, passion for music entertaining in ideologically immature personality is transformed into a unique musical and aesthetic needs.

the only one!Is not that terrible?That's why we do not care with what worldview son or daughter will enter into a large independent life.Our class enemy working against us, seeking first of all the fact that a greater or lesser extent already achieved within the country.Intentionally programming narrowing the listener's emotional sphere, pop and propagandists diskomuzyki continuously excite the young man a very limited range of the most simple, easily satisfied aesthetic requirements.In the end - what, in fact, expect Western musical dealers - as it atrophies person's ability to respond, to respond to the complex social-emotional orientation of musical stimuli.In other words, the Western propaganda through rock or pop off its audience from a broader system of aesthetic and social ties, closes it in a narrow, personal and household significant world feelings and experiences.

note and one more important detail.Regular resounding "scrolling" of the music, which, for example, was Pavlik with his classmates (remember, we had about them a speech at the beginning of this section), for some people gradually develops into a habit coveted.With easy melodies associated feeling of psychological comfort, a kind ublagotvorennosti in the loaded musical background.And the meeting with a serious song or piece of music of a wide public sounding, implying a certain tension, social empathy, a young music lover often causes psychological discomfort.Special studies in this area are convinced that such a psychological discomfort entails sustained negative attitude of young people to the serious music and, most importantly, to its ideological content.

Such deliberate, stubborn rich cultural atmosphere of a young man primitive, simplistic melodies rhythmically leads to stagnation, backwardness his musical requests.Today, an army of experts from ideological centers, actively working against us, trying to shape our guys lightweight, lean attitude, when nothing requires intellectual effort, everything seems simple, affordable.

Is entitled to we parents meekly accept the fact that alien to us in many ways music is included in our house?Not knocked timidly on the door, intending to cross the threshold, and in some places have already settled in a businesslike firmly.Let's think about how do we counteract its influence, what methods - unobtrusive, tactful - to persuade the children to ensure that they are more willing to listen to our songs, our music, joining with us to all the richness of our genre and world music.