Car seats from birth to 9 kg

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

car seat for this age and weight are turned against the movement of the car and inclined at an angle of forty-five degrees.With this structure, most of the impact in collisions account for seat belt restraining a child seat.Semi-erect position facing backwards allows the rest of the force of impact spread evenly on the bones and muscles of the back of the child.Be sure to firmly fasten the child in the seat belts

( «harness").There are two types of seats for the little ones: Baby seats and seat universal (for installation against the motion, and the direction of travel, otherwise known as the seats of the 1st and 2nd stage).

Seats Baby (1st stage)

It reminds basins seat for infants weighing less than 9 kg;they have an advantage because they can additionally be used as a transport bag sleeping baby out of the car, and as a low chair for the baby in the house.Children's car seats for infants are only intended for mounting against the motion.

Baby car seat, turned

counter-movement, for newbo

rns and

for the first few months.

Universal seats (1st and 2nd phase)

heavier, high and expensive than a seat for newborns, these seats can be used for a child weighing up to 18 kg;so you do not have to buy a second car seat.However, they are bulky.Weight and design of universal seat makes them impractical for use outside the car.In addition, some universal seats are too spacious for a child under three months.While most manufacturers recommend to turn the seat out of position against the movement stroke in the position of the direction of travel when the child reaches a weight of 9 kg (usually nine to twelve months), a safe rule of thumb is to leave the seat is rotated back until the child is at least a year.If the seat to rotate forward too early, when the child has not yet reached a certain level of development, its heavy, unstable head can fall forward.Position counter-movement is the safest.

Our recommendation: Our family has covered a lot of miles with many children.Our choice: child seat, turned against the movement, until the child does not become too high for him.Then turn on the seat, Therefore

Baby car seat, directed along the direction of travel for the child from the year.

Return the direction of travel, with a belt having three attachment points, and T-shaped flap.How do I determine that the child has grown out of turn back seat?Usually, based on recommendations of the manufacturer, indicating the weight of 9 kg.It is safer to focus on the growth of the child.When the baby's head begins to protrude beyond the upper edge of the seat, it's time to put it in the seat tilted forward.If the child has become too high for the seat and his head beyond the top edge of the backrest, it may throws back and left without protection in the event of a traffic accident.