Milk for pregnant women

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Finally, did you know that in the near future in addition to your family is expected.Now, your main task - to take care of your baby's health.To do this, walk more, eat properly, go to bed on time.

It is known that very often in pregnant women occur mood swings.But no matter what, try to always be in a buoyant mood.And if you get up in the morning on the wrong foot, go to the mirror, look at yourself and think about how good you are today, what you good fortune as in a special shine your eyes.Always remember that you are beautiful.Enjoy attention to you your family, looking forward to the moment when, finally, you can take your baby in his arms and kiss him.Keep a journal, write down where all my thoughts, who would like to bring to your baby.And you can start a blog with the words: "When you read these records, you will be an adult, but I want you to always remember that the mother loves you more than anyone in the world.!"

Most pregnant women suffer from insomnia.You seem to want to sleep, but after

an hour passed, then another, and the dream is not all.Start with the fact that, open the window or the window, if the weather permits.And then try to drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey, and if that does not help, try to mentally talk with him on "I do not sleep, but I have a rest."The preferred ulyagtes in bed, feel like you are well and happy.Breathe evenly.And soon the dream will come to you.

Try to always be in a state of rest: both day and night.Your nerves must be in perfect order, otherwise all of your impulses and bursts of sentiment will be passed to the kid.And then he will experience together with you.Try to protect him from the stress at such a young, if I may say so, the age.

noticed that even in the womb the baby hears well and discriminates parents' voices, music and singing.So often talk with your child, sing songs to him, stroking his belly, the baby understood that it was his mother so tenderly sings a lullaby, it was with him she was so warmly greeted in the morning and says goodbye, going to sleep.

And now let's talk about what we need to eat, so that both you and your baby to be healthy and feel good.On the table, the expectant mother must always be milk, cottage cheese, 1 - 2 eggs, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and juices.After all, these foods contain all the necessary for baby and mom vitamins and nutrients.

It would be superfluous to remind you that proper nutrition of the pregnant or nursing mother has a positive effect on child development.

Even if maternal nutrition is defective, the child still receives from the mother's blood it needs substances that are there as a result of synthesizing their body or the use of "buffer stocks".However, this version of the child the necessary substances in most cases leads to a deterioration in the health of mothers, and therefore harm the child.

One example is the case when in the mother's diet lacks calcium, and the child is forced to "share" with her missing substances, which in most cases leads to deterioration of the mother of the teeth, because the human body is designed so that the missing calcium in the first place is taken awayhave teeth.A very good example for our theme, because it's milk is considered the main source of calcium.

result of malnutrition may also be hypovitaminosis, anemia, cachexia and other diseases caused by lack of certain substances in the body.

To avoid these problems, it takes only a balanced diet as pregnancy and breast-feeding is a natural physiological process that does not bear the suffering.

nutrition of pregnant women should be in the first place, high-calorie, and in the second place varied.Pregnant women tend to be very picky about food.Here, there is one golden rule, which is shared by the majority of doctors in the world: "As little as possible restrictions on food."

That's why most experts refrained from drawing any diets for pregnant and lactating mothers, explaining it by the fact that during pregnancy a woman should not be guided by the schedule, and his appetite, which dictates the need for it in one way or the other food.

However, certain diet for pregnant women do exist and are used successfully in hospitals and sanatoriums.And here is one of the diets.

Sample menu

first day

First breakfast: cheese, yogurt, tea.

Second breakfast: pancakes with rice, milk, fruit or raw carrots.

Lunch: soup vegetarian, meat patties with mashed potato, fruit or compote.

Dinner: vegetable stew, milk.

second day

First breakfast: cottage cheese with sour cream and tea.

Lunch: salad, coffee.

Lunch: milk rice soup, beef stroganoff with roasted potatoes, pudding.Milk porridge.

third day

First breakfast: yogurt, tea.

Second breakfast: milk rice porridge, milk.

Lunch: soup vegetarian, potato casserole, pudding.

Dinner: boiled cabbage, fried in breadcrumbs, tea.

fourth day

First breakfast: fresh vegetable salad, a sandwich with cheese and tea.

Second breakfast: boiled potatoes with butter, coffee.

Lunch: barley soup with potatoes, fried fish porridge, stewed fruit.

Dinner: boiled pasta, milk.

fifth day

First breakfast: scrambled eggs, tea.

Lunch: rice pudding, milk.

Lunch: veggie pickle, boiled meat with mashed potatoes, pudding.

Dinner: salad and tea.

sixth day.

First breakfast: cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream and tea.

Lunch: potato pancakes, and coffee.

Lunch: soup with fresh cabbage, stewed fruit.

Dinner: yogurt, bread and butter.

seventh day

First breakfast: pancakes with sugar, a sandwich with cheese or eggs, coffee.

Lunch: cabbage casserole, milk.

Lunch: potato soup, macaroni casserole with meat, fruit or pudding.

Dinner: Salad of fresh vegetables, yogurt.

As can be seen from the above diet, including milk products most commonly found - as a product rich in fat, protein, lactose, minerals, vitamins, hormones and enzymes.Besides the fact that milk contains large amounts of calcium that can meet the needs of pregnant women (two times higher than the average person), it also contains vitamin A, is responsible for the growth, development vision and the health of the mucous membranes, called the doctors "vitaminbeauty. "This is due to the fact that he is responsible for the skin's health, and accordingly is a natural cosmetic product.As a pregnant woman can not enjoy some cosmetics which are undesirable because of their chemical properties, a sufficient amount of this vitamin in the blood will be very useful as a beneficial impact on the health of the skin, prevents the appearance of puffiness and pigmentation (if they do not, of courseThey are the result of toxicity).

Whole milk contains 12 vitamins, including B vitamins, which are involved in various metabolic processes in the body, vitamin D is involved in calcium and phosphorus metabolism, which is important for bone development (hypovitaminosis D is called rickets).

in dairy products, in addition to the listed substances ,null, contains more vitamin C, and that is of great importance, since it is easily destroyed by long-term storage products thereof, exposure to air and light, and are not always absorbed by the body due to the peculiarities of metabolism.In dairy products Vitamin C is found in the most digestible form, which is why dairy products are recommended to all: sick, weakened by different diseases (including severe birth), infants and the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

should not forget that dairy products contain bacteria that, getting into the digestive tract, take root there and have a beneficial effect on the activity of the intestinal microflora, by producing antibiotic substances that kill bacteria putrefaction.As well as the activities associated pathogenic bacteria that produce toxic substances that cause poisoning of the body, expressed in nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms that are present in pregnant women in the disease called toxemia.

latter case, almost every woman become pregnant the first time.Some toxicosis occurs during each pregnancy.A very unpleasant symptoms of toxicity, since they are almost always accompanied by depression, sometimes leading to severe, mental disorders and even psychosis.

Here sour milk, can play a positive role.It is known that during the process of fermentation of milk protein cleavage, a similar process occurs in the stomach under the action of gastric juice.Thus, when you feel sick, you feel bad, try to treat your stomach sour milk: it has a positive effect on the secretory activity of the pancreas.

Calcium is especially important for the mother, because he goes to the formation of the child's bones, and if the mother does not eat calcium-containing foods, the baby will be necessary for him to take calcium from the mother's body.And then my mother begin to deteriorate teeth, nails break and t, d. Therefore, make sure in advance that the your diet includes calcium-rich dairy products.

On the day of the pregnant woman should drink about four glasses of milk, you can use milk powder.Then dilute it with boiled water at the rate of 1:10.

helps calcium absorption of vitamin D. It is known that it is produced by our skin when exposed to sunlight.So do not hesitate to her rounded belly and go somewhere in the countryside.Sit in the sun, but do not overdo it.Remember that everything is good in moderation.If you hesitate to undress, then try to accustom themselves to the idea that you are not sick, just pregnant, and the pregnancy is decorated with a woman like nothing else in the world!

Of course, during this period should always meet with your doctor and take the necessary vitamins.After all, to saturate your body with all the necessary materials, you will need to eat a huge amount of everything, it's just you would not do.And all this can be replaced alone Vitaminka or tablet.So do not forget to help your body.

In the first half of pregnancy, if everything runs well, there is no need to limit yourself to anything.But in the second half of pregnancy, when the baby starts to grow very quickly, you should eat more often, but slowly.The menu should prevail milk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, vegetable dishes and fruit.(A meat and fish is better to limit).Sometimes pregnant women constipation occur.To avoid this, it is necessary at night to drink a glass of kefir or yogurt, and in the morning on an empty stomach to eat a fresh apple or carrot.Then you can sit at the table no sooner than half an hour.

Milk menu for nursing

And then came the long-awaited moment: you and your baby is finally home.Now, setting the table, you must remember that you are eating "for two".But do not get it in the literal sense.This does not mean that, he sat down at the table, you have to eat two plates and drink two cups.Or else you will soon learn not themselves.Just now you have to eat rationally.What does it mean?Firstly, you should now have only what is most helpful to you and that will benefit the child.Secondly, he sat down at the table, think, Would not you eaten the baby indigestion or diathesis.Third, if you go to visit, do not drink alcohol, even in small doses.As is known, if the baby is hungry and feels good, he will be happy and at peace.

After birth you have to change your diet, but not to the exclusion side or the addition of a certain product - everything will remain the same as in the period when you were pregnant, only calorie should be slightly increased.Eat little and often.Avoid products that can be harmful to the baby, because a substance to food consumed and processed by the body is influenced by the chemical composition of milk.In this category, for example, can be assigned a variety of drugs.

Eat more vegetables, fruits, dairy products.Milk and dairy products will enrich your body with essential vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and iron.And do not be afraid to culinary experiments.Of course, in the first months after the birth of your baby you will not be cooking up, and then safely get down to business.And now, we offer you some delicious and healthy meals that you can cook with milk.

pancakes "Appetizing"

Ingredients: 500 g of flour, 800 grams of warm milk, 4 eggs, 1 tsp..salt 2 h. L.sugar, baking soda pinch of citric acid (to quench soda), vanillin, 2 tbsp.l.vegetable oil.

Method.1 liter of milk, pour into a wide saucepan and simmer in the oven until srednenagretoy until it becomes golden brown.Foams remove.Ready-made milk cool and gradually mix in the flour.Salt, sugar and eggs, beat well and connect it to the test.All carefully Stir until smooth.Then put the baking soda and citric acid extinguish it.As long as the reaction proceeds, all stir again and add vanilla.Just before baking, pour the batter into the oil and mix.Oil will not stick to the griddle pancakes.Ready-made pancakes lubricate oil.To the table can be served with jam, honey or cream.

Pudding "Gourmand"

Ingredients: 1 cup shelled walnuts, 1 cup of peeled almonds, 100 g of raisins, used glasses of milk or cream, 1/3 cup semolina, sugar to taste, vanilla, bread crumbs.

Method.Chop the nuts.Cream or milk is then in the oven and remove the rosy foam and gently fold in the plate.Let foams pieces will be 7 - 8. Of the remaining cream or milk to boil porridge cool, add the vanilla.When the porridge is ready, sprinkle in her in the nuts and raisins.Then take a baking biscuits and start to stack layers of foam and porridge.The last layer of foam lay, sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and sugar.Form pudding briefly put in the oven.Ready pudding can be decorated with fruit or jam.

Gravy for pudding or porridge "Wow!"

Ingredients: 1 cup almonds, 3/2 cup milk, sugar to taste, vanilla.

Method.Nuts chop and pour hot milk.Put on low heat and boil for a few minutes.Then add the vanilla and sugar.

Cold botvinya "In the heat"

Ingredients: 2 cups of yogurt, 5 - 6 pcs.young beets with tops, 1 fresh cucumber, 2 hard-boiled eggs, salt and sugar to taste, herbs, sour cream.

Method.Beets finely chop and pour a small amount of boiling water.Bring to a ready and cool.Pour the yogurt into the beet broth, add salt, add the sugar, chopped eggs, cucumbers and greens.In a plate, place a spoonful of sour cream and more greenery.

Soup "Unusual"

Ingredients: 3 cups of yogurt, 2.5 cups of cold boiled water, 200 g of boiled beef, 2-3 boiled potatoes, 1 cucumber, 3 hard-boiled eggs, green onions, herbs, sour cream, saltand sugar to taste.

Method.Curdled milk diluted with water, put the shredded products, add salt and sugar to taste.Before the meal, add sour cream.

Milk Soup "For breakfast"

Ingredients: 1.5 liters of milk, 80 grams of noodles, 30 g butter, salt, sugar but taste vanilla.

Method.Noodles run in the boiling milk and cook for about 20 minutes.Then season with salt, add sugar and vanilla.Before eating tuck oil.

Milk Soup "Vitamin"

Ingredients: 2.5 liters of milk, 1 small pumpkin, 1 lemon, 1 cup shelled walnuts, 4 steep egg yolks, salt to taste, butter.

Method.Pumpkin cleaned, cut into small pieces and cook in water.Mash the cooked pumpkin and fill it with hot milk.Lemon mince and combine with milk.Bring all to a boil and add salt.Before serving, sprinkle in chopped nuts and add the butter.l.l.It is very important.