About Panticapaeum and history lessons

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at school called him "Professor."He wore glasses, for physical education barely falls short of fours in his hands constantly - book.With teachers arguing in the yard I did not walk ... In the fifth grade, he entered the circle, who studied ancient history.The sixth was looking for parking in the suburbs of ancient man.And after the seventh expedition went to the museum on the Kerch peninsula to dig the ancient Panticapaeum, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of the Bosporus.

Well there interesting in your Panticapaeum - laughing rebyata.- Shards any ... Big deal!Come play the best football, professor ..

Mother sighed:

- would go in model aircraft, you all know how!

He persistently collected books, describes the history of society.On her questions about the future of repeating the same thing: "Go to the archaeologists."

Passion, however, over the years did not weaken.

Museum, the history of the circle, the circle of extracurricular activities of the child, a teenager - all parents need to keep und

er review.Especially when it comes to history.Patriotism is unthinkable without a deep knowledge of the big, glorious, heroic history of our Motherland.Even Alexander Pushkin said: "Respect to the past - this feature that distinguishes education from savagery."Today

surge of interest in the history there.Numerous articles in newspapers and magazines, on television appearances, calling care of the monuments of history, to prevent their destruction.And guys with childlike take to heart these heated debates, problems.Well, when on the same issues and speaks with children in the family, when parents are trying to do but the country's past for the son or daughter of a blank sheet.

Remember, we talked about the Marx family?On how his daughter Jenny independently studied events thousands of years ago, as well as those that were committed in different countries, in her time.All this formed views Girl, Jenny made fully developed person, a fighter for the revolutionary ideals.Today, the younger generation, too, is looking for answers to questions of great historical significance.House children often perplex their parents categorical: either - or.One of the contemporary playwrights - V. Arro, the author of many plays, very correctly noted: "... the feeling of love for their community brought not only direct calls to love, to participate, to be useful, and very complex, diverse, mediated ways ..."

If your child does not get his hands literature that can captivate his glorious pages of the past, and that will be your trouble.Probably the same Jenny Marx looked into his father's books, heard the arguments of the burning problems of modern society - inquisitive soul teenager could not be interested in them.And vice versa.Do not open with curiosity your son "Diplomacy of Ancient Rus' Sakharov, if she is not in the house.Or adventure story Golitsyn "The mystery of the old Radulov" - an exciting journey in which she called the pioneers of legend.There are all sorts of entertaining historical literature produced our publishers, in particular the "Young Guard"!In 1987, for example, there was a collection of essays and articles "Roads of the millennium", which tells about to unravel the mysteries of the past, and those that are still waiting for their discoverers.

But the books we have already spoken in detail before.Now just we want to remind you that we, the parents - the same pilots in the book the sea.What expanses will leave our son, our daughter, that will be able to see for what will rush under full sail, sit down if stranded or driven by a fresh wind will surf the boundless spaces, without fear nor any ninth shaft, largely depends on uswith you.

During our, parental history lessons for children are added persuasion own opinion.And without it can not do in life - even mom and dad will not help.In family conversations guys acquire independent judgment skills.Unless, of course, those rare moments, when turned off the TV stand for that kind of talk.In other families, adults communicate with children, as usual, in front of a blue screen, excitedly commenting on football or hockey match or predicting the next intrigue turns detective.In such cases, there is no time to think about this past and the future outlook of children.

Parents who almost from the birth of a son or daughter worries over their fate, not pozhaloyut time to discuss with them the books, plays, situations.Especially now, when we observe with fear: the younger generation is not so eagerly reaches for the book, the more serious, posing, trying to express themselves, the various "informal associations".The fact that among young people is not so rare drug addicts, alcoholics, may blame you and me?At the time did not find a common language with teens, did not overcome the alienation of the band?With every day misunderstandings deepened.There were common themes that can bring together native people.

Or another problem.The boys waited on us a frank explanation of what seemed to them the most important, and we are limited to slogans, ready-made phrases, do not speculate with them.It does not hurt on the fate of the Fatherland.Someone will probably object: I say, give my life for the motherland.We do not doubt his sincerity.But sometimes life is to give easier than not to remain silent about the troubles of the country, to spare no effort to prevent their daily fight for it to completely purify our society from thieves and corrupt officials, crooks and bureaucrats, all sorts of scoundrels who are ready for their own good to trample all holy.

child seeks the truth.He needed the truth.He sensitively catches false.Author of children's books, including the famous "Dirk," Rybakov in one of the statements in the press like us you asked: "What kind of spiritual development can be discussed if a teenager interested in the history of the country, all the while encountering... in silence. "That is why there are adverse events among young people, there is a growing gulf between children and parents, taking care above all about, if only more tasty feed their child.

As children in such a situation could manifest regardless of your love for the country, its history, when it took a certain action?In Leningrad, for example, October 19, 1986 the students rushed to the place where it is the anniversary of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum Metrostroy at the behest of the incredible set of circumstances has decided to break the house Delvig.Alternately reading the poetry of Pushkin and Lermontov, the guys kind of protest were able to prevent unnecessary destruction of the historical monument.What a proud children of his act: perhaps the first time on their own experience perceived that to be a patriot - not just say nice words, but to act.

That boy, whose name was in school, "Professor", after the tenth class went to work.Still fascinated by archeology, she wants to attend university in the History Department.However, at a time of enormous change in our society, when and by young people are waiting for great achievements, work conscientiously, this young man is now more concerned today than far away times.In the evening, after school courses, he always returned with a bundle of newspapers, new magazines, books.Do not miss performances of distinguished scientists, artists, writers, in particular D. Likhachev, Aitmatov, Yuri Afanasiev, said all parents, counseling, claiming his prevailing opinion about the events of the past and present.

confident young man versed in the turbulent course of life without fear of swirling, muddy creeks, clearly defining where to go.Much credit is adults who carefully guided teenager that he departed not from the selected channel.And malchik- "professor" has not lost the children's hobbies, born at the moment when I first crossed the threshold of the museum with their parents for the first time saw the excavation of ancient Chersonese in Sevastopol.