When a child refuses to sit in the car seat

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

accustom ourselves to the idea that the trip by car and child seat are inseparable.Without objections and exceptions.If the child protests, after you put him into the seat, try to resort to the following tips.

• Whenever possible, plan your trip at the time when the child carries their best.Some children are best behaved in the car early in the morning.The other is better to take in a trip during the afternoon nap.

• Bring a bag with soft toys, such as fur little animals or toys that can be attached to the cabin (eg suckers).Cloth books - the key to success.

• To solve the dilemma of a crying baby in the car seat, as far as possible go on the road only in conjunction with another adult.One adult with a child sitting in the back seat, while the other is driving.

• Tip for a nursing mother and trips when sitting behind the wheel of someone else, and your baby is crying, change to the rear seat next to the child and give him the chest.Not undoing his seat belt, place one foot under him to get up a few c

entimeters;bend over the child, so that he could take the breast.This is a great sedative for your child on the road.Resist the urge to pull the child out of the seat and feed it into the hands of "just a minute".

• Sit in the back seat next to the baby older child,

Breastfeeding can be indispensable on the road a sedative, but

spend it in compliance with art

security.The child should remain

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that he entertained on the go younger.

• Sing a song the kid and points to interesting places that you drive.We wrote in rhyming safety glory ( "Wear-Buckle"), which rhythmically expressed sympathy for the ordeal such as the use of a seat belt.Thus, we give to know the unhappy child, that at least understand his feelings.And usually brings it to laughter.

• Put the child's favorite tape and keep in reserve some surprises.

• Children from one to two years usually get frustrated when they can not look out the window.In this case, buy a car seat that lift the child high enough so that he could study the moving world around us.

• Do not discount the importance of parental voice and talk with a small companion in a small seat.If you do not pay attention to the passenger, he will have plenty of time to get bored and come in irritation.