Faithful friends

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He was a sailor, father Oleg and Natasha.And always left in the sea.But even in those rare days when the ship was detained at the pier, almost did not come home.Such is the naval service.Igor loved it, the service, and the ship, and the sea.A barely crossed the threshold of his apartment, he fingered children, bombarded with questions.Olezhka trailed machines - play in red and white.Mom rushed to the kitchen to bake pies ...

Once Igor persuaded the whole family to go with the Gauja river on rafts.His wife, however, hesitated: cold nor swim or sunbathe.But the children were delighted.Olezhka that time was twelve, Natasha - ten.

came to the river bus.Two hours all the tourists were busy with equipment: inflated rubber raft, loaded them things, food.Finally, the whole fleet moved together in a way.Spending the night in tents, songs around the campfire.On the mood, no one could complain.

One day memorable and special forever.On a halt instructor he said that the next, on the farm, there is a rental place

horses.Immediately crowd went there.That's just not had the opportunity to drive everything: horses were allowed to take only those who know how to ride.Admiringly watched the children for the famously rode father.Later, agreeing with the coach, Igor sat on a horse Natasha first, then - Oleg.

That night, Oleg saw wonderful dreams.So he raced with the cavalry of Alexander the Great, then together with Parkhomenko chopping sword white ...

When morning again lowered the raft into the water, the guys did not seem to notice any of beautiful rocks, which sailed past nor in lush islands.Excitedly asked his father again and again to talk about horses.

- Why did not you go to work at the racetrack ?!- Said Oleg amazement.

- You know, I'm still more like the sea, its Baltic Sea, his ship, - Igor explained confidentially Stanislavski And horses?Horses helped me to become strong, to endure any difficulties with firmness, to be able to achieve its goal.And if suddenly falls such a meeting, yesterday, I'm always happy ...

And then it happened that the father was transferred to serve in a big city, where there was a riding school.Of course, Oleg and Natasha immediately enrolled there.Engaged with enthusiasm, with passion.Acquires agility, courage, defiantly rode on horseback, took a course obstacles.No matter what profession choose children - good physical conditioning never hurts.

Natasha was born shortly dream: to treat horses."It is also important," - explains Oleg sister.And he painted horses with flying manes.

The riding school children accustomed to her beauty, which was immediately renamed Masha.Beauty golden color inherited from the mother, and the character, said her father.I do not complain about each of his sympathy.Shrew was reputed to be.But Natasha made friends with the horse.I treat the toast, then an apple.And Masha obediently sang her team.

Once in the classroom in the arena Natasha suddenly saw his father, who had long been away from home: the ship had gone on a long trip.Returned!Daughter waved his hand, and sat down, waiting for her on the bench.Coach, knowing how long the girl did not see his father, offered: "Run say hello.Then work with Belle. "

Masha, too, though she understood.Sidelong glance from afar at the girl brown eyes, shook under the muzzle.Hugging his father, Natasha involuntarily continued to monitor the horse.Belle moved sedately in the ranks, clearly, as the team turned to the left, to the right.Only once somehow froze.

- Masha - cried Natasha Are not you ashamed?Come on, go!

Belle immediately obeyed orders.

- The truth is, Dad, Masha wonderful - violently delighted devochka.- She listens to me, does everything that is necessary.

Father approvingly looked at the grown-up daughter and mentally back to the unique pore, when he in the same approximate age of galloping with the village

boys at night.It seems that his love of horses is now passed on to his son and his daughter.

Yes, the horse - noble, smart, beautiful animal.She plowed, competing in speed and agility, fighting with the enemies.Since childhood, we sing about red Connick, who on civil dashing trotters defeated the Whites in a fierce battle.images of Tolstoy's Strider live in our hearts and Rocinante from "Don Quixote", kuprinskogo Emerald, Gyulsary Aitmatov ...

ride a horse people began several millennia ago.Rider always distinguished body fitness and agility, courage and perseverance.Rider and horse seemed to merge into one.They will, strength, courage doubled.Not by chance that Engels said: "Dogs and horses have developed themselves by association with people such sensitive ear towards articulate speech, that, within the terms of their inherent notions, they easily learn to understand any language."

Now, in the age of technology, the horse has acquired particular value for both physical as well as for the moral perfection of man.In millions of fans of equestrian tourism.Many families go with pleasure - riding on the carts - on the taiga Altai and Sayan Mountains blue, for Chuvashia and Bashkortostan, the Caucasus and Trans-Ural steppe.Yes, wherever they lead tourists equestrian trail!

During the campaign in adults and adolescents practiced horse management skills.But I think more important than another - is growing their friendship, mutual aid, joy fills the heart of the heat of communication.We are proud father watched as every day the husband of his son, first timid, one-track, which appeared confident in the actions of the future of the defense of the motherland.And the daughter of easy to find common language with the frisky filly Kaur.Not for nothing was read before the trip literally "Notes cavalryman-maiden" Nadezhda Durova ...

particularly tender friendship that arose back in the adolescent years, tied with Alcides Durov.By his own admission, she was from an early age "doted on" horses.You can imagine her feelings when her father, a retired captain Andrey Durov, has led to the courtyard of the "wild and indomitable" stallion, which he himself leaving.

However, Alcides did not want to obey the leash, did not admit to yourself no one else.All the more surprising that the willful horse tamed fragile a child's hand.Handled with care, the gentle whisper, twenty times a day running into the stable with some delicacy, the girl was able to break the resistance of the horse.

at night sneak deduced Alcides halter on, the fence would sit in the saddle.The horse carried her forest, field roads, dutifully climbed the hills and even on a steep cliff above the Kama.A dawn Alcides back into place.His little mistress hastily, unable to take off her clothes, darting under the blanket.

Eventually the mystery revealed.Hope threatened punishment - the mother did not share similar interests daughter.For the girl's father stood up.He gave her Alcides full ownership, Hope took a walk, taught the rules of riding.The young rider from three o'clock in the morning rushed to Alcide for the wide expanses of the Kama region, home did not appear until dinner.

Thanks Alcides, who became her faithful assistant, Hope was able to carry out a daring plan - to fight together with the Russian soldiers against Napoleon.She skipped away from home, do not say a single word to anybody, after the Cossack regiment.Dark autumn night done tridtsativerstny way through dull boron, overtook the Cossacks, which took place then to Russia's western borders.In the city of Grodno joined a volunteer in the Lancers.

fighting continued almost without interruption.Is not easy to have to a young patriot: foolhardy, but not fired, not smelled gunpowder, Hope committed a lot of errors, each of which could cut short her life.Could, if not for Alcides.Horse surprisingly quickly got used to the terrible war situation.Not afraid of thunder of artillery and the whistle of bullets when Durov raced on it in the attack.Often he rescued mistress out of trouble.

On halts Hope exhausted heavy cavalry service, literally falls from the legs, lay down on the ground, falling into a dead sleep.Sometimes, the regiment was leaving without her.Then Alcides tried his best to wake up the girl: a hoof beat around, whinnying loudly, pushed the muzzle into his shoulder as long as she did not wake up.Immediately jumping into the saddle, Durov at full speed rushed for his.

For all the fighting nor Durov nor her horse had not been injured.Once an enemy grenade fell under the same belly Alcides.Reacting instantly, horse desperate leap towards saving himself and Hope.No fragment did not touch them.I sincerely astonished witnesses of this episode that the rider could not fall from a horse.The fact that in the saddle - a woman in the regiment no one guessed.

After Alcides Durova have had other good horses.In Mariupol Hussars he served on the Hurricane, with "hot, arrogant and proud" Zelantom took place in the ranks of the Lithuanian Lancers entire 1812 campaign.It is interesting to note about the mediocrity of the French cavalry, "I could be sure that none of them ... the horse is not equal Zelantu in speed."All of their four-legged friends Hope loved, knew how to take care in battle, but in his heart always kept faithful to the memory ... Alcides.

Upon his retirement, the gentleman of military orders received during the period of the War of 1812, Durov had settled in the city of Elabuga on the Kama.Horse riding went to the end of days, "stood in the stirrup and flew» ...

Warhorse on the battlefield proved to be a reliable friend of the warrior.One example of this - many memories, autobiographical notes.Here are some interesting facts from the history of horses since ancient times.

Bucephalus - a favorite horse of Alexander the Great.Bucephalus, or Bychegolovym, he was called for a broad forehead.Alexander's father, Philip bought this black stallion 13 Talanov (about 340 kilograms of silver) at the Thessalian horseman.

After the battle with the Indians at the Hydaspes in 326 BC, Bucephalus died from excessive voltage.At the spot where the dead horse, Alexander the Great founded the city, named Bucephalus (the only city in the world, bears the name of the horse is not in general, but a specific, particular horses).

Venetian traveler Marco Polo wrote that he (in the XIII century AD!) Heard about Bucephalus by the Mongols, who were very proud of their horses originating from this famous horse.Of course, it is difficult to believe that the horse's pedigree impeccably conducted over a thousand years, but surprisingly so strong memory of Bucephalus in distant countries, where in ancient times brought his horse fighting hiking heroic rider.

a long time did not forget the name of Bucephalus, and in medieval Europe.Minnesingers and troubadours composed in his honor songs of praise, praising the horse Bucephalus like ideal.Horse endowed fictional features, born of imagination of poets ...

Intsitatus (quick on) is known only by the fact that the will of the absurd of the Roman emperor Caligula ... became a senator.Got to, and the highest rank in the empire - the consul, if not killed his madcap owner.

«His horse footed he guarded against any concern that every time the day before the race sent soldiers to direct the silence in the neighborhood;he not only gave him a stable of marble and ivory manger, not only gave the purple curtain, and pearl necklaces, and even took him to the palace with servants and utensils, where on behalf of invited guests and willingly accepted;they say he was even going to make him consul. "(Gaius Suetonius Tranquillo).

Eclipse (in translation from English - eclipse) was born on the day of a solar eclipse.'23 Played the chestnut stallion in different races, has never experienced defeat.Moreover, none of the 26 major competitions, won Eclipse, none of the competitors did not come even close to him.In England, then was born the expression, still alive and "Eclipse first, the other is nowhere."

Eclipse Bought at auction for 75 pounds.In 1789, the skeleton of the deceased at the age of 25 horses sold for a thousand pounds.At autopsy found he had an incredibly big heart: 6.3 kilograms (normal heart horse's weight - about 5 kilograms).

Eclipse was the consummate manufacturer: 344 of his descendants (children and grandchildren) have brought their owners 158,000 pounds reward.In addition, we must note that the prizes at that time were not as large as it is now ...

Kinks - only horse, winning at the races more wins than Eclipse.It belonged to the Hungarian athlete.Kinks won on his very first race in 1876.Then, four years excelled in all competitions, which kicked off.All 53!

In 1878, the horse was brought to England to face off with the best horses in the world.Here she won just as easily as on the race tracks of continental Europe ...

Columbus first set foot on the land of the New World in 1492, did not bring with it any horse.But in the second journey to the shores of America, he was accompanied by several hundred soldiers among 20 riders armed with spears.

In the first clashes with the Indians horsemen made a stunning impression on them.There Tabasco Indians large forces surrounded the Spanish squad on foot.No one knows what would have ended the unequal clash (and the conquest of Mexico too), if a critical moment in the rear of the Indian troops appeared "cavalry" Cortez - Sixteen riders.The frightened Indians once threw down their weapons, rushed in all directions.

«Never Indians did not see the horses, and it seemed to them that the horse and rider - one being powerful and ruthless.Meadows and fields were filled with Indians fleeing into the nearby forest. "(Bernal Diaz).

In the first decades of the XIII century, Genghis Khan (Khan Ocean) in a brutal struggle subdued all other Khans, "I joined the horde horde."And the Mongols moved to the offensive in the neighboring countries to the east, west, south of their own traditional nomadic.We conquer China, intended to cross the sea to Japan, but the storm destroyed their fleet, conquered the principalities and kingdoms of Central Asia.

Two commander of Genghis Khan Jebe and Subedey, invaded northern Iran.Thence in 1222 to the east, north Iraq, the Caucasus reached, destroying everything in its path, we reached the lower reaches of the Don, in the Polovtsian steppe.Along the coast of the Azov Sea got to the Crimea, and then returned to the Polovtsian steppe, crossed the Dnieper and the Dniester has returned back to Genghis Khan.

It was the farthest and fastest horse raid, who knows the story.30 thousand riders, having at its disposal 100 thousand horses, two years overcame a fighting about 10 thousand kilometers ...