Go to the cup gradually

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Do not worry and follow the child. Suppose you were given a five-month baby take a sip from the cup.At 8 or 9 months, you ask yourself, "How did he cope?".If the nipple bored him and he loves to drink milk from a cup, gradually increase the amount of milk in it.Let him drink from a cup during each feeding.The bottle will be less and less.Then stop to give a mixture in the bottle at the breast when he is indifferent to it most, perhaps for lunch or breakfast.After a few weeks of relative

Seem from bottle feeding during the second and then the third.Most children love to drink from a bottle at dinner and later abandon it.But others experience a craving for the bottle at breakfast.

desire to drink from a cup is not always enhanced continuously.Discomfort from growing teeth or cold can cause a child to temporarily return to drinking from the nipple.Give him.When he feels better, he again goes to drink from a cup.

child refuses to drink from a cup. Suppose you have a child with the character.For five m

onths he daily takes a sip from the cup.In 9 months, instead of being used to it, he turns away from her.Sometimes it agrees to make one drink, and then pushes the cup.Naughty child pretends not to understand that it needs to be done.If the mother herself brings him a cup to his mouth, it allows milk to flow down along the edges of the lips while smiling innocently.Or refuses to bring the cup to his lips.A child who so behaves, is not ready to give up the pacifier.Do not force it.Pour 60 grams of milk in a small cup and put in front of him every day.Maybe he will drink.If he does just one sip, do not force him to do the second.Behave as if you care.

It may soften in the year, but more likely, it will refuse to 15 months or even longer.If you treat it seriously and start to get irritated, it will not lead to good.Try to calm down;Remember that the neighbor's child is drinking from a cup.Think about what you would feel if a huge giant in the power that you are, and who does not understand your language, would be to select your morning coffee and forced to drink warm water instead of glass.If you're really insist, the child is probably a very long time will not give up the bottle and many months or even years will not drink milk from a cup.Sometimes because of this begin serious problems with food, and for them, and behavior problems.

When the child begins to suspect a little drink from a cup, you still need to be patient, because you may need a few months to ensure that it is completely abandoned the nipples.This is especially true for dinner or before bedtime feeding.At this time, most children prefer the familiar convenience.Many children refuse to late nipples, insisting that they were given to drink out of it before going to sleep up to two years.I think no harm in this.

sometimes blame the mother. Until now, I urge you to not force the child to give up her nipples, not to take it, when the child is not ready, do not shove him a cup forcefully, not to anger him.Now let's look on the other side and see that sometimes a child for a long time will not part with a pacifier because the mother, which seems like a cup he drinks less milk than accustomed.For example, in a 9 month old baby drinks from a cup of 180 grams at breakfast, the same for lunch and dinner for 120 grams.If the mother is in addition give him a pacifier, he takes it not very willingly, but drink a little more.I believe that if a child is 8 months after the drink from a cup, a total of 500 grams of milk, and behaves as if it is enough, it is better not to give him the milk through the nipple at all.If we continue to give it with great difficulty, abandon it at the age between 10 and 15 months...

Another problem occurs if the mother is in the second year soothes baby bottle with milk.Crying whether the child during the day, whether at night wakes, the mother immediately slips him a bottle.In this case, he can drink per day for about two liters of milk.Naturally, such a lost child's appetite for food and the other may develop serious anemia (in milk since almost no iron).

For nutrition is important that the child drink a day not more than a liter of milk.But for the normal emotional development of the child should feel that his mother helps him to grow up and do away with infancy.In this regard, the most important measure - the phasing out of the nipple and the transition to drinking from a cup.