Biking with young children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

If your family can not imagine life without the bike, you can easily take with you and the little athlete, but observe the following rules of the road:

• Always wear a helmet on the young passenger, even if he is sitting in the trailer.

• Do not carry children on the bike for up to six months.They are not able to sit upright, and the head, they may be too unstable, especially in the helmet.

• Usually aged between nine months and a year children are able to sit in a special child seat, which is mounted above the rear wheel adult bicycle.Always use safety belts, which

List of products to ensure the child's safety.

are advised to buy

□ Children's car-

□ Bits for door

□ Radiomonitor;

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□ Mesh obtyagiva-

□ Safety

About Soft nozzle

of handrails and balko-

latches for drawers



and cabinets;

□ Bits for handles

□ Stickers for doors

□ Wireless TV



background (radio telephone)


□ gates for stairs;

□ grates for windows and

□ Plugs for electric

D Lock the lid

glass doors;

tric outlets;


□ Soft film for

□ soft corners for

□ Safety


table corners and have fireplaces

grille bed

□ flame-retardant


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bedding belonging

□ tube to measure

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small items;

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□ fire extinguisher;

□ Rubber mats

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(so as not to slide);



eq equipped with the seat and footrests with straps that do not allow the child to get the legs in the spokes of a wheel.

• Ride only on cycle paths or quiet streets, not on the roads with heavy traffic.

Teach the children to ensure that the helmet and the wheels are inseparable.Whether you are carrying a child in a child seat on your bike, pulling a trailer or your child for the first time sat on its own tricycle, always wear a helmet on it reliable.If you're an early age accustom your child to ensure that it is very important to use a helmet to protect the head of the habit will

always with him, and in the future, the helmet will be an integral part of his life on wheels.