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Ashgabat - Moscow (4300 kilometers) lasted 84 days.ha 350 kilometers of anhydrous Karakum desert it took them three days ...

Usually guys are interested in books about the Red Cavalry.Before oblivion addicted to stories about the heroes of the Civil War - Parkhomenko, Kotovsky, Budyonny.

brave and experienced trooper, Alexander Yakovlevich Parkhomenko knew how inspiring personal example for fighters boss.And if the situation demanded, he drove in horse attack squadron, regiment, brigade, and it happened, and the whole division.The men were proud of their talented military commander and commanders learned from him the art of leadership battle, wise maneuver, personal courage, the ability to quickly assess the situation and take the right decision at the critical moment.

«... From the height at which we camped, waiting in the wings, we saw the enemy's cavalry, ominously gaining pace, increasing the pace, he moved to the 14th Division ... Immediately before the front of the 14th Division sweptrider in a

wide black cloak.We have learned - it was Parkhomenko - wrote about his battle other Oka Gorodovikov Ivanovich - the sun flashed his blade.Following flashed a thousand pieces, shot up into the sky.Division went into combat.She flew to meet the enemy, full of will to overturn and crush him and destroy.Ahead flew nachdiv-14, Alexander Yakovlevich Parkhomenko, a Bolshevik, a handsome man, powerful and fun ... »

He was very fond of horses.In the fall of 1910, after returning from Lugansk prison, he told his wife: "Sometimes as I see in the window of the prison horse chamber so zanoet heart, if the roots of its pull."

All this Oleg and Natasha learned in the summer in the village, where their school friend invited Peter.There have long forgotten horse.In the fields of working tractors and combines, on the highway raced MAZ, UAZ, "Volga".The boys since childhood osedlyvali horses instead of bicycles, motorcycles.And to sit astride a horse, probably would not have managed.Skip to her across the ditch, as Oleg, - all the more.Stories Korney grandfather, who lived Peter, Oleg and Natasha seemed village children fairy tales, no one cared.But the city of their peers were ready to spend hours listening to his grandfather memories of carts, horses, commander.When the boy exhausted by the heat and Natasha ran to the lake, the grandfather waited patiently on the bench for their return.

And again flew in the dashing cavalry attack of the old red Korney youth.Burst into the village, a life - death were cut with white sabers.Of course, always won Roots grandfather and his comrades - in just like him, the red star helmet, which is now called Budenovka.

the Great Patriotic War grandfather Korney has not had a chance to ride a horse: the years approaching sixty.But he asked for the same in the army, to their horses.He was taken to the veterinary hospital divisional.What a happy Natasha, hearing that led a woman infirmary, medical service captain Natalia Andreevna Khomenko.Grandfather still spoke her name with great respect.

on the Karelian front in snow drifts and forest windbreaks, people more than machines, and helped the horses.In division there were several hundred.With the enemy were, as they say, local fighting.Although the front line almost has not changed, the continuous fierce counterattack the White Finns, action known "cuckoos" caused considerable damage - and killed people and horses.

At that time gunners brought to the hospital after a battle horse.At Thunder neck gaping bloody wound, eyes sad.Natalya Andreevna reassuringly touched his palm patience supposedly cure.He summed up to the operating table, which is adapted for multiple tight bales of pressed hay, covered with a tarpaulin.Dali anesthesia ...

the morning Natalia Andreyevna woke orderly: something wrong with the Thunder.He rushed out of the machine, whinnying in alarm, scaring the other horses.Khomenko went outside and saw - not far galloping, in the light of sunrise, Yesenin pink horse.

- What the Thunder escaped?- I asked fearfully.

- No, it's rum.

The division used to the touching friendship between two strong white horses with blue eyes.They almost never parted: working together in a team, on vacation - is also always there.Now Rum bored one was far away to visit a friend.It seems that the horses are capable of strong feelings.How can you do?

- Maybe it will take for the company and Roma in infirmary - offered Korney.- In a couple of days.Places will suffice.

slightly hesitating, Natalya Andreevna agreed.If, I warned the gunners do not mind.

Gunners did not mind.As soon as the horses found themselves side by side, they whinny greeted each other.Wounded Thunder calming friend put her head on his back.And since I recovered very quickly.

Soon friends, as always, dragged him into the harness indigenous heavy cannon.Together with the people of the horses went into battle again.

- That's how it happens - sigh ...

Roots Back in town, Natasha and Oleg upset - father still on the march.He told his mother about his grandfather the root - the very strong impression of his summer vacation.The mother looked happy children - have matured, tanned.And run over, and nakupalis plenty, and adults on the field helped, and weeded the garden.That's just a horse, oh, these horses!She was angry at her husband: why guys such passion?Especially Natasha.May be in the sewing circle went.And safe and useful, always useful in life.For Oleg too anxious when he goes riding school.How far is it to the trouble?Will fall, broken, his arms and legs broken.

Why do we sometimes easily forget the extraordinary, that in the house of a man grows, the future warrior?He should cultivate nimble, strong, brave, hardy.Vaughn as Oleg has changed in two years!Above father stretched, grown up, I got stronger.And it all started with the stories of the good and the right horse, with a meeting with Kaur horse during the journey, from the day when Oleg himself saddled Bismarck.

When we brought the words of Engels, beside the horse and the dog mentioned.About her, really, really like about horses - it supposedly makes the children are physically stronger, tempered.But the dog - man's best friend, a true friend.Not for nothing is perceived inseparable expression: canine devotion.Dog pulls the wounded from the battlefield, lost in the blizzard brings travelers in the mountains, with admirable ingenuity acting leaders of the blind.And how many deeds committed to our four-legged friend in the name of science!Who does not know Squirrel Arrow, had been in space?One of the authors present at the operation, when one dog from another transplanted heart.In the name of learning to such operations to return the health of people.

Before World War II all the boys literally raved brave Karatsupa border guard and his Hindu devotees.Forgetting everything else, playing the Rangers, went to the "patrols" catch "violators".Gradually, the Hero of the Soviet Union Nikita Karatsupa turned into a collective image of a reliable guard of the Soviet borders.Fascinating legends heard of him in every home.And now you know the name Karatsupa our children?Do they hear from their parents about the courage of this man, his hard service, the amazing destiny?

Perhaps the main thing that fascinated children in conversations about Karatsupa - apparently the future hero was no different from their peers.Ordinary, even unprepossessing boy.In the special school, which was Nikita, stating his ardent desire to become a border guard, because of the low growth barely picked up his horse.With a dog, too, no luck: all the shepherds have already discussed those who went there before.

Near school Nikita found under a bridge blind homeless puppy.Patiently nursed with him, feed, holil, trained.Hard work has brought famous for the whole Hindu country.Like a wolf in excess of a gifted mind, dexterity, flair, devotion, Indian border guards served faithfully.He took not a hardened criminal, catching bandits and saboteurs.Karatsupa with his Hindu dedicated to at that time, reports, essays in newspapers and magazines.

In one of the materials collected in the museum of the history of the Leningrad police reported about the interesting facts of human and dog relationship during the difficult days of the blockade.

In the most tragic time, 2 December 1941, thieves stole from the store on the street Komsomol, near the Finland Station, 15 kilograms of fat, 120 loaves of bread and cereal bag.Unheard of daring, threatened loss of a major theft of hundreds of people.

When Task Force Criminal Investigation Department employees, headed by Ivanov and Sergeyev, together with the conductor-detecting dogs Gregory Ishchenko came on the scene, they saw on the floor of the pantry old canvas gauntlet.Sniffed it, Pomegranate confidently took the trail that led through the courts, on the embankment, then along the Neva River.

They were running on ice and snow for about an hour.Frost and wind turned the skin to scab.It seemed about to fall through the breath, burst from the strain the heart.Still, the group overcame the long journey to the walls of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in the shortest possible time.

On the old cemetery Shepherd beginning to break legs in the snow ancient, dilapidated crypt.Opened barely noticeable hole.In the crypt, however, we did not find anyone.But we found several boxes of groceries and a second canvas gauntlet.Next Garnet did not go - exhausted.

all the way back Grigory with his comrades carried on the hands of the shepherd.And in the barracks, each plucked from soldering a piece of bread and handed it to his four-footed friend.Pomegranate thanked for their support: a criminal group detained soon.It betrayed a court martial.

Five years ago impassioned infantile imagination excited publication in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about two friends - Sergeant Gennady butterfly, performs international duty on the ground in Afghanistan, and reliable assistant warrior in hard service - Shepherd Amur.Gene still grateful to my mother, who brought him, a student, a wonderful black puppy.Next to the master of the Amur studied overcome barriers and dog team in the club, along with it came the army.

Afghanistan ... Any armored column has always led sapersky tandem dog - man.When Gennady worked with Cupid, he was calm in the column.

- Dog as a man - said Motylkov.- My life depends on her mood and how we had to understand each other.Often it is impossible to make, you can only ask.It is necessary to know better than himself.

How many times they saved lives and each other, and another!When the awning car Reshet enemy bullets, Gennady sometimes fell on the Amur, he eclipsed him with his body.More than once saved a dog owner.

finding a mine, the dog usually sat near, and then left.One day Cupid has not left.It is difficult to explain what prompted the butterfly guard, take the time to lift off the ground round plastic cake.Why no roar of engines behind, nor heat, nor fatigue does not fit it is not forced to make a mistake?

- Probably, because I'm very fond of the Amur, and therefore, I believe it, I feel it.I am about anything that did not think, I just for some reason not in a hurry ...

For these kind of "unhurried" Gennady seconds and saw two thin wire, leaving from the mines to the side.

enemy bullet caught butterfly in an armored personnel carrier, he reassured worried by close gaps Cupid.Heavy wounded, hospital for two long months.But in forty degrees delirium did not leave the idea of ​​Cupid: "Do not be able to it without me, will disappear."I could not resist - wrote to a friend Yuri Chereshnev.

soon got an answer:

«It's all right, we work together.My Ralph fell ill and died.Cupid nobody noticed.But once it was necessary to accompany the convoy of grain.And besides we have with him, no one.I somehow understand everything, and he whines.I went in the evening to the cage and said: "It is necessary, Cupid.Work".He "work" heard and jumped.Well, I think the order.So we started.But he remembers you.Recently, one wag shouted: "Where is Gene?Vaughn Gene goes! "- So Cupid fell off the leash, the entire column ran, sniffed, but as vozvernulsya, if the cries and tears fell ...»

Amur continued to bear his difficult service for as long as he did not find a replacement.Transferred to the reserve, Cherry brought the dog to its rightful owner.Friends met again.On Afghanistan, they resemble the Order of the Red Star at the butterfly and a gold medal on the chest of the Amur.

hearing these stories, the boys begin to dream about their own puppy.Mother unhappy.Sometimes they agree to have a dog at home - poodle lapdog.But keep in puppy apartment, capable vymahal over time into a huge dog, allow his son to visit with him a special school for training dogs - no really, thank you!Better to let the lessons involved.And the mother cares more adds.Throughout fur fly - only manage to tidy up.Ill can bite or, God forbid.So parents are ruining the dream of a faithful four-legged friend, a service with him in the ranks of the defenders of the Motherland.

However, whether we like it or not, children are still busy with the dogs - secretly, so as not to visit my father and mother.Thereby depriving the former trust of parents.

According to scientists, the boys at the age of ten to fifteen years, there is a need to love.Who?Mom and Dad?Well, it goes without saying, is inherent from the cradle.It is now is more of a kind of reserve the senses, not spent the time.That stretch our sons and daughters to their smaller brothers.It is difficult to overestimate the moral impact on the child, the adolescent communication, such as a horse or a dog - reliable assistants, friends of man in work and on the battlefield.Observations on the habits of animals, care for them, give a childish mind rich food for thought, is an important condition for the full development of the individual.By the way, it is very beneficial for such dialogue and the physical human quenching.