The strength and the will come to you

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

meet amazing people in my life.It would seem that the circumstances finally drove them out of the rut: someone was injured as a result of bodily injury or serious illness proved to be helpless.But then the man still forced himself to return to the ranks, to regain strength, strength.Some of these people even with very rigorous medical check, continue to serve in the Armed Forces.What here has played a decisive role?The great strength of will?Commitment?The ability in any situation, not to lose heart?

In principle, of course, and the first and second, and the third may be in some way to express themselves above other factors.However, the experience of life at every step tells: very, very much depends on the human physical perfection, from that burden, he takes over from the will that directs them and subjugates his actions.Let us recall the words of the famous Soviet writer Kaverin: "Much seems impossible until you prove otherwise the human mind and will."

... Cadets training mechanized infantry compa

ny doing the exercises on a throwing grenade.With them he goes to "attack" the deputy commander for political affairs, Lieutenant Alexander Kiselev company.The officer sees six

feet away cadet Ergali Nurtazin acts according to the rules: Machine intercepted in his left hand, he pulled out a grenade right, the finger of his left hand grabbed the ring, pulled the safety pin.Now the aim and metnet.

however completely incomprehensible happened: student suddenly shifted the grenade in his left hand and machine - to the right.Kiselev noticed that slid into the grass trigger, hold the hammer cocked.So, before the explosion - three or four seconds.Nurtazin as if numb, fear paralyzed muscles, the body ...

Alexander did not hesitate for a moment.Of course, he could fall to the ground, cover your head helmet.But the officer held only one thought - to obscure, to save the slave.Rushed to Nurtazin, both hands gripped convulsively constricted grenade fist cadet to have time to throw it.Did not have time.Before his eyes flashed flames ...

brought to the hospital unconscious lieutenant.They suffered a state of clinical death.And the terrible news: a grenade tore off his hands.

Friends, numerous letters - sometimes by quite strangers - multiplied Alexander strength in his difficult struggle for a return to an active life.The title page of a book of essays about the courage of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War at the front and in the days of peace, sent to him by the former commander of the cadet company commander Captain M. Hayduk, Kiselev Gleb read verses Pagireva:

for hours thinking about a poem Lieutenant Kiselev.I understood that his former commander, Captain Haiduk wants persuasion poet Alexander took as its coming from his own heart.

The decision to return to the combat system and strengthened Kiselev letter to his youngest friends:

«Hello, dear Sasha!Write you

students 6th grade "A" secondary school number 245 in Moscow.We read about your feat in the newspaper.Our pioneer team decided to fight for the right to be called by your name.In our class learns to 38 people.Our class is very friendly.All the boys want to be the same as you ... We would be very pleased if you accepted our invitation and came to us in Moscow, in our school. "

Soviet Defense Minister granted the request Kiseleva continue to serve in the Armed Forces.He believed his hard-won said: "I can not without an army."Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for the courage and bravery shown during the line of duty, Alexander was awarded the Order of the Red Star.He returned to his native regiment, and later, in no way allow himself favors, graduated with honors from the Military Political Academy named after VI Lenin, was enrolled in a postgraduate course.

seems hardly managed to successfully cope with the ordeal endured by Kiselev, one with sport is not well positioned in the day mode.After all, even in the hospital officer, painfully renewed morning exercises systematic, repeated to exhaustion special exercises to better master the artificial limbs, learn to do without assistance.Even lecture outlined the academy itself, and if the teacher looked at him, kindly suggested: "Maybe slowly read," categorically refused: "No, no, thank you, I am quite have time."

Unfortunately, not all young people are aware of the need to temper themselves both physically and mentally.Affects obviously lack the habit to train the body.If a teenager is not engaged in regular exercise, most of the blame, as it is sad, we as parents.In the family, you see, it is well known, it may be useful in the fitness of life, agility, strength.So, only it depends on us how we are passionate about their children in a world where not only fighting for the records of sportsmanship, but also a win-win ticket shall be issued for that unexpected situation when shown our ability to withstand any adversity destiny and win.

repeat again: to harden the body and spirit, it requires constant physical exercise.And, of course, the occupation of the sport, which is to their liking.

Anatoly Petrovich is now in his sixties, but he still goes out every morning to the nearby school stadium, it measures the slowly round and round.There was a time when he often had to run alone, neither son nor daughter showed little desire to follow his example.Anatoly Petrovich patiently, gradually brought them to their faith.In recent months, when the joy of morning classes are increasingly shared with his grandfather's grandson, Sasha's parents are also "registered" is constantly in the stadium.

- Santa, we're running away from a heart attack?- Is attached next to the grandson, and his voice, smile and repeat these moments of a father who's just for fun sometimes asks Anatoly Petrovich similar question.

- No, Sasha.What a heart attack?We just train.I want you to be always strong, hardy, like your dad.

Anatoly Petrovich often catch myself thinking, that he wants to tell his grandson why he made friends with the sport.He twists his sudden illness, for months chained to the bed.Gradually, the disease has receded.However, finally healthy person Anatoly Petrovich felt only when started on the advice of the attending physician regularly perform special exercises, jogging in the morning.Since then, for the past two decades, he does not throw his hobby, which became vital to him.Very happy that he was able to attach to the physical charge of all family members, neighbors, which is not by chance called the most athletic in the house.

However, more importantly, Anatoly Petrovich sees even in this fact.For him, more important is what he, in fact, sought to: his own son, in his youth to play sports is not too willingly, now is not indifferent to the physical development of Sasha.Now, it really no one to talk sense Anatoly Petrovich that it is from

head of the family depends largely on children's love for the sport.From the head of the family!

interesting still work!When we talk about human education of the future, a man of the communist tomorrow, first of all we mean the mental, spiritual his wealth.And is it possible to forget that the solution to the grand challenges of our social development largely depends on the degree of health, physical energy, creative longevity of each of us?On the one hand, we're kind of agree - harmoniously developed person should combine spiritual wealth, moral purity and physical perfection, but on the other ...

physical development of the individual has been and remains one of the most important multi-faceted educational process.It is useful, I think, to recall the statement of Marx: