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How to use diapers .The process of folding diapers depends on the size of the child and the diaper itself.The main thing - to put a large piece of cloth at the place where it will be most urine, and not clog the diaper between his legs, otherwise the child will be difficult to move them.If the newborn is normal size and normal diaper, fold it lengthwise so as to obtain a triple layer.Then add three more times in the other direction from one end to another.As a result, half of the folded diaper is composed of six layers, and the other - of the three.The boy is double the thickness of the front is needed;girl - the front, if it is lying on his stomach, and back when the back.When you slaughter a pin, slip the two fingers between the diaper and the body of the child, so as not to prick it.

Most mothers change diapers when taking a child to feed and change again when placed in a crib.Employed mothers, however, are starting to realize that you can save time and laundered diapers, swaddle if only once - bef

ore or after feeding.Most children do not cry when they are wet.But there is a particularly sensitive children, and they have to perepelenyvat often.If a child is well-covered, it will not freeze in a wet diaper.Cold is by evaporation, if the diaper is wet outside air.

If a child urinates a lot and wet is not only a diaper, but the bed, you can use two diapers.The second uncomfortable to wear as the first.You can attach her baby at times, like an apron.

Disposable diapers are easy to track.Some mothers find it comfortable in everyday use, if the extra expense to you does not matter.large size diapers are not very comfortable, but small - not as good absorb urine as cloth, and even worse retain feces.

Clearing the child after a chair, you can use baby cream or petroleum jelly, having put it on a piece of cotton wool, or simply a cloth dampened with water.If necessary, you can use cotton wool or cloth soaked in soapy water.It is not necessary to wash the baby, if you change a wet diaper.

washing diapers. Once you have removed the diapers, put them in a bucket with a lid, partially filled with water.When you add soap or detergent, it will be easier to wash off stains.But soap should dissolve well, and clumps should not stick to the diaper.When you are shooting the dirty diaper, otskrebite feces in the toilet with a knife or flush, flush.

Diaper non alkaline wash with soap or detergent in the washing machine or in the tub (pre-dilute soap) and rinse two, three or four times.Number of rinses depends on how clean the water is and how delicate and sensitive baby skin.If the skin is very sensitive, only two rinses.

If your baby has diaper rash are, you might need some extra precautions when diaper rash appears or regularly.Bacteria are collected in a diaper, produce ammonia from urine.This ammonia is the main cause of diaper rash.Washing does not eliminate the bacteria completely.If diaper rash is strong, the bacteria should be destroyed by boiling diapers or adding water during the final rinse a special antiseptic.Ask your doctor how antiseptic easier and safer to use.Some models for drying clothes washing machines and machines to effectively kill bacteria (it all depends on the heating temperature).

bacteria are killed and the sunlight.If you hang a diaper (and other things that come into contact with urine: vests, shirts, sheets, pillows, oilcloth, waterproof pants) in the sun to dry, the bacteria die.

gaskets. There are special paper pads that are put in diapers when the chair is expected.There

laying of a specially treated fabric that dries quickly.They are intended to protect the baby's skin from excessive moisture.

waterproof pants over the diapers are especially useful when you have somewhere to go with the child.They can be used at home, if you do not mind erasing them.Will you use them at home, depending on the child's skin sensitivity.If your child does not put these panties, diapers from the urine soaks into the fabric of the bed or evaporates.When a child in pants, diapers remain warm and moist, and they accumulate bacteria.It promotes the formation of ammonia and the appearance of diaper rash.If the lower part of the body of the child is clean, you can use the panties on your own.If a diaper rash, do not use them.Probably help if you wash them daily with soap and water and hang in the sun to kill the bacteria that form ammonia.