Periods of play

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Behave friendly with the child. When you are with your child, be calm and friendly.When you feed him, help get rid of the air in the stomach, bathe and dress him perepelenyvaete, keep or simply are in the same room with him, he begins to realize how much you mean to each other.When you hug him or talk to him when you say you feel it the most wonderful in the world of a child, he successfully developed emotionally, just as the calcium in milk, strengthens his bones.That is why we are talking with the child, shake our heads, and so on.Even the most staid and taciturn people begin to behave when meeting with a baby.

trouble is that young inexperienced parents are to communicate with the child so severely that no longer enjoy it.Then you and the child lose something.

Naturally, I am not saying that you are from birth must continually talk to the child, constantly hugging him or toss.From that, he would get tired and eventually grow nervous and spoiled.Nine-tenths of the time spent with the child, you can

be silent.And for him, and for you is more important than the silent gentle friendliness.The child is calm and pleasant, when you hold it in her arms, gently and peacefully look in his face, to say the least evenly.

friendliness without overindulgence. When a child does not sleep, it is useful to be near the mother (or with older siblings, if they have one) so that it can babble, turning to her, hear her talking to him, sometimes showing how to play.But it is not necessary that all the time he spent in her arms or on your lap, so that it always amused him.He enjoys the mother society, enjoy it and at the same time he learns to hold himself.If a young mother was so proud of the child, so he is pleased that most of the time, when he is awake, holding him in her arms, the child gets used to the attention and it requires more and more

What to look for and what to play.The baby begins to wake up earlier and earlier, especially in the afternoon.He wants to do something, and he needed company.The 2,3 and 4 months he likes to look at the bright and moving objects.On the street he was happy to look at the leaves and shadows.House looks at his own hands, the picture on the wall.You can hang over his crib bright plastic toys.You can make your own colored mobile toy - glue, cardboard, colored paper paste over and hang the lamp or ceiling, so that they swayed from drafts (such toys are not strong enough to play them, besides their harmful chewing);It can be hung within reach of any items of household utensils: spoons, plastic cups.Remember, all this eventually gets to the baby's mouth.The greatest joy for a six-month baby - to take things in hand and a stick in his mouth: associated with plastic products (which are made specifically for this age group), rattles, rings for teeth, animal figures, rag dolls, household objects.Keep the child to the newly painted furniture, especially if the paint contains lead.Do not let celluloid toys, which you can see through, sharp or small objects such as beads: a child might swallow or choke on.From rubber toys remove metal whistles.

When the day it bothers the child's bed, put him in an arena near the place where you sit or work.If you intend to use the arena, the child should get used to it with three or four months before you learn to sit and crawl, and before you begin to lower it to the floor.Otherwise, he will accept from the outset arena as a prison.By the time he learns to sit

and crawl, it will be interesting to get to the things that are close to him, and keep items such as spoons, saucers, strainer.When riding school bored him, the child can sit for a children's table or in a rocking chair.And nice to let him crawl freely.

When to let the child in a playpen. You do not start a playpen.Some psychologists and psychiatrists did not approve, believing that it interferes with the child to explore the world and become independent.I understand these theoretical objections, but do not think that the opponents of the arena and his supporters were strong evidence of his innocence.I advise you to use arena in the first place because it is very practical - especially for a busy mother.Placed in the living room or the kitchen, where her mother works, playpen gives the child a society that is not in his room, and the ability to see what happens.Later he would play for hours, throwing various objects on the floor and raising them.When he was old enough to stand, playpen gives him a solid foundation under your feet and the ability to hold on to planks and railings.In good weather, the child can safely play in the arena on the porch and watch the world go by.

rocking chair also useful when the child has already learned to sit with your back straight, but not yet able to walk.Some rocking chairs base which rests on the floor, not far enough anteriorly, and the child can fall over his chair.Father can correct the defect by extending runners rocking.You can optionally attach the spring to the bottom to the chair does not wobble too much.

I would not hold the baby in a chair all the time when he was not asleep.He needs to learn to crawl and stand.