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How much time should sleeping baby?Mothers often ask about it.Of course, only the child can answer it.One needs a lot of sleep, the other - a strikingly small.If the child gets enough to eat if it is convenient if it is outdoors, and sleeping in a cool place, you can give him to decide for himself how much sleep they need.

Most of the children in the first months of sleep from feeding to feeding, if you get enough to eat and have a normal digestion.There are, however, children who are from the beginning to wake up early, not because something disturbs them.If you have a child, you do not need to take.

Growing up, the child gradually sleeping less and less.Most likely at first it will be noticeable in the second half of the day.Over time, he remains awake and at other times during the day.Each child produced by the habits associated with sleep, and he usually wakes up at the same time.By the end of the first year he was asleep twice during the day and between half a year and one day disclaims sle


only in its infancy, you can give the child to decide how much to sleep.At the age of two the child becomes more complicated creature.Agitation, anxiety, fear of bad dreams, the rivalry with his brothers - pse may prevent him from getting the right amount of sleep.

Falling asleep. preferable that the child used to the idea that immediately after the meal, he goes to bed.(Sometimes the child resists this and wants to talk after the meal. I would have prevented it.) Well, if he gets used to sleep alone in his crib, after at least three months, when the gases stop torture.

Most children get used to the silence or to a small noise.Therefore, the first time it makes no sense to tiptoe and whisper - you only teach your child wake up to an unexpected noise.The baby and older child, who is accustomed to the usual sounds, probably will not wake up, if you look funny laughing friends, will include TV or someone would go to his room.

on your back or on your stomach? Most babies from the beginning prefer to sleep on your stomach.This is especially true for children who are gases: When the stomach is pressed against the bed, it eases the pain.

other children anyway, and some people like to sleep on their backs.There are two flaws in the supine position during sleep.If a child is sick-he can choke vomiting.Besides, he usually turns his head in one direction - toward the middle of the room.This can lead to the fact that his head is flattened.The brain is not hurt, and his head will recover gradually, but it may take several years.If you start in a timely manner, you can teach him to turn his head to both sides.To do this, each time to swap the position of the feet and head, when put your baby to sleep.Then, if he likes to look at any part of the room, he will spend half the time on one side, half - on the other.After a few weeks of the baby so accustomed to his usual position on the belly or on your back, it is very difficult to put it in another way.

I think it is better to allow the child from the beginning to get used to sleeping on your stomach, if he wants to.Later, when he learns to roll over, he can change his habits.

Try to teach a child to wake up on mornings later or lie quietly until you wake up.In middle of the first year, most children begin to get used to wake up a little later;initially they wake up between five and six in the morning.But some parents the habit to listen to the child and jump in as soon as he lift a child, and therefore no way to go back to sleep or just lie down.As a result, the child can be for two or three years, but parents still have to get up before seven in the morning.And so the child gets used to this, that, barely awake, requires their society.

Therefore, if you want to sleep until seven or eight in the morning, wake up alarm clock rather than the movements of the child.Set the alarm for five minutes after the time of his recovery and normal every day rearrange the alarm for five minutes later.When he wakes up the signal, you may fall asleep again, so that you do not hear, or can learn to lie still awake longer and longer.If he starts to whine, wait: maybe it will calm down.Of course, if he begins to cry loudly in protest, you have to get up.But try again in a month.

After six months, place the child in a separate room, if possible. If it is convenient, the baby can sleep with the birth in a private room;parents in this case must be around to hear if he will cry.But when he first slept in the same room with their parents, in the 6 months it is time to relocate.He is now strong enough to to take care of themselves and have not yet developed the habits and preferences.It is desirable that he did not sleep in the parents' room after 9 months.Otherwise, he will get used and will be afraid to sleep alone.The older the child, the more difficult it will be to translate.

In addition, the child can frighten parents intercourse, which he did not understand and interpret incorrectly.Parents usually find that there is no danger if the baby is sleeping.But child psychiatrists describe the cases when the child woke up and felt a strong shock, and the parents did not even know existed.But if the child can not be placed separately, the risk of addiction is not very large, and especially parents do not worry.If possible, put a screen between the beds.

whether the child sleeps in a room alone or with another child, a little older, usually a purely practical question.If you can, well, when each child has his own room, especially when they grow up.In this case, everyone has a place for your own things and the ability to be alone.The main disadvantage of two children stay in the same room that they will wake each other at the wrong time.

Do not put the child to bed. Sometimes the child often wakes up at night and cries or repeatedly comes into the room of parents.In this case,

to sleep, parents placed him in bed with him.While it seems the most practical solution, but is usually a mistake.Even if in the coming weeks the child ceases to be anxious, he clings to the security of the parental bed, and put it out of her extremely difficult.Therefore always firmly and decisively return it in its own bed.I consider reasonable under any pretext not to lay the child in the parent bed, even for the sake of pleasure, when my father on a business trip.