Sports equipment , fitness equipment

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Few families boast that they have a home or another sports equipment, fitness equipment.Even ordinary dumbbells, rubber bands, which, incidentally, can be purchased at any pharmacy, did not meet in every apartment.Without the very simplest of sports, you see, to talk about the high quality, for example, the same morning exercises can only very tentatively.That is why we recommend not putting off, then on, buy today that will significantly increase the effectiveness of physical exercise in your own apartment.

Even better, if you equip children "home ground."This term is quite firmly entrenched in our vocabulary, especially after the publication of a publishing house "Physical culture and sport" in 1981, the book VS Skripaleva "Stadium in the apartment," in which he introduced the reader with a home sports complex Nikitin family.The simulator covers an area of ​​just over one square meter (1,5x0,75).L-shaped arrangement of horizontal beams supported by two uprights with screws crossbar.Size long balki- 1.

5 meters shorter - 0.75 meters.One rack crossbars located at the site of the junction of beams, the other - in the middle of a long beam.

rope, swing and other devices can be attached and as shown in the figure.

If desired, above the door to her son's room, you can make an impromptu bar (Fig.).

Shown here is another version of a home treadmill is also very simple structure.Vertically mounted four-pipe diameter 40 to 50 millimeters.Screw jack at one end of each tube creates a bursting force between the floor and ceiling.If you come from the water pipes, screw-spacers provided at their ends and couplings.Between a fixed stand about 10-15 inches from the ceiling by four thinner tubes, which are attached to them with screws.

Practice shows that the simulator can be placed anywhere in the apartment, even on the bed.Depending on the age of the children added to it a set of sports and gaming devices: gymnastic rings, rope, trapeze, rope ladder, horizontal bar, punching bag for kids - swings of rubber expanders and "creepers."

Training children in the mini-stadium recommend to start with simple exercises and only gradually move to more complex.One of the prerequisites for such studies would like to emphasize in particular: the child should not be forced to perform the movements that he does not want or afraid to do.Do not worry, gradually experience and skill will help your son or daughter to overcome the difficulties.

There are still important, in our view, the moment.The joint training of parents and children entered high moral sense.Each lesson, developing strength, agility, will, unwittingly brings together family members, imbued as easy to see firsthand all of us, the joy of communication, understanding and trust.

Very well expressed favor of systematic exercise Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Maresiev: that physical education and sport help develop much-needed human life reliability.Recall those wonderful words to our children - the future soldiers.They definitely need to know.They - our change!