sunshine and sunbathing .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Direct sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that cause the formation of vitamin D in the skin directly.In general, children need to spend the time in the sun.But I do three warnings.First time in the sun should be increased very gradually to avoid burns, especially if the sun is hot and the sky is clear.Secondly, long exposure to the sun is unreasonable, even if gradually formed a tan.Tan protects the body from excessive sun exposure.In other words, the body can not use more than a certain amount of sunlight.Prolonged exposure to sunlight can adversely affect the skin.Third, a sunburn is dangerous as well as heat stroke.When you put your baby to sleep in a stroller, consider how much time it will be in the sun, especially if the place is new, and the sun shines brightly.

summer you can expose the child's body the sun if the weather is warm, and the baby weighs 4.5 kg.It is already quite well-fed, to stay warm, if it is partially undress in the open air.In cooler weather, you can only expose the feet.The

person was not in a hurry to open to my eyes adjusted to the bright light.Children get used to the light in different ways.If we substitute the sun's face, turn the child's head to the sun: then eyebrows protect the eyes.

winter can arrange sun bath at the open window, if desired, if the room is warm and the child is not blowing.

Start with two minutes and gradually increase the duration - for two minutes daily.Half the time keep the child on the back half - on her stomach.I would not advise to put the baby in the sun for longer than 30-40 minutes, especially in the summer.In warm weather, it is important that the baby is not too hot while sunbathing.It is better to put the baby on the mattress on the ground, which is cool, but not in a closed carriage.If the child is flushed, it's hot.

If the sun really was hot, such as on the beach, baby all the time should be kept in the shade of the first day or two, and even then it can get too much of the scattered UV rays.A child who knows how to crawl and walk on the beach and other sunny location needs a hat to protect your head from the sun.Remember that red burn occurs a few hours after the damage is already done.