The child whines

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

If asked to describe the parents nagging, such responses will be approximately:

«Endless requests that are simply put out ...»

«Nagging - this is when the child begins to cry and whine piteously;I just breaks my heart pity ... »

« If we are a child began to whine, I do not rest until I will not yield ... »

These descriptions show how parents perceive nagging.They lose control of themselves and feel that children are manipulated.It is important to realize that nagging for children - it is an effective way to get what you want.It's very simple - with the help of whining children run by adults.When the child is comfortable with the scene, especially in the presence of strangers, parents feel ashamed (remember Dan's behavior), they feel defeated, overcome their anger and resentment.

Nagging can be expressed in different ways:

• grouchy, annoying tone.

• Words and statements, which express self-pity.The purpose - to undermine the confidence of parents in the correctness of the decision.For example: "

Everyone at the school such shoes, as I have, worse?With me nobody wants to play, everyone will laugh at me. "

• Sour dissatisfied with mine, his eyes on the wet spot, sniff.

• eloquent gestures and facial expressions: shoulders and head lowered, pleading gestures with his hands.

• Requirements repeated loudly and insistently (this method is often used children in crowded places, because the parents to easily make concessions, if only to reassure rasshumevshihsya kids).

where to start nagging

Children are not born whiners.Usually they learn this at a certain age from older brothers and sisters, from commercials, from toddlers in the nursery and kindergarten, and sometimes even from their parents.

Adult nagging often hidden under the guise of such complaints, "Look, as I do for you, and after asking so little."Children try to do the same, and quickly realize that using the whining can always be done his way.If the parents resist, you whining longer and louder - and success is guaranteed!

Andrea, mother of two children, three-year and six-year Katy Kurt.Kurt-active and independent boy, he goes to school and likes to play football.Cathy is not interested in anything other than whining.Should Mom lowered her to the floor or out of the room as the starting tears and reproaches.

«Looking at Cathy, you might think that I'm with her never play, but it is not.I just do it and.The girl can not be left for a moment, I even the washed laundry out of the machine can not get, because my daughter just starts bawling - sigh Andrea. pediatrician he says that Katie is going through hard parting with me and that it will pass with time, but I justI can not anymore".

Last summer, the parents tried to help Cathy: playing with her, went to the beach and the zoo.Unfortunately, it did not bring the desired result.Rather than rejoice and be glad, the girl whined all the time.She was not interested in anything, you had only one thing: to be near mom and was engaged only in it."I can not even talk quietly with her husband, or girlfriend, because Cathy immediately begins to whimper" - complains Andrea.

woman believes that the roots of the problem lie in infancy Kathy.She thinks that her daughter did not have enough attention."I guess I was too busy with Kurt, and Katie took offense, - says Andrea.- And maybe the fact that I am a bad mother. "

«My neighbor's three children - Andrea said.- Her daughter, the same age as Katie whines very rare.Probably very unpleasant to watch the whining from the side.How many times repeated the same thing: we are with a neighbor about something talking in the yard, and then Kathy starts to cry and ask me to take her in his arms.I am ashamed that I have such a spoiled child. "

«I do so much for Cathy - resentfully said Andrea.- I give it almost all the time, I can not go anywhere.I do not remember the last time I was in a movie, because if I leave the house, Katie rolls terrible tantrum. "