Fresh air.

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

temperature changes are useful for the child, they help the body adapt to heat and cold.Bank employee rather catch a cold in the cold than a lumberjack, accustomed to such weather.Cold or cool air improves appetite, rosy cheeks and give courage to people of any age.The child, who has been staying in the warmth, usually poor appetite and pale skin.

In cold weather, the air contains much less moisture.If heated air in the room, it becomes drier, especially if the room temperature is above 22 degrees.From the dry warm air dries and hardens the mucus in the nose, dries the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.This causes the child in trouble and reduces resistance to infection.

child (and adult) a good two or three hours a day in the fresh air, especially at a time when the house drowned.

If a child in cold weather does not happen on the street and sleeping in the house, you need to open the window wide enough (or turn off the heating), the temperature dropped to 16 degrees.

When a child does not

sleep and is with his family, the temperature should be 20 to 22 degrees.

Most people get used to the heat, and winter at home is becoming warmer and warmer, and they do not notice it.In a private house, you can set the thermostat, which will turn off the heating if the temperature is higher than desired (above 22 degrees).In an apartment or house without a thermostat is necessary to hang the room thermometer in a prominent place, and several times a day to take his testimony, while the mother so get used to the temperature at 20-22 degrees, that will change without notice thermometer.

Anxiety and excessive worry inexperienced mother deprives the child of fresh air.This tends to keep the child's mother in too warm room and also too warm shelter.In such circumstances, a child's prickly heat can appear even in winter.

child walks.To start the discussion to say that a child weighing 4.5 kg and more useful when there is no rain, carried out in the open air for at least two to three hours if the temperature is above zero and there is cold and sharp winds.A child weighing 3.5 kg, can certainly walk at a temperature of 16 degrees.Air temperature - not the only factor.Moist air at the same temperature appears cooler, especially in the wind.Even if the temperature is below zero, the baby weighing 6 kg and more may well spend one to two hours in a sunny, sheltered from the wind.

winter, it is best to carry a child in the middle of the day (between ten o'clock and two-hour .; feedings during the first months).If you live in the country or have a yard in good weather can bear a child for three hours or more.Let the sun falls short on his face, if it does not cause him inconvenience

When the child gets older, he sleeps less and more appreciative of the society.In this case, I would not leave him alone for more than an hour, if he does not sleep.In the second half of the first year of a child, when not sleeping, he should see next to a people, even if takes himself.When he is awake, it is useful to spend two or three hours with his mother.

If you live in a city and you have no yard, fumbled a child in a wheelchair.Warm underwear, trousers, woolen stockings and galoshes really brighten up the lives of parents.If you like to walk, the longer you walk with your child, the better.

summer, when the house is hot, and you can find a cool place from the outside, the longer it will wake the child, the better.If the house is cool, I would still have an hour or two to bear a child on the street in the morning or late in the day.

When a child goes to three times a day feeding, you need to change the time of his walk so that was convenient to you and to him.But the general principle - a walk every day for at least two to three hours .- remains the same.Approaching the year, the child begins more interested in others.If you go out in the afternoon for a walk with him, he can not fall asleep, as before.So after dinner you have to leave it in the crib, so he slept.In this case, the time for a walk after dinner, especially in winter, is not enough.You can walk an hour or two in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.morning walk time also depends on when the baby sleeps.Some of the children at the end of the first year of falling asleep right after breakfast, others do not sleep almost until noon.If your child is not sleeping while walking, you'll have to put him to sleep in a crib, and walk in the remaining time..