how to dress your baby more practical .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

better to use pure wool (or synthetic) blankets.They provide the most warmth at a low weight.Best - knitted (shawls).They are more convenient to wrap the baby, and you can wrap it with as many layers as you need the air temperature, since they are thinner conventional blankets.Avoid heavy blankets, such as quilts.

All blankets and sheets should be sufficiently wide to allow them to be tuck under the mattress so they do not come loose.Oilcloth and pillow should also be large enough, or they must be attached with pins or tied at the corners.The mattress should be flat and rigid, the child is not lying in the recess.Spring mattress should fit exactly the size that had no space in which the child can get stuck.In the crib or stroller not need pillow small child.

Bonnet for sleep should be knitted if in a dream, he will slip on the face, the child must be able to breathe through it.You can use any cap, if the mother is nearby.

There are many sleeping bags.Most of them are attached to the corners of the be

d, and many have throat fastened with a zipper.They are very comfortable, but I do not recommend them for two reasons.There is a small risk that the baby will suffocate if something keeps him at the throat and at the same time tied to the bed.Some psychologists believe that the psychology of the child adversely affects the fact that the most important period of the formation of emotions he spends too much time bound, immobile and helpless.It seems more useful to give the child the benefits of ease.

can make a sleeping bag from a thick blanket.If synthetic blanket, it can often be washed and it is not stringy.You can also use coveralls, from which grew your eldest child.You can make a bag that the child will reach up to the armpits, and fasten his safety pins.One or two sweaters will keep warm shoulders.When the child begins to find its feet, it still needs a good shelter.This bag can be made from old blankets.Longitudinal seam leave open the top of the third.The two halves of his body smell the tight and fasten with pins on the back, where the child does not make it up to them.In cold weather, use two of these bags.