What harm does nagging parents and children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Katie whines to get his share of parental attention.She incorrectly formed sense of self-worth.Children as well as parents, need to feel important, to occupy a certain place in the family.Unless there is a positive role, the children choose the negative.

Nagging helping Kathy feel its importance, as well as to make all the other family members to do what she wants.It found its place - it suits the role of snivelling, naughty baby, who eventually grow into touchy and hysterical "adult child".Later in the article we will discuss how to help children find their place in the family, to learn to be responsible and hardworking, to think not only about themselves but also for others.

should be noted that Katie expertly uses his "weakness" to control other family members.With the help of whining she achieves the desired and asserting itself.The girl is well aware of what will be the reaction of adults to its nagging: angry, pokrichat, and then still succumb.

This behavior will continue as long as the parents

of Katy will not change their behavior and response to nagging.

Kathy found a way to manage the family members, it will continue to provoke parents to obtain confirmation of its significance.The little girl feels that her mother often doubts the correctness of his actions, and takes this uncertainty by pretending weak and dependent.

making concessions, Andrea is not simply surrender to the mercy of the "little tyrant";she begins to doubt their parenting qualities.We are not in any way do not want to say that Katie whines on purpose, to get their share of attention and importance.Most likely, once she discovered that this behavior allows you to control other people, and now repeat it again and again.That is why it is so important for parents to change their response to the nagging.

If you do not put a stop whining, it can develop into a style of behavior.As an adult, Kathy will continue to seek his help with tears and tantrums, trying to always be in the spotlight.This behavior prevents the establishment of harmonious relations in the future will be difficult to find Cathy good friend, a husband and keep warm, trusting relationship with them.

If Katie learns to constructively solve their problems, to empathize, to be independent, it will remain for life as a victim.

What can be done in response to nagging:

• yield to the requirements;

• demonstrate their anger;

• show anger and frustration;