The dangerous habit of whining children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Nagging will not work by itself.Turning a blind eye to the disgusting behavior of the child and telling herself that "it's just such a period, it will soon be over," you render a disservice to themselves and the baby.

Consequences whining stored for a long time and affect all family members.This happens because:

• Nagging is contagious!Should your child see that brother or sister is run by parents with the help of whining, he always tries to do the same.For example, the older sister wants a cookie, but Mom refuses it, because soon will be ready to dinner.Immediately connect the younger children and begin to whine: "We want to have the same ... Why not ... Give me cookies ... I do not want to wait ... I want a cookie now."

• Nagging can develop into self-pity.A child ceases to believe in themselves and be afraid to try something new.For example: "I do not want to play football ... I do not get ... I can not ... Why are you forcing me!»

• Nagging can cause the formation of a child's complex of a lose

r, the weakling.Believing that constant nagging - a measure of vulnerability and sensitivity, parents begin to take care of the baby too.Gradually the baby and begins to believe that he is weak, touchy and behaves accordingly.For example: "Bobby's not like all the kids ... It is very vulnerable boy ... It is necessary to protect other children ... This is a dangerous game: run, fall, shock ... better to let it sit on the sidelines."The child may even harbor resentment toward their parents, believing that it underestimated.

• Nagging does not pass by itself.If no action is taken, then the child can become totally unmanageable.For example: "You let me go, and now you say that you can not ... So what, you're banned ... I'm still going."

• Whiners do not like to make fun of the teacher and classmates.As adults, they often conflict with superiors and co-workers, friends, and home.For example: "You're not listening to me ... You do not understand me ... I need more time ... I can not do as you ask ... I do not know, do it for me ... It's too hard".

• Nagging can easily escalate into a tantrum.For example: "I want to see the cartoon.Turn on the cartoon!You are bad!I hate you!Dad always lets me watch cartoons. "Very soon replaced by whining cry, the child begins to break and scatter toys, rolls on the floor, kicking his feet and hands fighting.

Some children outgrow nagging, but this is the exception rather than the rule.Bad behavior does not pass by itself, without the intervention of adults.Sometimes they stop whining because they found other, more effective, but less destructive ways of influencing others.They begin to lie, steal, become secretive.The need for attention, which was previously satisfied by whining now being implemented with the help of such dangerous habits such as alcohol and drugs.

not mimic nagging.Ridicule you only further soured relations with the child.

Sometimes they stop whining because their peers tease.Parents in any case should not use this technique.Ridiculing the child (even for educational purposes), you put him traumatized.In the future it will also avenge offenders using ridicule.