Clothing for room temperature .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

most difficult question for the doctor - in a book or in the office - how to dress the baby.I can give only the most general guidelines.A child weighing less than 2.5 kg has not yet normal regulators of the body, and it must be kept in an incubator.If its weight is between 2.5 kg and 4, the child is not necessary to heat from outside.In quite a warm room (at a temperature of 20-22 degrees), it take care of itself, if you wear it in the cotton baby's undershirt and hide one or two light blankets.

By the time he weighs 4 kg, its thermoregulatory system begins to operate normally and the child acquires a layer of fat, which helps to keep warm.Now, in cold weather it is possible to sleep in a room at a temperature of 16 degrees.

not need to in the child's room was less than 16 degrees (it was too cold).At 16 degrees, the child should be dressed in a sweater, to his shoulders and his hands were warm, and covered with two or three light blankets.

relatively complete infants and older children need less clo

thing than adults.Children dress too warm rather than not enough.And this is not good for them.If a child has always dressed too warm, the body loses its ability to adapt to changes in temperature.And so the child can get cold quickly.Therefore, as a general rule, the child wear lighter and watch him carefully.Do not try to dress it up so that he had warm hands warm enough in the majority of babies dressed hands remain cold.Touch the baby's feet or neck.But above all, make sure the color of the face.If the child is cold, his pale cheeks and he can begin to whimper.

When put on a sweater or a shirt over his head, remember that a child's head is egg-shaped rather than spherical shape.Please gather in the hands of a sweater, then wear it on the baby's head on the back of the head forward, stretching slowly, when it comes to his forehead and nose.When shooting a sweater, first remove the child from the hands of the sleeves.Gather the sweater in his hands when he is on the child's neck.Remove the front part of the head, bypassing the nose and forehead (and the rear part is still in a sweater) and then remove the back of the head in the direction.