August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Circumcision other ways to care for the penis.Should we cut the baby?If not, how to care for the penis (for genitals)?Single answer does not exist.

circumcision - the removal of the skin (called the foreskin) that covers the head of the penis.Benefits of circumcision - cleanliness and practicality.Under the skin from the head of the penis stands out like a cheese mass, called smegma.If the foreskin remains, smegma underneath delayed.There come the usual bacteria and cause irritation and lung infection.If the foreskin is removed, the smegma is not delayed and the infection does not happen.If circumcision is performed at the newborn, it does not threaten the psychological trauma, as is the case with the older children.I think circumcision is a good tool, especially if most of the boys in the neighborhood cut off - in this case, the boy feels "like everyone else."However, the absolute need for this.Circumcision is usually still in the maternity ward.

If your child is cut off, the wound will heal within

a few days.In order to protect the wound and formed a scab from clinging to the diaper, apply a little Vaseline or boric ointment on a piece of gauze the size of a postage stamp and carefully wrap the tip of the penis.Ointments keep the gauze in place.If the diaper touches the wound, it may appear on a few drops of blood or a single spot.Do not worry because of that.

Another way to care for the penis: it is necessary to delay the daily foreskin and wash the head of the penis.First, it is painful for the child, because a small hole in the skin, and the mother is difficult to do this procedure effectively.I this way and psychologically and physically appears unsuccessful.

The third way - to leave the foreskin alone.This is the simplest way, and it is used in much of the world.The lack of it - in a small risk of infection and the likelihood that the later is still required circumcision, and then it will cause psychological consequences.

Why circumcision later in life is bad. The need for circumcision is often raised later - either due to infection or due to the fact that the child begins to engage in masturbation.In those days, when the child's emotions have been neglected, any of these reasons considered sufficient reason for circumcision.The parents or the doctor might say, "Perhaps he is engaged in masturbation, because it feels discomfort from the infection."The problem is that this theory puts the cart before the horse.Now we know that boys, especially those aged between three and six years, often worry because his penis, afraid to damage it (see. Section 515).This anxiety may encourage the child is constantly touching the penis, causing an infection.If this is exactly the sequence of events, you will understand that the operation will only strengthen the child's fear.

Danger trauma circumcision is especially great between the ages of one and six years old, but is maintained and at a later age.I consider unreasonable operation when the child is a few months, especially to prevent masturbation.The possibility of trauma surgery at a later - reasonable cause to prodelyvat surgery immediately after birth.

erection. Infants male is the erection of the penis, especially when the bladder becomes full.This is not dangerous.