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healing navel.When a child is in the womb, it is fed through the blood vessels of the umbilical cord.Immediately after birth the doctor bandaging cuts the umbilical cord and it is closer to the child's body.The remaining piece dries, and eventually disappears, usually within a week, although sometimes the cord lasts longer.After the umbilical cord remains defection portion which heals within several days, occasionally weeks.Heals slowly, hard tissue can be formed on it, which is called the grain, but it is not dangerous. Navel should just keep clean and dry, so he would not hurt the bacteria.If it is dry, then covered with a scab and eventually healing.These days, most doctors do not advise to dress navel when he heals.In this case, it is rather dry.Sometimes it is recommended not to bathe the child all the way to healing the navel, but this is not necessary if the navel wipe dry with sterile cotton.It is reasonable to keep the diaper below the navel, so it did not get wet.

If unhealed navel becomes m

oist and festers, it should be cleaned daily with a cotton swab with alcohol and carefully protected from the wet diaper.The doctor may recommend antiseptic powder or crushed alum to speed healing.

If the navel and surrounding skin reddened, then the infection started, and you should consult a doctor immediately.And until the doctor examined the child, apply a wet compress.

When the scab healed belly button to rip the clothes, you may receive one or two drops of blood.This is not dangerous.

Umbilical hernia. After healing, the navel deep muscle layer remains hole through which the blood vessels of the umbilical cord.When the baby cries, part of the intestine fills the cavity and pushes the stomach through an opening (called umbilical ring) out.This is called an umbilical hernia.If the hole is small, the protruding portion is not more than a pea, and a few weeks or months, the ring is usually closed.But if the ring is large, it may take months or even years, that it was closed, and the protruding portion is the size of a cherry.

used to be that tight elastic bandage helps ring quickly overgrown.But now doctors believe that it does not matter.It is better to do without the dressings, bandages because often get dirty, bloom and irritate the skin.

Do not worry about the protruding portion.Umbilical hernia rarely causes trouble as other types of hernias.No need to keep the baby from crying.

In older children and adults there is a layer of abdominal fat, and therefore the navel is like in the recess.But in the first two or three years of life so rarely.The navel of a young child (in appearance it resembles rosebud) protrudes above the stomach.He navel should not be confused with a hernia.A hernia is felt under the skin like a soft balloon.And it makes the stomach to act much more than usual.