What are the sources of whining children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

often hears that "here earlier were able to educate their children."Parenting is understood in severity to them "to be seen, but not heard."But the problem is that it was brought up, most present-day parents, and they do not want to keep their children "with an iron fist," do not want to obedience based on fear.

In this so-called "golden age" adult education were the principal in the family (and most importantly of all - Father).They maintained the discipline of using spanking, moralistic, humiliation and punishment.

In the 1960s, when society has become more free and democratic, many parents abandoned old methods of education, especially on punishment and bans, and began to indulge in all the children.At the same time, children have become more confident to claim their rights, and that does not suffer from adult corporal punishment and morals.Now we are seeing trials in which children are against their parents.

During this time there were objective social changes that have affected the relationship b

etween children and parents.The media are becoming more affordable.Manufacturers produce advertisements aimed at children.All this becomes a fertile ground for whining.

•-schoolgirl girls believe that their popularity depends on the peer hairstyles, clothing and figures.

• Preschoolers want to eat for breakfast just those cereals that advertise on TV their favorite characters.

• Out of every big-budget children's film is accompanied by a receipt of sale "related products": comic books, CDs with games, school supplies, and collectible figurines.At the same time large-scale advertising campaigns inspire the children that these products they are essential.

• Younger students are willing to spend hours playing computer games.

• Teens need shoes and clothes advertised by athletes or celebrities.

• Children spend days listening to music through headphones and would not want to shoot them.

Children are very easy to impress that certain products will help them feel more comfortable among their peers.Having imbibed the message of the ad, they will complain as long as parents do not give way, and do not buy what children need.Today's children are also more watching TV, including movies, encourage disobedience and bad behavior.This can cause problems in the relationship between parents and children.American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend to put in children's television sets and computers, they also believe that children under two years do not have to watch television.

Parents often hear, including pediatricians and child psychologists, that the dominance of advertising on radio, television and the internet does cause seizures children's tantrums and disobedience.Studies have been carried out, allegedly confirming the relationship of aggression to violence on television.Sometimes it is difficult to determine the cause of whining or bad behavior, so we will focus on the goal - on the fact that children tend to get with the help of whining.

hype complicates the process of training and education, but despite this, parents still remain for their children (not only kids, but also teenagers) the main authority.Robust, trusting relationships within the family, based on mutual respect for each other - that's what you need to counter the influx of external negative factors.That parents should lay the core values ​​that guided the children will build their future life.

Parents should understand that whining or bad behavior - a choice that kids are doing consciously.Therefore, there is no point looking for excuses and make them innocent victims who have fallen under bad influence.Thus, you deny the child's ability to make their own decisions and take responsibility for them.Children whimper, not because you saw it on TV, but because such behavior allows them to control and receive the desired parents.

greatest impact on children have not yet television and the Internet, and parents.They must lay in a child the concept of core values ​​and by example to teach him to prioritize.

Yes, children often repeat what they see in their daily lives or on the TV screen, but it does not justify their nagging or bad behavior.Of course, it is easier to blame the films and programs than to accept the fact that children and adults are responsible for their actions.Without awareness of their own responsibility to change the situation impossible.

How do you feel about advertising?Do not rush to shop after another infomercial?If so, then the child will do the same.Or you know that your children are watching and listening to some music?You, as a parent, obliged to explain to the child features of the world of pop culture, to teach him to be critical of the information, test and analyze it.

Raised child will not blindly believing the promises of advertising, in everyday life, he will not be guided by the opinions of their peers, and the rules and values ​​that parents gave him.That adults need to lay in children the notion of major and minor, that will help them to be affected by lower advertising that promotes consumerism.It is also important to generate in children a strong positive self-esteem, then it does not have to compensate with a soft toy or shoes with a pattern, "like everyone else in the class."Busy parents are trying to appease the children gifts, and this is wrong.Parental love is not measured by sweets and toys, and time spent with the child.

Some parents spoil the children to such an extent that sometimes it is simply impossible to communicate normally with them.Contrary to common sense, these mothers and fathers fulfill all the desires of the child justify his bad behavior and prefer to give only in order to have peace in the family.The problem is that such a "peace" is short-lived.Very soon the children begin to ache again and arrange a tantrum because it is a very effective way to succeed.

Many moms and dads are afraid to take on a major role in the upbringing and education of their children, and perhaps just do not know how to do it.Some unconsciously repeat the mistakes their own parents, because work on yourself and it is very difficult to change.Adults are increasingly lack the time and effort to develop a consistent education strategy and stick to it consistently.

In most cases, parents' response to nagging or disobedience haphazard and spontaneous, they do not know how to raise a child's sense of responsibility.