What health problems can disturb mom in the first year of life

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

With reasonable and proper care that your baby is surrounded by loving parents, the first year of his life takes place relatively quietly, he rarely gets sick from colds, because in the family engaged in hardening of the child, make him a gym and a massage, take air baths.Tummy bothers the kid is not very often, because the mother herself did not break the diet and performing physician's recommendation, became in time and give the lure properly;when the child has learned to sit, crawl or walk, the parents take care of its security by removing all dangerous objects, etc.

Unfortunately, it is very rare to find a child who has never not how it hurt for the first year of his life.. thenhis chair disorder, the nose is incorporated, is sleeping poorly, and teeth - their appearance for many kids and parents becomes a real torture, and that the child accidentally hurt when interest in pots in my mother's closet.In general, enough worries.So mom, having a nursing infant, it is very often interested in the ques

tion: how to determine the status of the baby - healthy or sick, they say he still can not, and can express their feelings only cry.But many babies cry frequently and for any reason, even though there is no evidence of the disease?

This issue, as well as address the most common health problems and will be devoted to this part of the book.Mom will know what diseases often sick infants as starting individual maladies, and that it should take before the arrival of the doctor.This knowledge will help to fight much more successful with many harmless at first glance, ailments, which may subsequently prove to be very dangerous if they are not taken seriously.Mom can pay more attention and seemingly insignificant signs of the disease, as well as to know in what cases it is necessary not postponing the time to see a doctor.

But let's start from the beginning.If you think that the baby got sick, what to do in the first place?

First of all, carefully observe and celebrate the changes in the state, as some symptoms, such as skin rash may disappear before the doctor's arrival, but described in your story about the health of the child, allowing professionals to accurately diagnose and prescribe treatment correctly.

to monitor the baby was the most useful and effective, it should be recalled signs of child well-being.These include an increase in body weight in accordance with the average standards;yra-zhenie calm face, his eyes alive, elastic and fresh cheeks;baby in a good mood, he revived, he plays, interested in everything that surrounds it;good appetite, normal stool, restful sleep.

What should alert the mother in the behavior and appearance of the baby?The signs of the deteriorating state of health include: reducing the weight of the child's body;pale, dull eyes, circles under the eyes, the presence of white patches on the tongue;lethargy, drowsiness;child sucks his thumb and napping during the day, is not interested in others, he does not want to play;or, on the contrary, he is excited, nervous and capricious because of trifles;a bad dream;lack of appetite, refusal to drink.

As the disease progresses there will be other symptoms.. Fever, stool disturbances, vomiting, skin rashes, etc. For each bolez-

either - its own set of attributes, the sequence of occurrence of which must remember mother, then to talk about themdoctor.

Unfortunately, a rare woman (if, of course, not a doctor) possible to estimate the severity of the symptoms, especially in very young son or daughter.And although it is impossible to call a doctor or consult it at any time and on any occasion, it's better not to tighten too much with this, as the baby the way from the common cold to bronchitis or diarrhea to dehydration very short.Therefore, the smaller the child, the sooner it must be examined by a doctor at an elevated temperature, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, or repeated, and unexplained crying, while giving up drinking.

And once again recall that when my mother decided to call a doctor, she should be ready to respond to his question about the temperature, the chair, the general condition of the child.It should also inform the doctor about the child's contact with infectious patients and disorders myocardial infarction.Thus, the doctor will be able to pre-evaluate the situation and decide how much is urgent medical examination a little patient.

Waiting for the doctor should provide the child with a complete rest: avoid noise;not give any medication;at an elevated temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, give the baby to drink more often.If the baby is still breastfeeding,


before feeding it is necessary to give some tea.Breastfeed, do not give him other food before the arrival of the doctor.Children under the age of one year, you can give a little grated apple or mashed potatoes, but only if there is vomiting, and stool in order.