children washing Goals

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

kids whine for a reason and a purpose.Here is an example:

Sandy loves his four year old son Joey and tries anything he did not refuse.Yesterday came to visit my grandmother, and they, along with her mother all day in every way Joey entertained.

boy began to whine in the morning.At breakfast, it became clear that ended with his favorite cereal, and anything else he is not wanted.Grandma immediately ran to the store for cereal for the beloved grandson.After eating a few spoonfuls, Joey pushed his plate away and said that the more he does not want to.

Joey offered a toast, but he also did not want to.Then mother and grandmother decided that the boy was not "in the mood", because, perhaps, a little unwell.

It's time to go to kindergarten, but Joey started crying, saying he did not want to go there, and her grandmother suggested, let pobudet home.So the boy stayed with her mother and grandmother.

mother and grandmother kept trying to cheer Joey, but the South did not work.They went to the store and boug

ht the boy a toy, which he asked, and then went to his favorite cafe.But Joey was still unhappy, whining and whimpering.Despite this, my mother and grandmother were happy how the day passed, the boy did not -ved hysterics!

WHAT really wanted Joey

Like most parents, Sandy sure is that Joey's demands are absolutely valid.A child needs to eat breakfast, so a good mother should prepare a meal.If a child requires a certain product, a good mother should buy it.In other words, with one requirement is followed by another, and so on without end.

This mother does not notice or does not want to notice that constantly tense and focused only on the child.She did not seem to see that his son has become more demanding and capricious, thinks only of himself.

Sandy believes that the problem in the flakes.In fact, with the help of whining Joey subjugates adults and convinced of his own importance: if the grandmother runs to the store for cereal for him, then he is really a biggie!

Neither mother nor grandmother taught Joey to understand how their behavior can affect others, so the boy was accustomed to think only about themselves.Breakfast, garden, toys, camping in a cafe - is "the arena of hostilities" and nagging - a way to attract attention and make its influence on adults.

children to understand that you need to think about the other, they must learn to empathize, care.Toddlers whine, not because they are bad, but because it allows them to get a nagging desired and feel its significance.

Nobody explained to children so that there are better ways to realize their own importance - sympathizing and helping others.Indulging whining, parents are deprived of their ability to play a positive role in the family.

Many children simply do not know that it is possible to assert their position in the family, without whining, because they are the first days of guarded and nurtured in every possible way.Parents make mistakes, not allowing a child to perform all possible job because he does not know how to do it or it is too small.Another common misconception is that the children are supposedly not able to understand and respect the feelings and experiences of others.

Children can and should participate in daily activities.They are quite capable to help adults to do housework (laundry, cooking, cleaning and so on. D.).

child suspended from household chores, we thereby diminish his role in the family.As a result, he will try to attract attention to themselves and assert themselves with the help of whining.

agree that most parents come home from work tired, irritable and tense.It is clear that having a child in this state, much less something it is very difficult to explain.The easiest way to put your baby in front of a TV, while mom and dad did not cook dinner.Parents choose the momentary tranquility and the opportunity to relax without thinking about what this will evolve in a few years.By postponing indefinitely teaching children basic skills and mutual understanding, we thereby lay the foundation for serious problems.

course year-old kid can not get the job done as quickly and efficiently as an adult, but it is better to give the child to try to do something than to deprive him of the opportunity.

Vzaimoperezhivanie and mutual assistance by themselves do not appear.If the baby all the time excluded from participation in the affairs of the family, he will look for other ways of self-affirmation.Every child needs to feel their importance and indispensability.

If a child wants to help, do not repulse him, saying that he is too small, can not do anything and just interferes.Give it a feasible task - and then whining in your home will be much less.

you help educational technology, which we have already spoken:

• Cause and effect - is effective for children of all ages.Your response to the whining should be immediate and consistent.

• Quiet tone will help to find a common language with the child in every situation."Formula of effective communication" is especially important in the case when you explain the child why he did wrong and how to behave.

• Children's participation in family affairs should be the norm.Start small, gradually complicating the order and giving the child more independence.

The above techniques can be used together or separately.Children's participation in family affairs - is the foundation of harmony and mutual understanding in the family.It connects the right response to the whining and calm tone.The unity of these techniques helps to instill in children the responsibility to teach them to work together and to respect others.