How to make the house safe for baby

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Mom and Dad usually in advance preparing for the birth of the baby, while they collect for him, "dowry", which includes not only diapers, undershirts, and a crib and other baby furniture required little one.But very rarely the parents think about how much is safe for the child of his future home, and that they should change the number of habits, in order to further the kid did not hurt.It is much more common than infectious diseases

, cause of the accident is unsafe house or street.So let's try to understand what kind of threat to the little man can conceal your home.

While the baby rib and is more time in bed or in the arena, it is not recommended to wear it on the neck chain.Mothers and grandmothers engaged in embroidery, we should not forget about the baby box with threads and needles, pins and buttons, that he will definitely pull in the mouth.If the apartment contains a pet, you need to monitor its cleanliness, not to let the cat lay on the sleeping baby.

for crawling and toddler man hazards in

the home is much more.Therefore, after reading about the potential and the most frequent causes of accidents, parents should think that you can fix in your own home to protect the baby.While remaining constantly with him, they help him not only to get acquainted with each object, but also to avoid the danger.

So, first of all, it should be placed away any medicines, even harmless from your point of view, such as aspirin.Perhaps this is because it is not considered dangerous, this medicine is often responsible for many accidents.Mothers need to hide away and her bag, the baby will certainly wish to use

follow its contents, and finding in it some tablets can swallow them.He had seen, as adults do, and the first reaction is to try to imitate their parents.Kids should not be available detergents, some of them are poisonous.

poisoning will never occur by chance: research shows that 60% of the toxic substances were in the redistribution of the reach of children.Medicines and household chemicals poisoned children in 85% of cases (of which 60% are on medication, 25% - for household chemicals).What is the cause of so many poisonings?Typically, after a few months after the birth of a child alert parents wanes.Even the most attentive to the first time mom and dad often leave medication on hand in children.

should not be put on the floor buckets, basins and other containers with very hot water.Do not forget to turn the handle to the wall pans standing on the fire.

Do not cast away and plastic bags, one of which the child is required to wear on his head, because it's fun, and as a result - can suffocate.

Parents should take precautions with regard to household appliances, because the child can get burned toaster and iron, cut electrocautery and so on. N. One can not dismiss the socket after turning off the electric drives

boron electric cord and plug, as he saw lying on the floorcord, the child wish to shove it into his mouth.Risk of an open power outlet easy to fix: just close the outlet special safety caps.For the baby is a threat and an outdoor electric heater.Shaver cord hanging near a bath tub, a toy can become a child bathing in it, that is a mortal danger.

reason the vast majority of accidents involving fires are faulty appliances, heaters and so on. N. By the way, check the operation of the oven in the gas stove.Mothers should say goodbye to the habit of leaving the laundry to dry on the stove or other heat source during his absence or sleep, as it may ignite.

Do not forget about the valves and keys that allow a child to latch in any room.

avoid dropping the baby parents better to put safety bars on the windows and in front of an open fire source (fireplace, oven).

The doorway can put a barrier that will allow the child staying in the room, do not feel lonely.For it to be caught by the door, you need to install it on the locking hook.If the house has

can use the locking system with special handles, the same applies to the doors of cabinets and cabinets, cabinets under the sink, if they are left cleaning supplies and other chemicals.

florist mums-to explain even to a small child, you should not touch the plants, and the more they have, as many of them are toxic to the child's body.

kid can afford to play only with harmless objects and keep out of reach anything that can cause harm.In order to prevent accidents, you can also try a little experiment with him, showing him, for example, that such a burn or prick.For the love of fire is enough to bring his hand to a small flame to touch a very hot object.With regard to the injection, the baby can be given a pin, of course, still watching him, and the case will not hesitate to introduce myself.Provoke scratches and light cuts is not necessary, because no child can not do without them, but on occasion, be sure to comment on the unfortunate incident that will be very informative for the baby.Gradually introducing the child with all that burns, stabs, cuts in the house, it can be accustom involuntarily step back from things that cause pain.When it falls, you can explain to him why this happened;in the future it will be easier to keep your balance.

Finishing the story about the dangers of the child in the house, it should be noted that parents should teach the child and especially to give him the opportunity to try to use household items.After using prohibitions can not make it a more nimble hands;let the kid follows the example of adults, repeating them every movement.Thus, he gradually gets used to the caution.Consequently, the least possible restrictions such as "can not be touched," if parents are close to the child.It is better to try to always provide for him an example of observing basic safety requirements: a timely clean every thing in its place;when performing certain actions emphasized caution.