Cause and effect whining children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

There are three basic styles of communication with others, including children.

The first is called "autocratic" and the fact that the communicating parties are divided on the "Chief" and "slave".This approach in education includes corporal punishment, elevated tone of voice, the formation of children of guilt, full control over them.The family is order, but the children do not have any freedom.

For children under the good old days.Children know their place, do not dare to argue with adults and did what they were told.But this educational approach is increasingly being questioned.Today's children are able to fend for themselves, they are responsible to ridicule ridicule, or insult can hit back.In other words, the autocratic style of communication is no longer suitable.

other extreme - parents who indulge in everything to their children and believe that mom and dad - a child's best friend.The most important thing for these parents - like the baby, so the family there is complete freedom and, as a result

, a mess.The child is allowed to all, as parents believe that bans prevented him develop harmoniously.

In fact, children need discipline, without it possible education and training.If parents do not explain to a child, "what is good and what is bad," he will try to set their own boundaries of what is permitted.This behavior leads to a variety of consequences, some of which might even pose a threat to health and life.

our proposed model of education can be called "democratic" - is a happy medium between autocracy and permissiveness.It is based on freedom within reason, parents do not act as "rulers" or "best friends", and as teachers and mentors that face a very important task - to teach a child to behave well and to empathize with others.

This educational approach is based on mutual respect and understanding that helps win the trust of the child.Any reaction to the disobedience should be well thought out and consistent.

ability to perceive a causal connection between the events in the nature of man.If you touch a hot, burned.And if Chiyah old and more experienced members of the family also warned of the danger that the effectiveness of the lessons learned is greatly increased.

Thus, causal connections - is a simple and affordable educational method.For example, if a child touched a hot oven, explaining the parents may not be necessary - training took place in a natural way.But in the case requires disobedience adult intervention.They should explain to the child how to behave in a given situation, and be calm and consistent in their actions.