You and your partner during pregnancy

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Pregnancy

Pregnancy should be regarded as a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship between him and his partner.Adapting to the changes that pregnancy brings to life, you are together preparing for the implementation of parental duty.

appearance of the first child - the main landmark life of every family.Up to this point your partner was probably the person who held the first place in your life, and you will, no doubt, a lot of time spent together.At some point, you were sort of parallel existence - being at work, earning money for living together, solving life's problems and domestic issues.In the evenings you are sharing events of the day and rejoiced support that found each other.It could at any time go somewhere, sit in a restaurant, or spend time with friends at the bar.

Having a child is likely to affect virtually all aspects of your life, but some changes will occur already during pregnancy.Perhaps you have noticed that your role is now divided into male and female.With increasing duration of p

regnancy a woman can not do hard physical work, it will get your partner.The woman leaves the work becomes more attached to home and focuses mainly on cooking and household chores.Perhaps you both like such a separation, but it is also likely that it will be difficult to adapt to some aspects of the changed life.

looming on the horizon, and other changes.The future of a baby did you and your partner closer together, or was an invasion of your privacy as a couple?What are the gains and losses are your parenthood?Happiness pregnancy split easily, but what about negative feelings?In discussing these questions, you will achieve greater understanding, openness and trust each other, which will help both to unite and fulfill parental duty.

changes in financial position

addition to sex may be changes in the family budget.The approaching a baby may mean reducing the number of incoming funds - you or your partner leave the job, moreover, inevitably there will be some new items of expenditure.Not bad to think about upcoming expenses before they hit the pocket.

Evaluate your income

One of the important things about which there is a thought - it is when you plan to leave work, but remember that the situation might affect uncontrolled circumstances related to your medical condition.You may want to evaluate the material loss due to maternity leave, and the benefits that you will gain.

Although it happens and after quite a long time, you should think about the possibility of returning to work - when will come a time, you will already be able to make an informed decision.You may compare the costs of a child with the payment of their labor or to think about an alternative to a permanent job.

creative approach to saving

No need to spend your whole fortune on baby.The situation of his room can be an expression of love, but it is not necessary grub or close a bank account.Although the child needs love, attention and excitement, it is not too concerned with ultramodern children.If you have the time and strength to resist calls catalogs and stores, to look at the market and used clothing items.Children grow out of a lot of things before they come into disrepair, so it is possible to fill children's and baby clothes practically new things.However, some items, such as car seat and crib mattress, you should always buy new.