Acceptance of whining child

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

• If the child begins to whine in a crowded area, he was immediately taken away.

All actions must be carried out without comment, anger and morals.If the whining began in a crowded place, the child immediately discharged home or left with a babysitter.

Adults need to stand firm and calm, but in any case not to show his anger and irritation.House mom and dad go about their business, or leave the child with a babysitter, while they themselves are sent to the event.In this case, the child learns clear that the only outcome of whining - this is to sit at home.

It is best to do a bit of training outputs in crowded places, such as a shop or café.Do not start training when you really need to buy something, or when you have to attend the celebration.At the first sign of whining and be ready to turn with your child to go to the exit.You do not need many words, just go home.Two or three times is usually sufficient that the child understood what was required of him.

As you read the following example, note how y

oung parents have turned shopping into a lesson of good behavior for their children.

Sam and Karen with their children (three and five years) went to the store.On the way they explained the kids that will drop into the store for a short while, and asked them to behave and not to require them to buy cookies and toys, "When we go to the store, please, behave well.Today we will not buy candy, cookies and toys. "Thus parents to explain to children what kind of behavior they expect from them.

But the store children saw a rack with sweets and begged favorite treat.Hearing denial, kids started to whine and cry.Sam and Karen immediately took the children's hands (they are pre-planned these actions) and led them to the car.If parents find it necessary to explain something (remember that words are not necessary in this situation), we can say: "According to your behavior it is clear that you have decided to go home.Let's try one more time to go with you to the store the next week. "

Sam and Karen properly used this educational moment since:

• acted quickly;

• did not scream and be angry;

• cost a minimum of explanation and not intimidated by children;

• thought out plan of action and stick to it;

• educate themselves simulated a situation when they have had enough time;

• provide children with the opportunity to correct the next time.

seems, all this is very easy, but in fact only a few parents know how to react to the nagging.Most starts to explain his actions, berating children and demonstrate anger, rather than simply to take the child by the hand and take him home, do not forget to express the hope that the next time it will be different.

The easiest way, of course, the parents who brought up, guided by the same principles.For example, thirty-five, Liz remembers, as a child, her parents went into town each in his car.And if she or her sister began to act up, then mom or dad immediately took them home.

parents house includes music and started to read the book, not paying attention to the child's request to return to the city.They are not accountable and is not blamed for the bad behavior.

According to Liz, parents have resorted to such educative receive only a few times.Soon, she and her sister realized that go home at the first sign of disobedience or whining.

Believe that baby suits scandal in a public place, he understands why he does it.He did not need to explain what he did wrong.Instead of yelling at the kid and teach, give him time to think about their behavior in a quiet environment (ie home).This is the case when the consequences of actions speak louder than words.

What to do if a child in a public place raskapriznichalsya

Ignore disgruntled glances.

not yield to the requirements, even if you were confused.

plans to enter the city in advance and try to prepare for it.Think how quickly raskapriznichavshegosya take the child home.

If you need to finish the job (for example, to pay for the purchase), then act quickly, ignoring the tears and whining.