With a similar age can carry a child on the air ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

It depends on a number of circumstances, for example on what time of year the child was born, the state of his health after birth.If 8-10 days after his birth the baby is healthy, cheerful and happy, he has a good appetite, it is already possible to take out into the street, still very long: in the warm season - 15-20 minutes, andin a cool and winter - for 5-10 minutes, and when the air temperature is not lower than -5 ° C.And no matter how well he himself nor feel the fresh air, at first he could not stay outside too long, as prolonged exposure is a serious burden for it has not yet been adapted organism: the child gets tired and becomes sluggish, that my mother might notice only after returning from a walk.When the baby gets used to new sensations, adaptable, you can increase the duration of his stay in the fresh air and bring the walk to 3 hours during the warmer months, and a cool - up to 1.5-2 hours, but my mother always need to remember that as.

she would have liked to stay more in the fresh air

with your child can be on the street only as long as he likes and it feels good.If the child shows dissatisfaction, protest and cries, then walk better stop.

All mothers worried about the question concerning the baby stay in the frosty air.Healthy kids make doctors recommend to the street in the cold weather, even in the age of 1 month, while respecting certain rules: the baby at the age of 1-3 months can be outdoors, where the temperature is not below -10 ° C, babies 3-5 months -the cold is not stronger than -12 ° C, kids older than six months - not lower than -15 ° C.If the baby fell asleep on the air, do not cry and do not be concerned, even if it is cold or hot.Therefore, mother should closely monitor the child if he was sweating and his face turned red, it is necessary to correct a blanket or remove it, but it should wrap up warmly and go home if he turned pale and his lips became cyanotic.To the street, especially in cold weather, the baby is constantly breathing nose, mucous membrane which not only warms the cold air, but cleans and moisturizes it, he needs to just give the pacifier and enjoy it for as long as the baby does not get used to breathe on the street only throughnose.

Regarding the choice of clothes for going for a walk, we must be guided by the following rule: during a walk should be opened perhaps a large surface of the body.Even wintering

mine, in cold weather, you can not wrap the child's head;face must remain open, or walk in the fresh air makes no sense.

In winter, of course, the child should wear warm clothes to put on top of a warm sleeping bag and tuck.If the mother is afraid the baby catching cold in the frost, then a walk on the street can be replaced with a stay on the balcony, loggia or open window.

spring no longer need gloves, sleeping bag and a woolen coat: it is necessary to equip a child according to the weather and the temperature of the air in the street.

breast-baby summer must be worn for a walk perhaps easier, leaving open the largest possible surface of the body;in the hot summer weather, it will be enough some pants and a shirt with short sleeves.

For infants and small children is very useful to sleep in the open air, of course, under the supervision of his mother.

child aged 9-12 months, who can already crawl, can play on the lawn or in the sandbox: he is given the opportunity to move a lot more than in the room.Baby becomes more nimble and tempered, gets new experiences and acquire new experience, playing in the yard.About sandbox can put a bowl with a little water;little discoverers great pleasure to splash yourself with water, to wash their hands after playing in the sandbox.

Mothers with premature and weakened a children's disease, before going out for the first time should always consult a doctor.