What to do if a child whines home

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

• If your child whines at home, it does not pay attention.

By "ignore" means do not just talk to the child, but also to refrain from angry looks, gestures, facial expressions dissatisfied.Many parents try not to talk to the child whining, but by all means show him his irritation:

• wrinkled brow;

• roll their eyes;

• shrug;

• sigh;

• strictly looking at the child;

• are a variety of ways without the words to express his anger and irritation.

This behavior only adds fuel to the fire and works better than lecturing.The child is convinced that disobedience helps draw attention to themselves and to gain control over the actions of their parents.

Kelly allowed his eldest son, nine-year-Jacob to ride with friends on a bicycle.The boys wore hats and listened to a detailed explanation of how far you can call in and when to go home.

younger son Kelly, six Seth wants to go with the guys, but my mother does not allow.Seth has only recently started to ride a big bike, and Keld believes that it is not yet

ready for independent travel far.

Seth unhappy that he was at home.He starts whining and asks to let him go with them.My mother looks at her son and did not respond to his nagging.She continues to do their own thing: puts food in the refrigerator, then it goes to the garden and begins to water the flowers.

Seth goes behind it and continues whining, demanding to let him go with them.Nagging goes to cry, but Kelly does not pay attention to it.Having dealt with the flowers, she returned to the kitchen and warms up for yourself lunch.

Seth meanwhile rolls hysterics, but my mother is adamant: her expression remained impassive, and motion - quiet.She continues to do their own thing.

course, Kelly annoying whining and screaming son, it is unpleasant to see him crying, and the statements that have been treated unfairly with him on my nerves.She has to take a huge effort to stay calm and ignore the screaming and crying son, who goes after her from room to room.At the same time, Kelly knows that in this situation it is the only correct behavior.

Previously, when the eldest son went to play with friends, she tried to appease the youngest, Seth, candy, invited his friends, set off with him in the children's cafe, so he did not feel slighted.

problem was that Kelly unknowingly gave Seth to understand that whining - this is the best way to get what you want.Gradually son became more demanding and capricious, and her mother had to deal with it all my spare time.Constant accusations and whining completely exhausted Kelly.

Now, the woman decided to do things differently: go about their business and do not pay any attention to the whiner.It is easier, of course, would have to drop everything and to reduce Seth in the cafe or to make him something delicious that he forgot insults.But when something will have to explain to the younger son, that is often the older will be allowed more than him.And Seth must learn to accept these rules without hysterics and scandals.If this is not done now, while it's small, the teens will be too late.

Kelly continues to go about their business quietly humming, as if she were alone in the house.Seth goes after her from room to room, but he was already very tired of whining and crying.He realized that whining will not achieve anything, so calm down and go into the yard to play with the dog.

Thus Kelly gives his son to understand that whining will not help him to get what you want, and that while he whines, mom will not pay any attention to him.He did not manage to annoy her or get to concede.

Faced with this reaction, the child realizes that whining - an inefficient way to achieve the desired.So, we need to find a different, more effective way of communicating with parents.

But what happens when the reaction is inadequate?If the child is in response may cause harm to themselves or others?For example, seeing that whining does not help to achieve the goal, Seth could go to the parents' bedroom and beat her mother's favorite vase.Or, worse yet, to vent anger at the dog.

If parents have witnessed such behavior, they, of course, can respond back.But best of all, in such cases, when the child becomes violent and unmanageable, seek professional help.

This article explains how to re disobedient, whiny, cranky children, how to teach them to think not only about themselves but also for others.More serious problems need to be solved with the help of specialists.

Ignoring the serious behavioral problems or difficult to justify their "period" that the child should grow, you render a disservice to all family members.It should be responsive to changes in the behavior of the child in time to show their attitude towards them.