August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

for the normal development of the little man needed fresh air and sunshine.But some mothers can not stand a child in the winter on the street for fear of cold, bearing in mind that the baby needs not only good care and nutrition, and clean, fresh air and the sun, without which it will develop much worse.

Everyone knows that the most valuable and useful action for the child have the ultraviolet rays that contribute to the formation of vitamin D, and promotes the exchange of Great

substances in the body.Sunlight has a significant influence on the growth of the organism.But it turns out that the child benefit not only sunlight but also the movement of air masses (no wind), and some fluctuations in air temperature.They stimulate the function of the skin, causing a pleasant or unpleasant sensation and providing, thus, influence the function of the whole organism.Seasoned child due to the good heat-regulation is always better to adapt to changes in ambient temperature, it is much less common colds in cold,

wet weather, unlike unhardened peers.It increases the body's resistance to disease and to the rest, and if seasoned baby and sick, his body faster and better cope with the disease.

Fresh air has a beneficial effect on breathing.It is known that in the open air children breathe more deeply, so they improved ventilation.Stay outdoors improves sleep;calm, deep and long, it is one of the important conditions for the child's development.

But walking outdoors allow the baby to get stronger not only physically, but also get positive emotions, because here all the time his attention was attracted by something new.Birds, butterflies, flowers, trees, change sounds, etc. -.. So that the street child gets a lot more experience than in the room.Therefore

that most children are happy when they are carried to the air;they have improved mood, they are more moving.And as a child entails on the street, who started to crawl: here so much room for movement, uneven, bumpy ground, grass, sand;this is not only in the room.